What will happen if what scares you the most is your past? What'll happen if you can't move on?
A girl who can see ghosts and spirits. A girl who is gifted. A girl who will save the world from fear, sorrow and hatred.
It was never an accident, it was never a coincidence. It is inevitable.
Can Annie save both Spirit world and the Human world from sorrow and despair? Especially the sadness that people cannot attempt to ignore it?
12 year old girl, Annie Vorgez. She will be fighting monsters, spirits, ghosts and even humans but she cannot do it alone.


4. Dreams and Ambitions

'Where is the other one? Why isn't it yet complete? I thought she's the only Hemna in the Human world. We need the other half to complete the transformation!' A man yelled as he threw his cup on the servant.

'I'm terribly sorry for my failure. But I thought that she was the only one too. Though, I saw another girl with her and I put on steady spell on her. May we go find that other girl like , master?' The servant said.

'You useless idiot. X brothers, torture this servant, do whatever to him and kill him after.' The master yelled.

'Yes, master.' said the 2 men with an unknown faces ,due to the darkness, as they took the unfortunate servant.

Annie was waken up by a light voice from her head. It sounded like a girl. The voice told her to stand up. She stood up and saw herself locked inside a cage. It looked like a bird cage, it's so huge like Annie herself was the bird. Annie saw a guy sitting on a chair not so far away from her cage.

The Master looked at her with his horrendous eyes. Annie looked at him and felt goosebumps, an unnerving atmosphere around the cage but somehow it felt like she was being protected.

'You bastard! What did you do to me?' Annie shouted.

'I haven't done anything to you...yet.' The master laughed after what he said.

What is this 'Hemna' thing I keep hearing from these annoying voices, Annie Thought.



'So that means the 'Hemna' can deflect evil's power and can protect you from dangers?' Marcus asked.

'You could say that. That's what George told me but it only activates when the owner/s had fully control of it.' Jane said.

'Alright, now we know what this 'Hemna' thing is and what the Mobbers goals are. We need to think of a new plan because I don't think these Mobbers are going to go easy on us when they know that we took back what they stole from us. Especially when they realize that you're the part of 'Hemna'. Oh, I have to tell you something, it's about Eugene and that other boy.' Marcus said.

'Huh? You mean Denis? What about them?' Jane questioned.

'Those two have powers that have the same power like Hemna but from what I heard of, there are 5 types of magic that was called Devil Fruits. There were legends about these...'

'You know, you can tell me about it later. We'll stop by at the supermarkets and the illegal shops. They keep weapons and many other stuff that doesn't exist on the normal ones. We need those for the plan.'

'That bitch. Trying to interrupt me when I was telling her a story.' Marcus mumbled.

'Did you say something?' Jane shouted, looking at him with her creepy eyes.

'Creepy!!' Marcus yelled.

[At a coffee shop...]

'So you can tell me that story of yours since we finished buying all the stuff we need.' Jane said

'Ok, the were legends about this magic called, Midnight.'


'Yes, that is the most powerful magic in the earth. It is said that there was this young man who ate a black apple. It was a forbidden apple. Whoever ate the black apple will be curse by the Midnight magic. It is a powerful magic but it has its limits. Whenever the person is angry or pissed or lost control of it, can destroy a whole city like New York or Antarctica.'

'How is Antarctica a city and how does it relate to the story?'

'It's huge'


'Anyway, so when the midnight is released and lost control, it can destroy a whole damn city and nothing, not a single bit of trees or buildings, left. It won't stop until everything is vanished. It have some weaknesses too. So when you touch that person's chest with the 'Mystic Wood', it stops.'

'Really? How?'

'No one knows why nor how. But i heard that a scientist who took a forbidden apple...'

'Oh no! He ate it too? Was he cursed?'

'No! Idiot, let me finish first before asking questions or jumping into conclusions! Anyway, he did some research, i guess.'

'What do you mean you guess?'

