What will happen if what scares you the most is your past? What'll happen if you can't move on?
A girl who can see ghosts and spirits. A girl who is gifted. A girl who will save the world from fear, sorrow and hatred.
It was never an accident, it was never a coincidence. It is inevitable.
Can Annie save both Spirit world and the Human world from sorrow and despair? Especially the sadness that people cannot attempt to ignore it?
12 year old girl, Annie Vorgez. She will be fighting monsters, spirits, ghosts and even humans but she cannot do it alone.


5. Transformation Complete!

Jane, Marcus and Zero talked until they reached Jane's house. Zero was still holding 2 beers from the coffee shop. And why would a coffee shop sell beer?, Jane asked herself.

'Come on in! I'll be delighted if you join us!' Jane smiled.

'Sure. I can't see why not!' Zero said.

'Alright! Party all night!' Marcus shouted.

'What? No! No parties!! We're doing our plan, you jerk!' Jane said.

'Oh, there is still tomorrow!' Marcus responded.

'Yeah and tomorrow might be the beginning of the end!' Jane shouted.

'No, I can't see any troubles in my prediction for tomorrow.' Zero said while drinking beer.


'Aloha!' Marcus and Zero said when they entered the house and headed to the basement.

'Huh? What the hell? Why are you holding a beer in your hand, you asshole!' Denis said and tried to hold Marcus back but all Marcus did was laugh like an idiot.

'These guys..' Jane sighed but smiled.



'What are you planning to do to me, you fiend!' Annie shouted.

'Child, don't shout. You might wake up the monster!' The Master laughed.

'Who are you? What do you want from me?' Annie asked.

'Nothing. I don't want something from you! I need something from you.' The Master said.

'It's the same thing! Get your facts right, ugly'

'No it isn't the same thing! And who you calling ugly?'

Annie gasped and fainted on the floor. The Master was confuse and ordered the janitor to check if she's dead or not.

The Janitor went inside the cage and took a broomstick with him. He tapped Annie on her back with the stick. Annie's eyes opened and looked at him. He thought he was going to get killed.

But he was right after all...

Annie stood up, very indifferently and killed the Janitor with one sway of her long and pointy finger nails. The Master cannot see what just happened as he stood up and said 'What the heck is going on down there, you fool!'

'Your foolish janitor died with regrets...' Annie said with a different voice.'... And I hate seeing men die with regrets. It pisses me off.'

'And your point is?' The Master questioned.

'My point is...' Annie looked up and saw The Master standing there with a fear look in his eyes. Annie's eyes changed and her voice too.'... That you're fucking disgraceful.'

'Who the hell are you?' The Master yelled and trembled with fear.

Annie swayed her long and pointy finger nails through the cage and it all broke down.' It's not who..'. In one moment Annie disappeared from where she was standing on and appeared behind the the Master.'...It's what.' Annie whispered.

'They don't call me The Master for nothing!' The Master took something from his side but before he could even make his move, he was already killed by Annie.

'And they don't call me Black Wizard for nothing either!' Annie said. Her eyes were red and her voice changed into a low voice. Being controlled by a demon. Half of her face changed into a black shadow. The atmosphere changed and there it was... the Shadows following Annie. A long scythe filled with huge dark spirits and strong magic were on Annie's hand. The Black Wizard took over Annie's body and took her soul out of her body, leaving her as a ghost.

'What the heck... Why am I a ghost? What is this? What have you done? What are you going to do?' Annie shouted to the Wizard.

'That question isn't quite necessary. You'll know soon enough.' The Black Wizard pointed its scythe towards Annie and black balls appeared around her and it destructed like a bomb, hurting Annie and destroying the building above her.

'Jane! Please! Help me!' Annie said in her mind and put her hands on her chest.



Jane felt dizzy and heard a voice whispering 'Help me.'

'Are you alright, Jane?' Denis asked. 'Are they too much for you?', Denis looked at Zero and Marcus who were singing Karaoke and laughing like crazy.

Jane shook her head and said, 'No, it's nothing, really.' Jane turned to Zero and Marcus and shouted, 'Jerks! Get to work! Stop slacking off!'.

'Wow, you look so cute even when you're angry.' Zero said.

Jane blushed and that got Marcus angry.

'Oh? Someone jelly?' Zero said to Marcus with a grin.

'N-no. It's not like I like Jane and I was suppose to compliment her first or anything!' Marcus replied, blushing and went back to his Karaoke mode.

Denis and Zero laughed. Jane sighed deeply and thought about Annie, wondering if she was OK and who was that voice belonged to.

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