Daily Story Challenge-Month 1-Back To School

This is the first month of my one-year story challenge, starting on 1st Sept 2012 and ended on 31st August 2013. This is the movella for the first month, and the theme is 'Back To School'. Every day this month I'll post a small poem or story around the theme.


25. Day 24

"What on earth are you doing talking to her?!" she shrieked again. That should be her signature move. However, it didn't bother me. What happened next was what bothered me. Daniel's warm, soft hand (the one I'd have been shaking right now if it wasn't for the shrieking girl) reached out and poked me hard in the cheek, as he half-hissed words at the girl-but I didn't care what they were. He was throwing me looks of loathing and pressing his finger almost reluctantly into my skin, like I was a squashed piece of chewing gum that he was going to wash his hands of immediately after he was rid of it.

"-and you think I would talk to her! Do you?!" he glared down at her, the volume of his voice reaching a new level. The girl shook her head, with considerably more respect than she'd give a teacher. "Good."

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