'I told you, I just heard it! Listen to me first and let me finish, dammit! He had some research over the years and finally saw its weakness. So he made a formula and pour it over a wood stick and was called 'Mystic Wood'. You can ask me questions now, I finished my story'

'So Eugene and Denis both have that magic?'

'No, only Eugene have that magic but he doesn't know how to control it nor use it, yet.'

'What about Denis? What magic does he have?'

'Well, I don't really know. But I can sense that he have a powerful energy floating around his body. Everyone else, even Eugene, can sense it except for Denis...and you if you didn't know. Of course you don't because you only have 30% of that Hemna power.' Marcus laughed.

'Moron! That's nothing to laugh about and that has nothing to do with the story!'

'Ok, Ok. I don't remember what kind of energy it is but it sure is creeping the hell out of me.'

'Eh? What do you mean? Is it more powerful than Midnight magic?'

'Yes, actually it's not a magic at all. More like a super power.'

'So it's magic?'

'No! You idiot! I read it in a book but I forgot what its called. I can kind of remember the title. Its an old books that was made centuries ago. So that meas it was written by hand.'

'Oh, look. A bad boy reading ancient books.Now, that isn't what you see everyday.'

'Shut up! That doesn't matter!'

'Ok. So, then. We need to find that book in some library or something.'

'That book isn't easy to find. My dad used to collect books that is now extinct on this world. He went on a journey and everytime he gets back, he have all these loads of ancient books. I asked where he got it but he said it was on this place called 'Little Garden'. I searched up where that place was but all the information i got were that it was located at the center of the Blue Island.'

'Blue Island?! But..But..'

'I know. It'll take us about several years to go there. If only we can go the shortest way. No, there'll be monsters and stuff you can't imagine blocking our way.'

'Wait. Monsters and other kinds that we can't even imagine?' Jane sighed deeply.'Well, i guess we'll take that route.Plus, I have to go there'

'What? But we'll get killed! And why do you have to go there?'

'I have my reason and it's a dream of mine to travel around the world. I heard there were some things that people call it a paradise.Though, I doubt neither of you guys would say that I can dream like that.'

'I'm with you there. And I have to go there too. Since I heard that he got all those books from Blue Island, I've been wanting to go there. I asked my dad if I could go with him but he said I was too young to die. I didn't understand what he meant but several years ago, he didn't came back. Once he came back from the journey from Blue Island, he said that he need more books and that was 6 years ago. That was unusual of him to stay there for a long time. He only go on a journey for 2 years and come back immediately. So I was planning to go there and look for my dad.'

'Well, we could try and go there and see for yourself if your father is still alive and If i could see heaven there.'

'Heck no! It's heaven there but it's hell on the way there! We'll die just before we could stay on the road there for a day!'

'At least, I died trying. I don't want a boring life. Adventures are more fun!'


'No buts! We'll find a group of people that can handle those kind of stuff'

'But how?'

'I know a guy that is a swordsman who owns two legendary swords that can cut through anything. I'll ask everyone else if they know some people who can fight and stuff. Care to join the crew?' Jane asked

'Well, yeah. I guess I could help you. But i have my own ambitions.'

'I have my own reasons.'

'Guess, I could lend a hand and help you too.' A man said.

'Huh?' Marcus turned around and saw a familiar face.

'So, what's bad boy been doing these days?' The man said.

'Zero!' Marcus shouted.

'Hey. Marcus, I heard that you need a group of people that can handle those monsters you were talking about. I have the perfect person for you to...'

'Jackass! You were listening?' Marcus shouted.

'You know, it's rude to listen to other people's conversation.' Jane said, calmly.

'Oh? Who is this fine young beautiful lady we have here? Is she your girlfriend or something?'

Jane blushed and hid a smile.

'Yeah right. You mean "Who is this hag and ugly lady we have here?". Why would I date her?' Marcus said.

'Moron! Like hell I would date you either! I rather date a raccoon dog than you!'

'Oh yeah? I rather date a pig than you! And what the hell is a raccoon dog?!'

'I rather date a hippo than you!'

'Grrr' They both said.

Jane and Marcus looked on different ways and blushed.

