old souls

Nancy has always had terrible dreams ever since she was a young girl and has never thought anything of them, until her parents start sending her to a psychiatrist who is persistant with the idea of giving her meds and forcing her to recal every one of her nightmares...but her best friends have other ideas and keep saying how weird it would be if it turned out that they were memories from a previous life that she is remembering, but as the saying goes "many a true word spoken in jest"


2. The dream (continued)


I looked at the girl who I now realized must have been someone close and saw that she had a large cut from her cheekbone to her jaw line and bruises all round her left eye. had he beaten her? I didn’t want to know... distracting myself from thoughts of pain and blood i moved my gaze upward and looked directly into her eyes which where large and filling with tears as she pleaded for help I also saw her mouth forming the words of a prayer i once use to recite before bed.

I started to take in the scene around me, We where surrounded by trees and the pale light of the moon gave me a bit of comfort as the rest of the forest was filled with darkness ,in the background I could hear all three of us breathing heavily and the light sound of a river flowing somewhere to the left of me. I tried to remember where this place was and I instantly knew, it was the towns one and only Redbridge forest and we were in the centre of it I lived just down the road from here.

I stopped looking round and focused all of my attention on the person holding the girl, he also had blood oozing from somewhere on his face and his brown hair was stuck down in places with the sweat that was trickling down his forehead. I could tell he was probably a very handsome boy if he didn’t have so many war wounds round his mouth.


I started towards them cautiously at first and slowly sped up, once I was about a metre away the boy took the safety off the gun and began pulling back the trigger whilst pointing the barrel  just above the girls ear . I felt my breath catch in my throat and the fuzzy feeling in my nose before I cry start. What was I suppose to do? Run straight at the boy and hope he doesn’t shoot? Or do I try rezoning with him? I took in a shaky breath and started talking to this boy as though he was a young child.

“do you know where we are?” I asked it may have seemed random but the sudden change of subject threw him off track for a moment “of course” he replied sharply “were in Redbridge forest, right in the middle.” at least he knows where we are I thought “why did you choose this place?” at this point I was just asking out of curiosity there’s always a reason to where we go. I could see him thinking about it and I began wondering if I would ever get an answer.

“this is where I asked you out, our school had taken us on a trip for the day to the forest and I pulled you aside when the rest of the group where over by the river.” the corner of his mouth twitched in an attempt at a smile, obviously it was a day he would always remember... unfortunately I couldn’t even recall what I had been wearing.


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