Keeping an Open Mind

Savannah is about to turn 18 and her stepdad is a drunk attic. Does she find her true love or not?

*This Is not my life. I love my life and my daddy (Yes I call my daddy, daddy) would never be mean to me. I have a perfect life(: *


3. Love

Harry's POV:

I saw the way Niall looked at Savannah, I could tell he liked her but I do too. Should I let Niall have her or should she be mine? "Oh by the way Savannah can I have your number?" I asked. "Umm....yeah."She repliled. "Thanks." I said. She gave it to me and I started texting her. "I think Niall likes you." "How can you tell?" "From the way he looked at you." "Oh, I didnt notice." "Oh, do you like him?" She looked at me puzzled. "I don't know, why?" "Just wondering." "Ohh." I stopped texting her after that. It had been 30 minutes of silence.

Savannah's POV:

That was such an awkward conversation with Harry. My phone rang again, it was my sister, Morgan. "Hey, how are you?" "Good, you?" "Amazing! Guess what?" "What?" "I made and A on my test!" No suprise she always makes good grades. "Cool, so what's up?" "Nothing you?" "Just chillen." I stopped texting her I wasn't in the mood I was getting tired. "I'm going to bed, goodnight." "Night." They said at the same time. I started walking up the stairs when Anne stopped me. "Okay, I'm going to be gone for a week, don't let Harry get into any trouble. I'm trusting you, I leave tomorrow afternoon." "I won't, I getting tired so I'm gonna head to bed." "Okay, goodnight."she said. I walked into the room and climbed into bed and fell asleep.

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