Beautiful Creatures

Stephanie had never been a normal girl, and many people knew that was true, but when she meets a boy who is suppossed to be her enemy her world takes an unsuspected twist. Will she follow her heart? Or will Peter be the end of her? As Peter changes her life completely Stephanie will have to do everything in her power to restore peace. Will she make it?


13. Is this love?


The bell finally rang and as I made my way to my locker I saw a crowd of people around it. What the hell I thought to myself, I had already had enough for one day and I was willing to blame all the bad things on Dianna. As I pushed through the sea of students and finally got to my locker, I found Dianna casually leaning on it like it belonged to her, she was looking at me like I was a piece of smelly rubbish . I suppressed the urge to go near hear and slap her.

“Well, hello, hello” sang Dianna in a mocking voice. “Look who it is.”

“I shouldn’t surprise you much since this is MY locker” I replied with fury.

“Whoa there! Calm down!” replied Dianna.

“I don’t have time for your stupid games, Dianna” I replied between gritted teeth.

“Huh, you’re no fun then. And I believe you are trying to steal something that is mine.” Hissed Dianna. She tossed her hair behind her back and waited for a reply.

Yours? Who the hell do you think you are?! The Queen? You don’t own people Dianna! And Peter doesn’t even like you! Just because you are used to getting every single boy you want doesn’t mean that it will be like that for your whole life! You are a mean, horrible Witch whose face is the only pretty thing they own, your soul is evil and withered and your personality isn’t worth a penny. Any boy who was ever yours must have felt like being in Hell with a demon, to later end up heartbroken and miserable. You will never love because you don’t own a heart, and no boy deserves that, especially Peter, so he is not yours.” I said with the most emotion I could handle.

 Everyone stared at me wide eyed; I had just said what every person in this school never had had the guts to say but wanted to anyway. I defied Dianna, I proved her wrong, I must now be the superhero of many kids in class, but my thoughts kept going to Peter. I realised that someone had filmed the whole thing, and was still filming as Dianna stood very still on her spot and looked at me with horror, hate and what also looked like fear. So Dianna feared me, who would have thought? It felt like the whole school was quiet as the crowd waited for Dianna to say something mean or to change her expression, but she just stood rooted to her spot and stared, dumbfounded. Finally her lips parted as she tried to make words.

“I-I can’t believe you said that” she mumbled. “No one ever defied me, is this how most people feel?” she asked, and her voice broke at the last word. Many heads looked at the ground, as if agreeing with what she said.

“Oh” she croaked, it was so weird to see her vulnerable and weak. Mean, strong Dianna was breaking apart. This was what so many girls and even some boys have been waiting for, to see the Witch fall.

At that moment, strong arms circled my waist and held me there, a soft voice whispered in my ear.

“I can’t believe you did that for me” he whispered, it was Peter.

I turned my head around slightly to look at him, he was smiling his weird but beautiful smile and he stared into my eyes for a few seconds. He was so close, again. I could probably count the bronze hair on his forehead and I could tell in his eyes when the blue ended and the green started, there was less black today in them and that tiny detail made them even more stunning than they usually were. His masculine jaw line and his perfect shaped nose, his soft cheeks and the dimple that sometimes showed on his left one when he was truly smiling, right now, I could see it clearly. He was perfect, there was no denying it. As our eyes unlocked he bent down slightly and kissed my cheek and turned his attention to Dianna.

“Stephanie is right, Dianna.” he said calmly and smoothly “I am not yours and I will never be, so stop being a pain and mind your own business”

Dianna just stared at his arm wrapped protectively around my waist before looking up at his eyes and speaking.

“So I guess you choose her?” she said, with a hint of amazement in her voice.

Peter was silent, I could feel the beat of his heart from where I was and I could hear his breathing picking up pace, as if he was running. I was silently praying for him to say yes and spin me around and kiss me. There was so much tension in the hall, the seconds ticked by, and hearts beat quickly and loudly in uneven beats, some people were sweating, and there were many different expressions in my classmates’ faces: happy, amazed, scared, impatient, curious, uncomfortable and even ashamed. The rays of afternoon sunlight sat on the cold marble floor, reminding us that time had not stopped and we should have gotten home about an hour ago.

Suddenly I felt Peter’s breath on my neck as his lips parted to form words.

“I do seem to be quite fond of Steph” he said, and I could tell he was choosing his words carefully. “But my feelings towards someone else is none of your concern” he gave Dianna a curt nod as he grabbed my bag and headed for the door, of course I had no choice but to follow him, he had my bag and he would probably give me a lift home, I had no choice. I couldn’t help myself so I turned around just for a second and saw Dianna looking at me, with a mad expression on her face, this was not over.

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