What a night!

A short story revolves around a person who experiences different things in one night. It really deserves to be read.


1. the whole story

It was one of last November's long and cold nights. I could not sleep during it ; I felt that something inside       me was pushing me to stay awake. I turned on T.V but I found nothing interesting to watch ; therefore, I decided to turn it off and think about some my crazy memories. I was thinking about my past experiences and adventures when a weird sound started to come to my ears. I could not recognize that sound. It was like the sound of a person finding difficulties to breath. I decided to find the source of that sound ; however, I found nothing unusual round the house.As soon as I had returned to my bedroom, that sound started to get louder and louder. It was really disturbing. Consequently, I had to go round the flat to see if anything wrong was going on. When I opened the door of my apartment, I was shocked to see Mr John , my neighbor, lying on the floor and putting his hands around his neck while blood coming out of it. I was really scared and astonished ; I did not know what I was supposed to do. Suddenly, he stopped moving. I knew that he had died. I called the police and wake up the neighbors. everybody was asking me different questions. I read in their eyes that they had a doubt that I was the one who had commited this brutal crime. When the police arrived, they started asking me different questions. " What made you leave your apartment at this late hour?", "what was your reaction when you saw the victim covered with blood?". I was reallt bombarded by questions. Morever, they asked me to accompany them to the the police stations for more explanation. I thought that I would go to prison for nothing but curiousity. It was the first time I entered a police station.I cannot deny that I was treated respectfully. Neverthless, fear and being still under the shock made them suspicious about me.they asked me to tell them everything I knew about MrJohn. " I don't know much about him, Sir, all i know is that he lived for about three years in the flat where I live. He was quite, unsociable man and I am saying this because he was avoiding any slight contact with us. I mean the nighbors", I said. "Good . well you seem to know more than what  you claimed", a police officer said. " Everybody , sir, knows that. If you ask anyone from the neighbors, you will get the same information", I said. I has spent at that police station about two hours before they let me go. They told me that they would need me, so I was asked to stay home until they called me. I got home tired and confused. I knew that I was going to prison if they did not know the real murderer. I was his neighbor, the last one who saw hil alive and the one who called the poilce and wake the neighbors. I spent the rest of the night thinking about a means to get out of that problem. In the morning, I received a phone call asking me to go to the police station immidiately. On the way, tens of scenarios were coming to my mind. I felt that that way was the longest that I had ever taken. I had waited for about twenty minutes before I entered to meet the officer. He asked me to have a seat and invited me to have a cup of tea with him. He told me that they had know who killed Mr John. I was really happy and relaxed. I told him that I thought I would go to prison if you did not know the killer. He told me that looked into the victim's house and found out that his real name was Antonio Lafirazi, an Italian citizen, who were looked for by the mafia because he stole a big sum of money from them and fled here. They had searched for him for about three years before they located him. They sent a killer all the way from Italy to slaugher him. Luckily, we found the I.D of the killer next the corps. Consequently, we could stop him at the airport.

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