Beautiful Creatures

Stephanie had never been a normal girl, and many people knew that was true, but when she meets a boy who is suppossed to be her enemy her world takes an unsuspected twist. Will she follow her heart? Or will Peter be the end of her? As Peter changes her life completely Stephanie will have to do everything in her power to restore peace. Will she make it?


16. Talking


“Have a good night Ms. Menthe” said Phil as he opened the door for me, I stepped outside into the cold air.

“Goodbye” I said as I walked towards my car. It was cold inside so I turned on the heater once the car was on too. I turned on the radio and “It Girl” came on, which I thought was a bit weird since that’s how I felt, kind of. After the chorus I found myself singing along and feeling really happy that Peter and I had a chance, I was going to tell him tomorrow and everything was going to be fine, no one could stop us, this was true love.

I parked in the garage and got out of the car whistling a random tune, as I opened the door Mum and Dad were waiting for me in the kitchen.

“Honey, how was your talk with Fiona?” asked Mum curiously.

“Great, she told me things that I really needed to know.” I said.

“Like what?” Dad chimed in.

“Not telling.” I said giggling, after all, my love life was none of their business.

“Steph…” Dad warned

“Just let her be, Marcus.” said Mum. “We’ve all been teenagers before.”

“Thanks Mum” I said, and headed up the stairs to my room.      

I chucked my stuff on the desk, grabbed my phone and lay on my bed; I had one new message, from a random number.

Stranger: Are you alright?

Me: Who are you? I waited for a couple of minutes until he/she/it answered.

Stranger: I’m Peter, do you remember me? J.  What a stupid question I thought, of course I remembered him! He never left my mind. I shook my head and answered.

Me: Yes, I’m fine thank you, Peter. And of course I remember you! Haha you must think I have a pretty bad memory :P

Peter: I was just wondering :/ and thank God, I saw you walking into the Elder’s property and I was too late to stop you.

Me: I know, I went there in purpose, to talk to Fiona about… stuff, and it actually includes you.

Peter: Me?! How so?

Me: I’ll have to tell you tomorrow… in person.

Peter: Now I’ll have that on my mind for the rest of the night.

Me: Is that a bad thing?

Peter: You were already on my mind anyways, it doesn’t make much difference.

I smiled and blushed.

Me: Jeez, now I’m blushing.

Peter: aww cute <3

“Steph! Dinner is ready!”

Me: I gtg see ya tomorrow xx

Peter: Sweet dreams love, dream of me ;)

Me: Maybe…

Peter: Haha goodnight xx

And with that, I set my phone on the table and headed downstairs to have some dinner.

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