'Not bad. I can tell you guys would be perfect for each other.' Zero said.

'Say, Zero...'

'Zero' Marcus said.

'Dumb ass! That's not what i meant! When I said "Say, Zero", It meas that I need him to answer my question.' Jane shouted.

'A question? But all you said was "Say, Zero".'

'That's because you interrupted me, you moron! Anyway, Zero, how many people do you have that can handle the hard stuff?'  Jane asked

'It's not people. It's a person. A person that have a magic called 'Zenroya'.'

'Another magic? Like the Midnight magic?' Jane asked.

'No. Don't you know that Midnight magic is a dark magic. The Zenroya magic is the opposite of the Midnight magic. Zenroya is a light magic. It can heal the hatred, sadness, despair and hopeless in people's heart. So Midnight is dark magic that have powers to attack 10000x harder and more powerful than a nuclear bomb and it can also darkens a person's heart and it is one of the Devil Fruits, Zenroya is a light magic that can heal darkness everywhere, so it's like a healing power. Julily is a lightning magic that can kill you before you even make your eye blink, it absorbs your powers and it throws it back to you much powerful than your magic. Hemna is a defense magic that can deflect your opponents powers especially the power of evil. It can protect you from danger, it also have a strong energy that can sense ghosts and can sense monster's and devil's energy from 5 km distance, it also tells you when danger strikes.'

'H-Hemna? But it wasn't a fruit. It was more like a jewelry.' Jane said.

'So you heard the story about the brave warrior called Lily Vorgez?' Zero asked.

'Um.. actually..' Jane had difficult time to think if Zero is to be trusted or not.

'Can you continue your story? I wanna hear more!' Marcus interrupted.

'Ok. The last Devil Fruit is called Gumbo, it is a magic that supports all your attacks. It gives you more power and more energy to fight. There are more supports it can give you. It is said that God created these Devil Fruits and scattered them all around the world. It is a forbidden fruit that only the ones that was chosen by the fruit can handle it and officially becomes its owner. When the owner died, the magic will be passed on the family trees or the people who doesn't have a family will be passed on by their closest friends. When you can't handle it, you will die and become a fruit again. The Midnight was located on the Ancient Ruins. The Hemna was located by the Red Line. The Gumbo was located by the Green line. Julily was located on Little Island and Zenroya was located by the Blue Line.

'Blue Line? You mean the sea where Blue Island is located?'

'Yes. All of these magic powers were fruits.It was shaped like a kiwi fruit but it was blue. Midnight was shaped like an apple but black. Gumbo was shaped like a banana but green. Julily was shaped like a coconut but orange and Hemna was shaped like a lime. But they said that a witch took it and made it into a diamond stone that can be worn like a jewelry. Lily killed the witch due to her bad actions to the society but she didn't know about the the stone but for some reason, she took it and became its owner.'

'Nice! No wonder why it's called Devil Fruits' Marcus said.

'How does Zero knows all of this?' Jane mumbled.

'Did you say something, Miss Jane?' Zero asked.

'No.' Jane answered.

Wait, how does he know my name, Jane thought.

'How did you know my name when I didn't even tell you about me.' Jane questioned.

'Oh, my apologies. I haven't told you about me. I am Zero Numble and I have a power that can predict the future, knows fighting skills and I can make something burn, throw fire balls, heat something and I can turn myself into a fire.'

'Really? Can you predict who am I going to marry?' Jane asked.

'No, I can only predict time 5 days only but my predictions are sometimes blurry that I can't fully explain it. But 5 minutes from now, you told me your name when we were suppose to talk.'

'Pretty impressive guy, huh?' Marcus said.

[Meanwhile in the Blue Island]

An old guy ,in a white suit with a long white beard that is studying medical plants, sneezed.

'Oh, it looks like I'm going to get sick when I'm always sleeping outside.' The man said, looking up in the sky. He sighed deeply and continued on his studying. 'Oh, Marcus. I'm truly sorry I made you worry like hell. I hope we would meet some day.' Then he cried.

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