Jess is special. But she cant let anyone know. She hates living a boring life when she has such a Amazing secret. When will she be able to reveal the secret? And why ?


3. Feels like home

"Goddess we have to go" he is now pulling me towards the classroom door.  His touch makes my skin tingle. There are mutters throughout the room "goddess?", "a.. a goddess?". I soon realise that he must be from Arishra ! But how did he get here ? why didnt i see him coming ? I follow him as he leads me through the school and into the carpark where a black SUV with tinted windows sits. He opens the back door and i climb in he then slides in next to me and slams the door shut. Ther driver in the front seat starts the car and drives off. My glowing skin illuminates the inside of the car as i seat there speechless.

The boy turns so he is facing me. "Goddess i know you must be confused. My name is Jason and i live on Arishra, Im here to bring you home." i just stare at him until i realise i have so many questions. "why was i left on earth ? how did you get here ? why am i glowing ? " He considers what i have asked. Finally he speaks "you were left here because you were not ready to be a full goddess yet But you are now! You are glowing because your true goddess form is being revieled. That is why i have come for you !" I know all this should surprise me but i knew i was going to be the true goddess of Arishra.

I should probaly say something wise though so i try to think of something a goddess would say. But when i open my mouth i blurt " If im going to be glowing for all eternity or whetever i'll have to wear sunglasses every where i go". Wow Jess good work now he'll think your stupid. I turn to him as he starts to chuckle and it makes me feel warm inside. "It will be a long trip, and im sure you have many more questions ! but for now you should probaly get some sleep". Hes right i do have many more questions and i am tired. So i snuggle up against him and lean my head on his shoulder. He wraps an arm around me and i start drifting off asleep. Somehow Jason makes me feel at home. And i smile at the thought that i will be Home soon enough.

My dreams are of Arishra as always, but this time somethings wrong. For the first time ever i had a nightmare !

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