Natural Wonders

These are some Poems I made :) and yeah...


7. Our secret place

The birds were singing and a shy zephyr danced around the atmosphere

"Fancy meeting you here"

said a soft, charming voice.

My feet barely touched the ground as I ran into his arms in pure joy

This was our secret place, our spot to hide

where we would watch the rise and fall of the tide.

Tell stories about different places and lives

about fluor green monsters and men living in beehives.

Where we could act like children and love like mature people

and this was the only place where you could fully see his dimple.

The trees whisper our secrets to one another while we're gone

like the nosy flies who never leave you alone

the grass knows the texture of our skin

because we have stayed there until the light was dim

This will always be our secret place

A place where you will intensely gaze

at the little stars lost in space 




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