What will happen if what scares you the most is your past? What'll happen if you can't move on?
A girl who can see ghosts and spirits. A girl who is gifted. A girl who will save the world from fear, sorrow and hatred.
It was never an accident, it was never a coincidence. It is inevitable.
Can Annie save both Spirit world and the Human world from sorrow and despair? Especially the sadness that people cannot attempt to ignore it?
12 year old girl, Annie Vorgez. She will be fighting monsters, spirits, ghosts and even humans but she cannot do it alone.


2. The Torture room

[On Annie's side of the story]

Annie woke up in a dark room where fire torches lit outside the bars. She saw a person in the corner of the room. It was looking down and it looked like it was barely breathing due to it's hard breathing. And it sounded like it... was sleeping? Well, it SOUNDS like it and not just that, it also LOOKED like it.

Annie gasped and imagined what could they have done to this isolated person. It stopped breathing hard. It gaze upon Annie and looked at her with its frightening eyes then grinned.

Annie felt really cold. No, this one is as cold as snow. Annie's body continued weakening as she glance to its creepy eyes. It was red. Annie forced her eyes to look the other way.

'Oh? You blocked the kilpyo?', The woman hissed. 'You fascinate me...Annie'  

'How... did you..', Annie stopped and her eyes widened and trembled with fear. That voice she just heard sounded really familiar to her. 'Y-your that... woman... who gave me...'

'We have to bury this! Near a shrine! That's what that weird woman said isn't?' Annie said.

'You actually believe that old hag? She might be crazy or something! There is no such thing as curse!' Jane said

'But... haven't you notice that there had been weird things that's been going on? Jane, at least... try it.'

Jane looked down. Scratching her chin and raising her right eyebrow.

'Well, I guess it won't hurt if we try. Tonight, there is a shrine near the forest' Jane said.

'Yes. Yes. Yes. You still remember? I wonder why you buried my gift without letting me know? How unthoughtful of you, my sweetie.' The woman said.

Annie moved back with fear. Annie looked at her with fear. Annie screamed with fear. Annie cried with fear. What else could she do with fear?

There was a loud bang outside the bars and Annie heard muttering. Those guys are wearing different of colours of capes and their hoods are on, Annie thought. They stopped in front of the bars and turned their heads to Annie.

'Come with us, you witch!' The guy demanded, pointing it's sharp and dirty finger at the little girl's face.

Annie looked at the corner where the woman was but she was gone. She felt no more of that chilly feeling she felt before.

'Witch? No. No. I'm sorry but I'm no witch! You must be confuse. I am just a high school girl who have an awesome life but a crappy sister.' Annie snapped.

'Oh? Tell that to the Lords, you witch! Take her. Let her suffer just like what she had done to us for the past 100 years!' The man said.

100 years? But I was born in 2000! Oh great! This is sooo freaking great, Annie thought.

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