What will happen if what scares you the most is your past? What'll happen if you can't move on?
A girl who can see ghosts and spirits. A girl who is gifted. A girl who will save the world from fear, sorrow and hatred.
It was never an accident, it was never a coincidence. It is inevitable.
Can Annie save both Spirit world and the Human world from sorrow and despair? Especially the sadness that people cannot attempt to ignore it?
12 year old girl, Annie Vorgez. She will be fighting monsters, spirits, ghosts and even humans but she cannot do it alone.


3. War or Peace?


[4 Days Later...]

Jane was dreaming. Dreaming about her and Annie, in a place, a lovely place, where they can run freely, where they laugh together...but... Darkness filled the place and made them shiver with fear.

As Jane woke up she saw a light, in the ceiling. She heard beeping sound and she looked around. She was confuse of where she is right now. Then, there she saw, a man looking at the floor with his hands on his forehead.

'Eugene? Is that you?' Jane asked.

'Oh, welcome back to reality, Jane. Did you had a good dream? Thank god you're safe. You've been sleeping in that bed for 4 days straight.' Eugene explained.

'What happened to me? Why am I in here?' Jane said and thought of Annie.'Oh no! Where's Annie? Is she safe? Where is she?'

'Uh... I saw no one but you and your car. Wait... Annie was with you? What happened to her? Where was she'

Jane started to tell Eugene the story about the weirdos and the ghost. Eugene told Jane that he was just passing by the woods to visit some shrine and he sensed a strong presence that made him look for it while walking,tried to looked for it, though it faded and saw Jane standing and saw her falling but caught her before she fell on the floor flat.

'We need to think of a plan to rescue Annie. Um... I needed to tell you something and explain to you why I wasn't at home.' Eugene added.

'Yeah, you jerk. Where you've been slacking off to and why haven't you been at home 2 days before the kidnapping? Where were you when we needed you?' Jane said.

Jane regretted that she couldn't help her little sister. Not even once... or did she? Jane had a terrible accident that most of her memories had loss except the fact that Annie is her sister.

Jane was walking down the street with Annie from the shops. They were so cute. Jane held Annie's right hand, to keep her away from the street beside her, just in case. They decided to crossed over the street due to the fact that it was red light and that they can cross over and that was the quickest way to the park. Annie saw a balloon on the other side of the street and ran for it. Jane tried to stop her. Jane saw a car that was driving too fast. Jane saw a guy looking at his phone instead of the road.

'Annie!!!' Jane shouted. 'Watch out! Get out of there!'

Jane tried to reach her hand and get her out of danger. The car was almost near and Jane pushed Annie out of the car's way. Instead of Annie getting into a pitfall, Jane protected her little sister. No one, even the doctors, knew how Jane survived the undesirable event. Jane had some bruises and cuts but no broken limbs nor bones. Jane had amnesia due to the traumatic accident. Jane never knew how over-protective to her sister and how she survived.

Jane and Eugene got out from the hospital 3 days later. They went home and thought of a plan of rescuing Annie from the kidnappers. They went under the basement and make it as their HQ (Head Quarters).

'We need to have more people with us. People with skills of finding a person.' Jane suggested. 'People who fights. Combat skills, just in case there are some big guys guarding. We also need people with spiritualities skills. A Buddhist monk. Shrine maiden. A psychic. A catholic priest. We need...'

'Big guns. We also need to attack in the night or would you rather sneak in and just take your victim and get out of there with peace?' A voice interrupted.

A mysterious figure entered the room. It walked down the basement's stairs. It has a hat on and a sunglasses. It sounded like a guy.

'Denis. What's up? How'd you find us? I didn't even tell you the address. Oh yeah, cause you're good at finding people' Eugene said with a smirk in his face.

'Hey, I'm Jane. Nice hat by the way.' Jane said.

'Jane. Lovely name you have there.' The guy said.

Jane blushed. She stared at him for a moment and realized that she didn't get his name.

'Oh, um... Who are you?' She asked.

