Daily Story Challenge-Month 1-Back To School

This is the first month of my one-year story challenge, starting on 1st Sept 2012 and ended on 31st August 2013. This is the movella for the first month, and the theme is 'Back To School'. Every day this month I'll post a small poem or story around the theme.


26. Day 25

He withdrew his finger and wiped it on his jumper. Wordlessly, he seized his possessions and moved over to where they sat. My heart plummetted, spiralling and spiralling, the walls of the chasm tearing at it as it fell. At least, that's what it felt like. A heavy, thick veil of sadness. I sat at the desk, burying myself in the work once again. I didn't allow my mind to stray. Not to my next lesson; not even to how irreparably lonely I felt. That's what I was. Alone. Again.

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