What will happen if what scares you the most is your past? What'll happen if you can't move on?
A girl who can see ghosts and spirits. A girl who is gifted. A girl who will save the world from fear, sorrow and hatred.
It was never an accident, it was never a coincidence. It is inevitable.
Can Annie save both Spirit world and the Human world from sorrow and despair? Especially the sadness that people cannot attempt to ignore it?
12 year old girl, Annie Vorgez. She will be fighting monsters, spirits, ghosts and even humans but she cannot do it alone.


1. Kidnapped!


'What a gloomy rain!', Aria said. The sky is dark and rain drops everywhere in Merocas City for 6 days straight. No one has seen the beautiful, bright sun since then.

'Why does it have to rain?' Annie ask 'At a time like this, why does it have to be raining?'

'Oh, chillax dude! I'm sure our great leaders will take care of it!' Angel said while putting her thumbs up. 'I just... don't know about Eugene and Denis. They've been acting strange lately. Just like the weather. So gloomy. They somehow manage to survive the accident but I have a feeling that they somehow got injured inside instead of the outside'

[2 weeks earlier]

It was sunrise. 6 a.m. Bird tweeting just like what they do every morning.

A knock on a door...

'Annie!! Wake up! Time to go to school! You brats have a lot of new shit these days. Oh, how I wish I'm still young just like in the old days but I guess being 25 years old isn't that bad aye? I can still make new boyfriends and marry rich people and live like a queen. This body of mine is my weapon to attract men.', the woman said

'Oh, shut up! Sis! I know you were the sexiest girl in the school back when you were in high school but I... don't want to be a slut like you. I don't want to be seen with the likes of you. I have life on my own and you're not going to ruin my awesome life. Ok?', Annie said.

'Yeah I'll probably would if you don't get up soon and go to your first day in Lexus High. I'm not going to drop you off if you don't come here and eat your breakfast and change into your school clothes!', the woman ordered. 'Now, after school, go to the grocery store and buy some carrots, cabbages, some meat and a packet of cigarettes. Oh and if you see a cute and hot guy, use that cute face of yours and act innocent Ok?'

Annie stood up and changed into her school clothes. It was a short green skirt and her blouse is blue and it includes a black varsity jacket and a Nike air shoes. Pretty cool school uniform aye?

She went downstairs. She saw her cereal on the table. She pulled a chair to sit.

'You're not my mum, Jane. Mummy left us 2 years ago with our drunk daddy! Don't be a bitch like her! That's what she does to us everyday! Ordering us around like we are her servants or some crap! She orders us to give her the freaking remote control even when it is freaking in front of her! Daddy died last month because he died of cancer. I don't want you to be like that woman.', Annie yelled.

Jane stared at her for a moment and walked to the kitchen without saying a word. She saw her eyes, it was filled with hatred and guiltiness. Annie went a little bit too far.

Their mum left them without leaving any notes or words. The girls just cried and cried inside the closet for their mum and their idiot father with an another girl.

That's when it got weird. A woman came to their house. The front door wasn't forced open neither was the back door. The windows were always shut. The woman was trying to find Annie and Jane. She found them and told them 'You girls are young. When you cry, no one will come to you and comfort you. No one will make you stop from crying. But this doll can. She can protect you anywhere. It can talk too but only when you are alone in the dark. Don't bury it or else...' The woman said. Then she gave a scary and ghastly doll to the girls but they didn't react. The girls stopped crying and went to sleep. The next day, they felt strange like a cold wind blows right through them everytime they pass something odd or someone weird. They feel like someone is watching them. But they somehow feel protected. Is it because of the doll?

[20 minutes later]

Annie looked at her watch and her eyes widened.

'Oh crap, I'm going to be late for school! Could you hurry up ,Sis??' Annie said impatiently.

Instead of saying nothing and just look straight on the road or ignoring her, Jane gave Annie a big cold gaze which gives Annie the big creeps.

