Daily Story Challenge-Month 1-Back To School

This is the first month of my one-year story challenge, starting on 1st Sept 2012 and ended on 31st August 2013. This is the movella for the first month, and the theme is 'Back To School'. Every day this month I'll post a small poem or story around the theme.


17. Day 16

I stood out in the corridor after the lesson, trying to get to grips with him winking at me. My mind spun-warmth, fear, and a tinge of...affection rushed through me. Just then, I felt something brush past me and looked up. I struggled to find some expression that didn't make me look goofy or creepy. He turned and smiled.

"Are you alright? I think I might have made you drop a few things," he said, nodding to the floor. I glanced down and saw a pile of books. Blushing, I scrambled to pick them up. As I reached for the last one, I was beat to it by a strong, warm hand. I pulled mine away and straightened up. He handed over the book, and my hand brushed his. Something fluttered inside me, while I mumbled a thank you and he walked away.

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