'Oh crap. Sorry, forgot to introduce him to you.' Eugene said. 'This is Denis. He go to school where Annie and I goes. He's in the same class as I am and Annie.'

'Really?' She said.

'More facts. He has a crush on your little Annie.' Eugene whispered but it wasn't much more like a whisper because Denis heard it.

Denis coughed sarcastic and said, 'OK. Moving on. Enough with me. I'm Denis. I'm 12 years old. Well, turning 13 this year. I am good with technologies.I can pick locks but I'm just a beginner. I can also hack...'

'Hack? Awesome' Jane said surprisingly.

'Heck yeah. If you think I'm lying I can hack your phone right now.'

' thank you. I prefer keeping my secrets in private.'

'Right, sorry. Anyway, Eugene didn't tell me where you live. I can track everyone's phone in Japan. No matter where they are. As long as they are on.'

'Okay, so we have a hacker who's good in technology. But we need more people.' Jane said.

'Oh I know 2 girls who have psychic powers. Sorry I just happened to pick your door because...Um, I just want to try it. Then I heard your conversation.' Denis said and laughed nervously.

'Right, call them right away. We need them. We still need more people. Wait, I know a guy who has a friend that has a friend that have a friend who is a marine but keeps loads of guns in his house.' Eugene said. He dialled some numbers.

Jane, Eugene and Denis were working with their best to come with a plan and finding more recruits.


An hour later, the doorbell rang. Jane ran up to get the door and saw 2 pretty girls and a hot guy.

'C-come inside.' Jane said. She lead them to the living room and offered some drink.

'I'll have some ice, if i may.' The hot guy said.

'R-right, I'll go make some.' Jane was blushing. Bright red.

'This is Marcus and.. is it Kay and Molly?' Eugene introduced them while I was serving the ice tea.

'Nice to meet you all here. Thank you all for making us come here. I am K-Kay and this I-is Molly. We have a psychic abilities. I am 15 years old and so is Molly. We go to Hara High.' Kay said. She looked shy.l

'Nice to meet you too Kay. And Molly. I am Jane. Our goal is to capture Annie and arrest those people who kidnapped her.' Jane hesitated for a moment. 'We need a permission from the Mayor though. We need them to act now before anything bad happens. It's against the rules to just broke some stuff and trespass on other people

s property too.'

'Well, some rules are meant to be broken right?' Marcus said.

'Not this rule. This rule cannot be broken. Even if we explained about the kidnapping, we're going to jail for the rest of our lives.'

'Ok. So we need a plan. Jane, does Annie has a phone with her?' Denis asked.


'Ok, give me her number so I can track it.'

'Ooh. Denis, Denis, Denis. You sneaky, naughty boy. You're getting Annie's number to track her..but.. what else? Huh?' Eugene was smirking.

'I-it's not like t-that, bro.' Denis' face went bright red.

'Ha Ha. Ok, Marcus and I will go to the mayor's office. Kay, Molly, Eugene and Denis. You guys need to make up a plan. Molly and Kay will take us where that strong presence Eugene sensed before. Got it?'

'Gotcha.' Eugene said.

'Yeah' Marcus said.

'Yes, Ma'am' Denis said.

'You can count on us.' Kay and Molly said.

1 hour later...

Marcus and Jane walked to the office. They ignored the Administrator. They just want to talk to the Mayor.

'Ma'am, Sir. Please. You cannot get inside. You don't have any appointments with the mayor.' The administrator said.

'Well, we do now.' Jane said.

'You gotta listen to what she says.' Marcus said.

The administrator went back to the front desk and dialled the mayor on the phone.

Soon, they reached the mayor's office. There were big guys guarding at the door. Jane and Marcus were still walking to the office. The guards took their guns out. Moments later, they were knocked out. Not dead, though. Marcus fixed up his shirt after he took them out.

'Oh. Please sit down. What do you want to discuss?' The mayor said. He was calm, like nothing happened to the guards in front of the door that was beaten.

'We don't need to sit. This is just a quick question.' Jane said.

'Go on. Before you start, which one you like? Coffee or an ice tea? or an...'

