Jess is special. But she cant let anyone know. She hates living a boring life when she has such a Amazing secret. When will she be able to reveal the secret? And why ?


4. Nightmare

In the nightmare, i watch Arishra the planet i will soon be on. Everyone is smiling and happy. I feel as though im floating above the planet and i can zoom in and out on different places. I always get a feeling when someone on my planet needs me, its an instinct i dont ignore. Suddenly it starts, my stomach feels as though its been stabbed. The feeling of my people needing me ! But there is something different ! There is something wrong !

When i awake im still in Jason's arms. I soon realise this isnt a very goddess like gesture. Jason looks at me with concern obviously being able to tell there is something wrong. "Jason whats wrong with Arishra ? Why are so many people hurting ?". Jason sighs loudly and it makes me wonder how bad it really is. "Someone is stealing the Arishrays". I gasp in horror at what he has just said. Arishrays are like a bundle of energy, my people give to me when they worship me at the temple. It is there to remind the people the power of there worship and the good it does. Its power is amazing, but the thought of somebody stealing it ! And who ? who has the power to steal such energy. "It started this morning, the energy got dimmer and dimmer. The people were terrified and you were awake. We could not contact you. So i used what little of what was left to transport myself here."

My stomach dropped. Without that power it would go dark. The Arishrays acted as a sun, it brought warmth and light to the planet. "but how do we get back" i asked on the verge of crying. "You take us back, you have the power, You are the goddess." he said as though it was the simplist question in the world. I shook my head in disbelief. Maybe a boring history lesson isnt too bad after all !

I know Jason tells the truth though. When i was young and home alone i decided to test the power i knew i had. I learnt to hover and i slowly tought myself to get stronger. I could make things dissapear and reapper. I could make things appear out of no where. Which was handy when i left my school books at home. But nothing on this scale. Not when there was so much at stake ! I couldnt only do so much from my dreams. I needed to be there.

Whilst lost in my thoughts of worry the car pulls over. Jason opens the door and slides out and i follow. I step onto the dry ground. We seem to be at an abandoned warehouse in the middle of a dry field. I look to Jason waiting for explanation. "Well .. arnt you going to transport us home" he asked. I just stare at him. "what the hell am i supposed to do" i mutter. I cant believe it, he kidnaps me, tells me my planets in danger and then just stares at me expecting me to blink and it all be better. He stares at me but i notice he is staring at my body. I look down .... the glow is gone. "but.. what". He smiles and i swear im about to slap him when i notice my skin may not be glowing but my hair has turned a liquid silver colour and its illuminating. He walks towards me until his face is centimeters from mine. He brushes a strand of my hair back behind my ears. He leans his lips close to my ear and when he whispers my whole body shimmers (literally). "You can do amazing things".

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