Beautiful Creatures

Stephanie had never been a normal girl, and many people knew that was true, but when she meets a boy who is suppossed to be her enemy her world takes an unsuspected twist. Will she follow her heart? Or will Peter be the end of her? As Peter changes her life completely Stephanie will have to do everything in her power to restore peace. Will she make it?


5. :/


When we were gone, Dad told Katrina that it was a good idea after all; it was a relief to him to know that what he suspected was true. At home Marcus and Sofia worried, thought and discussed with each other. The feeling that Marcus and Sofia had was so mutual it was sometimes sickening, they had the same thoughts and worries, but they also both knew the whole story.

We walked from school to home quickly, seeing shadows behind trees and hurrying when they seem to follow. After what had happened with the Elders, strange occurrences that we could not understand mingled and fed our curiosity. We were not allowed to talk about it with our parents, so we talked to each other, sibling to sibling.

“Austin, did you see the shadow today?” I said.

“Yeah, they look kinda like humans don’t you think?”

“A bit, but they aren’t humans.”

“How do you know? Maybe they are some victims of a nuclear leak and turned out to be freaks.” Austin always came up with some silly idea to about anything really, he never takes things seriously, but I was not up to his jokes.

“I’m serious; what if there are creatures out there that we don’t learn about at school? Creatures that are not meant to exist in the human world?”

“Yeah, because people will believe you when you say “The Earth Devils are coming! Everyone run for your life!” I mean, Earth Devil, what kind of name is that? I like to think of them as vamps.”

“Sometimes I wonder where you get all those crazy ideas from. Vampires? It could be, but it seems too stupid to call them that.”

Austin just rolled his eyes. “I dunno. I’m calling them vamps.” And he ran to his room.

But then Dad found out that we were discussing the topic, he was mad. Marcus’s talent was to be aware, cautious, so his perception was always taken seriously, he was the leader, and everyone had to follow instructions, and the instructions were, stay away from them but don’t think about them either. But sooner or later we would find out, they can’t keep us in the dark forever.

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