Beautiful Creatures

Stephanie had never been a normal girl, and many people knew that was true, but when she meets a boy who is suppossed to be her enemy her world takes an unsuspected twist. Will she follow her heart? Or will Peter be the end of her? As Peter changes her life completely Stephanie will have to do everything in her power to restore peace. Will she make it?


17. chapter 17


“Well, you look happy.” said my older sister, Katrina. Katrina looked like a typical blonde, with straight, dirty blonde hair that brushed the bottom of her shoulder blades and icy blue eyes. She was two years older than me and about to finish high school. She was great to talk to and one of my closest friends.

“Yup!” I replied happily.

Kat chuckled and ate her food,

“What did Mum and Dad give you?” asked Austin, my younger brother. He had hair like Mum’s and just as beautiful but cut shortly and neatly, his eyes were a bright hazel and he was what many people would call a typical jock. Many girls looked at him with love-struck eyes, it was a bit annoying when you were in the bus with him and so many girls crowded around him like flies, but he seemed to not notice and ignore the girls who desperately wanted his attention.

“Nothing” I said.

“Well, that’s a first.” said Austin.

I smiled at him as he rolled his eyes; Austin seemed to really enjoy rolling his eyes.

“Hey, Austin, what’s up with you rolling your eyes so much?” I asked.

Austin just rolled his eyes which made everyone laugh, while Austin just sat there with his arms crossed.

“Aw come on, don’t be such a party pooper.” And I hit his arm lightly.

He smiled and said “Oh, it’s on sis”

“Definitely” I answered as we shook hands and laughed.

I got back to my room and checked my phone, it was 9:00, I had half an hour to do whatever, I decided to text Mel.

Me: Mel, Peter is at our school, want to meet him tomorrow? I think he likes me (:

I waited for a few minutes until she finally replied.

MelanieJ: OMG!!!! He transferred schools or something?! Hehe I soo want to meet him!!! He’s all urs tough so no worries ;)

Me: Yeah, we should go sit with him at lunch or something idk we’ll see. And of course he is xx

MelanieJ: He better have some hot friend or something *4eva alone face* otherwise I’ll make that face while we meet him.

Me: Ur not forever alone Mel, and idk maybe haha xx

MelanieJ: Sur, sur whatevs u say missy *rolls eyes*


MelanieJ: Hehe rolling eyes is cool and hey I gtg I have to wake up early tomorrow (: see ya xx

Me: Bye, have fun at whatever it is ur doing xx

MelanieJ: I will haha see ya tomorrow good night

I realised I had been texting Mel for 15 minutes, I brushed my teeth and had a shower. I got back and saw that I had a new message from Peter.

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