Daily Story Challenge-Month 1-Back To School

This is the first month of my one-year story challenge, starting on 1st Sept 2012 and ended on 31st August 2013. This is the movella for the first month, and the theme is 'Back To School'. Every day this month I'll post a small poem or story around the theme.


7. Day 6

I opened the window, fresh air gushed in, and I looked back at my work with a sigh. The sums were barely complete. The calculations might as well have been wrong as the intense heat gathered around me. I could feel my shirt sticking to me as I took my seat again, casting a glance round the classroom. I bit my lip. What if I looked stupid? What if I was ugly in this warm weather? My hair was all frizzy and my cheeks were an irritated red, so, when he looked my way, I couldn't tell whether I was blushing. He winked.

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