Jess is special. But she cant let anyone know. She hates living a boring life when she has such a Amazing secret. When will she be able to reveal the secret? And why ?


1. My secret

"Jess wake up" my sister screams from outside my bedroom door. She isnt my real sister, i was adopted when i was born. The Carters found me whilst they were leaving the hospital after Jane (my mum) had just delivered my sister Bethany. That means me and bethany have the same birthday. We consider each other as twins. Even though she is a Brunnette With big brown eyes and tanned skin, And i am Blonde with blue eyes. "yeh yeh im coming" i shout back. I get out of bed and slip on a white tank top and jeans. Then i brush my straight blond hair and walk to the mirror. People always comment that i have the face of an angel. But little do they know how close to an angel i truly am.

You see i have a secret ! Im a goddess from another world. I am from a Planet called 'Arishra'. My planet is buetiful. You are probaly wondering how i knew that when i have never been there. But i am the goddess of Arishra and i visit my people in my dreams. I watch over them. They worship me and in return i give them guidance. My people are like humans but more perfect. There is no murders or harm. I keep my people safe. And one day i wish to visit my people. I dont know why i was placed on earth but i know i will be with my people eventually. I am immortal yet i age on this planet. But as i wish it i can be any age i want. But i remain normal and hidden in this strange world.

But for know i am stuck here on earth, dreaming about Arishra. "will you hurry up". Bethanys voice snaps me back to earth and i walk down stairs. "Morning" my mother and sister chime. "morning" i mutter back. And with in 10 minutes we are at school. Its not as though i dont like school, i have tons of friends and i get good grades. Its just school is so boring compared to the planet i visit in my dreams. Im welcomed by my friends running up and hugging me. They start a boring conversation about how shoes are an item you couldnt live without. And i just smile and nod. But i cant help feeling, something is going to happen today.


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