Natural Wonders

These are some Poems I made :) and yeah...


5. Running


I was running

Sprinting through the soft ground

I could hear it

Haunting me, desperate for my blood

It was dark

Big, gloomy shadows swivelled around me

I was alone

Lost in a terrifying forest, with no one to save me

The beast,

It was growling, breaking my concentration

To run

That was the only thing I could do

The moon

Reminding me that I will never see the sun again

I was tired

I wanted to stop, but I would be torn to shreds

My feet were burning

Smacking the ground harder with each step

It wouldn’t go away, it was determined

I wondered

What kind of creature is so cruel it won’t give up?

My feet failed

That misstep sent me flying through the air

I hit a tree

As a hot liquid trickled down my cheek

The world went black

And I did what I shouldn’t have, I gave up, I FAILED.

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