Keeping an Open Mind

Savannah is about to turn 18 and her stepdad is a drunk attic. Does she find her true love or not?

*This Is not my life. I love my life and my daddy (Yes I call my daddy, daddy) would never be mean to me. I have a perfect life(: *


4. Metting Morgan

Savannah's POV:

I woke up to a nock on the bedroom door. Anne peeked her head through and said "Wake up sleepyhead. I'm about to leave and I just wanted to check and make suer you were ok." "Yea I'm fine, what time is is?"I asked. "Almost 1 P.M."she answed. Wow I have been sleeping for a really long time, Anne left the room, I heard Harry say goodbye to his mum and the front door close. I checked my phone to see if I got any messages, I had a few from Morgan, I read them trying gto keep my eyes open. "Hey Savannah, on my way home now I should be there around 1:30 P.M., we should meet at the park." I guess it was decided where we we're going to meet at. I got dressed into some of my clothes, I walked down the stairs opening the front door when Harry stopped me. "Where are you going?" He asked. "Umm.. I'm going to go meet my sister at the park, she's coming home from collage today." "Can I come?" "Sure..I guess." Half of me wanted him to come and the other half didn't because my sister is madly in love with him, I didn't know how she would react. We grabbed our jackets and walked outside and started walking for the park. It was a long quiet walk, until I broke the silence. "Why do you think Niall likes me?" "I don't know all I know is that he liked you from the way he looked at you."he replied smiling. "Oh."I said kind of quiet. "Would you ever date him?"Harry asked. "I don't know, it depends." "It depends on what?"He said looking at me. "I'm waiting on the guy I like to ask me out, becasue I'm pretty sure he likes me." Okay I admit Harry is a good looking guy, I also have a little crush on him. We finally got tp the park when I saw Morgan sitting on a bench, I walked up to her and she gave a me a big hug.

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