Jess is special. But she cant let anyone know. She hates living a boring life when she has such a Amazing secret. When will she be able to reveal the secret? And why ?


10. Confrontation

I knock twice on Jasons bedroom door. The door opens and Jason stands there his hair wet, indicating he had just had a shower. He is topless with jeans on. There is something different though, his eyes look sad and worn. "hey I was just checking you are okay" I said. Hes expression was blank "I am fine goddess, if there is anything you need be sure to approach me" I stared at him in utter sonfusion. His stare was cold and his voice held no emotion. What was wrong? what had happened? "Jason whats wrong" I said and I lifted his chin so his eyes were looked into mine. "Everything is fine, I only wish that we keep our relationship proffesional. I do not see it as a smart thing for us to distract each other" I looked at him in complete shock. "Are you kidding me" I said, he didnt reply so I continued "This isnt a job you are my gaurdian not my bloody body gaurd! You dont lead someone on just so you can shrug them off" I was shouting at him. But he just shook his head slightly. "I am sorry Goddess, I did not wish to lead you on." he said still without emotion.

Tears fell down my cheek and I didnt know why? I knew I liked him but not this much! "I only wish to protect you from harm" he said as he focused his eyes on the floor, avoiding my gaze. I slapped him across the face and it sounded like lightning when my hand hit his cheek. He looked surprised then his face went blank again. "Then stay the hell away from me" I muttered and then I turned down the hall and into my room. I sat on my bed stunned and broken hearted. I suddenly felt a surge of energy through me then the voice again in my head "Come to me daughter, if you really try you will be able to reach me" he said. The voice calmed me "Creater?" I asked. "Calm me father but yes I am the creater" He said. His voice didnt sound of one of an almighty creater but instead it had a friendly, soothing tone. "Im coming father" I said but I knew I had to do something first.

I closed my eyes and focused. When I opened them there was a note in my hand. The note read;

Dear Jason loving you feels hopeless. Like im

Running to something I couldn't catch

Reaching for something I couldn't grab

Looking for something I couldnt find

Loving that someone that couldn't be mine

Loving that someone is a waste of time

Loving that someone all the time

Loving that someone still

Even though it hurts Even though it kills

Loving that someone like I never thought I could.

I folded the note and closed my eyes. When I opened them it was gone and I knew it would be sitting in Jasons room waiting for him. I closed my eyes and followed my fathers voice, the room started to spin as I dissapeared from it. I knew Jason would worry but I wanted him to! Let him worry!

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