Daily Story Challenge-Month 1-Back To School

This is the first month of my one-year story challenge, starting on 1st Sept 2012 and ended on 31st August 2013. This is the movella for the first month, and the theme is 'Back To School'. Every day this month I'll post a small poem or story around the theme.


4. Day 3

The floors are shimmering, the walls are white. You can no longer stare at that dirty spot that shows through to the timbering when your classes get boring. You'll need to prepare yourself for a million summer stories, and even more people in the corridors, so you'll need to find a new one, won't you? A new one to glare at while you 'reunite' with those guys who think they're 'your friends', one to gaze at while your real friends are explaining how dreamy the guy they met on holiday was, one to find particularly interesting while you're being told everything you already know. Yep, you'll definitely need a new dirty spot-a few, even.

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