While riding to school, Annie felt a cold wind and had goosebumps everywhere in her body. She stared at the rear mirror and froze. She couldn't believe it's happening again and it just had to be while going to school. Annie knew that her sister can feel it too but Jane just ignored it.

'Just ignore it, Annie. It'll just go away if you don't notice them. So don't look at their eyes and look at mine!', Jane whispered.

Annie was too scared and too afraid to move. This is terrible. She never wanted to have this supernatural powers. Never.

When they were little and still had the doll that the strange woman gave to them, they had been hearing voices in their head. Everyday, they always look pale and their body are always cold, like a vampire. Then one day, when they were walking from school, a woman who was at the ground that sells weird looking necklaces and bracelets looked at them with uncanny look that made them turned around.

'That doll is curse! You should bury it and make an adult do it! Or else something will happen to you. It may give you supernatural powers if that doll was from the witch of the west, or it may give you horrifying death if that doll was from the witch of the north. Hurry, before the blue moon arise.' She said.

The ghost was looking by the window and turned its head to the rear mirror where Annie was staring at. She gave a big gasp when Annie saw the ghost's eyes. It was red. The ghost moved forward and its ghastly, red and cold hands reached the passenger seats and into Annie.

'Annie! Look on a different direction! You know what'll happen if you don't do it!' Jane said.

The hands reached her and touched Annie's forehead. This is terrible, Jane thought. When a ghost touches Annie's forehead, she would just sit there and stare at the ghost for 5 hours.

Annie once told me that if that happens, I need to bring her to the temple of Bajeen. But that's going to take half and hour drive to the forest! Plus, I don't even know where it is only our friend Eugene knows and he is the only guy we have told about the doll, the curse and these supernatural powers, Jane said in her mind. But I got to trust my own sister! We've been doing this for 1 year now. Oh shit, I have no sense of direction at all.

Jane stopped and turned the wheel around which made the car turned too and headed to the forest. She didn't knew where temple of Bajeen were but she still trusted her sister.

[Half and hour later...]

Jane was relieved that she made it through that traffic. They arrived at the forest and Annie is still sitting on the passenger seat unconsciously still staring at the ghost. Jane never knew what happens if Annie was touched by the forehead and Annie never informed Jane about it because it will just make a serious panic or Jane will worry too much.

Jane stopped the car and went outside to check where they were. They are in the middle of nowhere. Jane sighed really deep and looked at her poor sister. She cried because she couldn't help her own sister with her problems. Jane thought to herself, "I am just like mum! She never helped neither of us with our problems! Annie is right. I should be a better sister starting from now on. I'm suppose to be her guardian that'll protect her and let her have an amazing future"

As she cried, she heard voices in her head. She stood up. She was frightened. The trees were dancing with eerie sounds. She felt really cold as if she is surrounded by hundreds of spirits and ghosts. Turn around. A voice in her head said. Turn around. The person in the car is being taken. Jane was dizzy and she couldn't move. She heard a car's door opened. She knew someone is taking her. She tried to turn her body really slowly. She stares at her sister that is being dragged by a person with red hood. There are other people who wears a different colour of capes and hoods. They were muttering some unusual words.

"Makezie Cikolmple. Jarkine Haruhi.

Welkempan Chimandi. Guayheraque.

Fernalderanlyo. Gun Shen Pa pyo."

Those were the last words that Jane heard. She tried to shout but no words came out. She tried to move her foot but she can only slide them. She gaze to where Annie disappeared with those weird people. I've reached my limit, I have no strength to move any longer, Jane thought. sorry...A-nnie. Jane started to faint and fall but a warm hug and touch made Jane's eyes open a little.

She stares at the dancing trees where a person's head is blocking the way. Jane! Stay with me! I am going to get you outta here! A voice said. Judging to the voice she had heard, Jane expected to be that guy. Then, she smiled and blacked out.


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