Keeping an Open Mind

Savannah is about to turn 18 and her stepdad is a drunk attic. Does she find her true love or not?

*This Is not my life. I love my life and my daddy (Yes I call my daddy, daddy) would never be mean to me. I have a perfect life(: *


2. Awkward

Savannah's POV:

It was kind of awkward staying in another persons house that I've never met. I've seen him on posters and magazine's I just thougth meeting him would be different. Anne and I walked up the staris to this amazingly beautiful room! "You can borrow some of Gemma's clothes while she's away." Anne said. It was really nice of them letting me stay with them when we didn't know anything about each other or each others familys. "Thank you for letting me stay with you." I said quietly. "Your welcome sweetie." She said as she left the room for me to change. I changed in a fast manner, when I got done I heard my phone ring. Shannon was calling me, I answered the call. "OMG SAVANNAH WHERE ARE YOU?!" she yelled into the phone. "I'm staying with friends, why?" "Your dad just called me wondering where you were!" "Did you tell him?" "No. I would never" "When are you getting back from your trip?" "In a few days. When I get back we need to talk." "Okay, where will we meet at?" "My house, I have to go I'm boarding the plane. I'll call you when I get off." "Okay, bye." "Bye.". Just as I hung up Harry nocked on the door and stuck his head through. "You all settled in?" he asked? "I guess." I replied. There was an awkward silence, when my phone started ring. It was my sister. "I'll let you answer that" Harry said as he started walking out of the room. I answered the phone not wanting too, but I had too. "Hey Savannah where are you? Greg just called me. He told me you ran away! What happened? Who are you staying with? Have you called Shannon? Does she know?" She asked questionly. "I'm at a friends house, yes Shannon knows, I told her first and went straight to her house when I left. Hows collage?" I asked wanting to get off the topic. "Good, I'm coming home tomorrow for a break. Who are you staying with? She asked still on the topic. "With a friend." "What friend?" "His name is Harry." "Like in Harry Styles?" "Maybee." "SAVANNAH HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU STAYING WITH HARRY STYLES." "My friend is his friend and we've met a few times, so he's letting me stay with him." I didn't want to tell her the truth even though I know I had to sometime. "Okay, stay safe and out of trouble." "I know, I know. Well I have to go." "Okay. Bye" she said as she hung up. I could tell my sister was jealous, I don't know why though, all I know is that I couldn't wait for my sister to come and for Shannon to come back off her trip. I put my hair up in a messy bun and walked down the stairs to find Harry sitting on the couch with one of his friends, I couldn't really tell who it was from the back but when I walked and sat on the other couch I saw his face, it was Niall, I had a huge crush on him for the longest time. I didn't know what to do or say at that point. "I'm not interupting anything am I?" I asked trying to be funny. "No your okay" Harry said with a smile, I smiled back. "Oh by the way Savannah this is Niall, Niall this is Savannah." "Hello" Niall said waving. "Hi" I siad with a big smile, we all started laughing.

Niall's POV:

The moment I saw Savannah I was instantly in love, but what if she was dating Harry? I couldn't do that to him, it wouold just be wrong. I didn't know what to do, there was a silence in the room. I just hoped Harry didn't noticed the way I looked at her.

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