'Mayor. My little sister has been kidnapped.' Jane interrupted.

'Annie Vorgez? Had been kidnapped. But that girl knows martial arts and she just been kidnapped just like that?' The Mayor asked.

'Wait... you two know each other?' Marcus asked with a confused face.

'Yes, he's my uncle. Please Mayor. Annie was kidnapped by these weirdos in the forest.' Jane said.

'Forest? What the heck were you guys doing there?'

'Her freeze thing acted up again. But I didn't know what to do 'cause only Eugene goes with her and knows what happens to her when she's like that. Then when we reached the forest, I can see nothing but trees around us. Then I heard voices in my head and my whole body froze like a statue but I had a battle with it. I saw Annie being dragged by these people with different colours of capes and hoodie. Their hoodie were on so I couldn't see their faces but they were muttering words.'

'The Mobbers. The Ancient Mobbers' The mayor said.

'T-the Mobbers? I thought they were just fairy tales. It's just a myth right? They're not true!' Jane yelled.

'Um.. excuse me, but who are these Mobbers you're talking about?' Marcus asked.

The Mobbers. Ancient legends were once a history but 1900 came and everyone forgot about it. Mobbers are the most cruel people in the world. They would torture you, like whip your back with big laces 100 times, if they capture you. They would keep you on a dungeon. Lock you up behind the big, irony bar. They only thing you can destroy them is to open them with a key. There are 3 different keys. The first key is for when you need to take them out, unharmed. The second key is for detonating the area. The last key is the torture key. They get 1 hour to torture you. It sure is an unforgivable event. But then, our ancestor, Lily Vorgez, had so much courage. She fought them by herself but they said that when he asked her, she said that someone was protecting her. It was called 'Hemna'. I think it was that jewel that she wears everyday. But one day, Lily disappeared without mentioning it to anybody. But our great-grandpa, Jane and Annie's great, great-grandpa, said that he fell in love with Lily. He said that, g.grandpa never knew her and he was following her. Then one day, they were talking to each other and fell in love. But, Lily had to go somewhere else. She left the Hemna jewel with g.grandpa. Then, g.grandpa looked for her for years, then gave up and married to another girl. Anna Herald. She took care of the jewel everyday. Waiting to Lily to come back and take it. But, somehow, there were still some Mobbers left. They destroyed the village they were on. G.grandpa, Leon, told Anna to run away and protect herself. She said she will stay with him forever. She put the Hemna jewel in her heart before they were killed. Anna survived but... Leon didn't. It says that it can only protect the chosen one. So Anna fought the Mobbers. She went on a journey with 6 people. They worked as a team and fought evil spirits and demons on their journey. They were really good. But one day, they journeyed along the Mayan Cave. No one ever knew what was inside it but they only know what once you step inside it, you can never go back. They went inside to take a rest. 2 weeks later, Anna was the only survivor and the rest...

'Now, the Mobbers took Annie because?' Jane asked.

'Because they think that Annie is Anna and Lily. They can sense the Hemna. And I think Annie has it.' Mayor said. Mayor's name is George.

'What? How? I never saw Annie wore any jewel with her!' Jane said.

George sighed deeply, 'I guess I just have to spill it out. Jane, you and Annie IS the Hemna jewel. But Annie has 70% power with her and you only have 30%.'

'Hey! Hurtful!' Jane said.

'Hemna was split into two when Anna had a battle in the Mayan Cave. But the other half is much bigger than the other one. When Anna died, the Hemna jewel went with her. So that girls in the Vorgez family tree has the the Hemna jewel within them but Hemna is pretty picky. It only picks on the ones who can control their power. I guess, it chose you. I mean, the Mobbers aren't going to just kidnapped girls just like that. I know, they are cruel people but their only goal is to destroy the Hemna jewel so they can control the world.They would destroy Annie before we can get inside that dungeon.'

'That means that...'

'Yes, if we make a move. We WOULD probably start another war and blood will cover the ground everywhere.' George said.

'George, we're already at war.' Jane said.

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