Lacey Loves Him

Lacey just wanted to live a normal life. At leas as normal as she could while dating One Directions Zayn Malik. And thing were working out really well as they had been for the past two years, until a horrible accident severely injures Zayn.


1. The Park


“Come on, Lacey. You won’t fall. It’s really not that high,” Zayn, my boyfriend of two years said, “I’ll keep you safe.”

                “I don’t like it. What if the branch breaks and I fall. Or if you fall?” I replied. He wanted me to climb up in the tree with him but I really didn’t want to. Last time I was in a tree I fell out and broke my arm.

                “Please? It’s lonely up here all by myself.”

                “Fine. I’m coming up,” I told him.

                “Thank you, Lacey,” He answered.

                I started climbing. When I got up next to Zayn, I sat down on the branch next to him. “See? It’s not that bad.”

                “But I still could fall!” I exclaimed.

                “I won’t let that happen.”

                “You promise? You promise that you won’t let me fall?” I asked.

                “Of course I promise. I will never let anything ever happen to you. Nothing bad will happen when you’re with me,” he assured me.

                We sat up in the tree and talked for hours. When I started to get dark I said that we should probably go home. I climbed down the tree and walked over and picked up my phone and sweatshirt. It really wasn’t that bad up in the tree. I didn’t get hurt and neither did Harry. It was actually kind of fun. We should do that more often.

                As I reached down to grab my stuff, I heard a scream. Freaking out, I turned around just in time to see the branch Zayn was standing on break and watch him fall to the ground.

                “OH MY GAWD!!!! Zayn? Are you ok?!” I shouted as I ran over to him, hoping he wasn’t injured. I looked at him passed out on the ground, his leg awkwardly twisted and a small branch was sticking out of his left side. “Zayn?!?! It’s going to be ok! Get up! Please?” I yelled at him, more for me then him, hoping it would reassure me. It didn’t.

                “Do you need help?!” a lady who looked about thirty asked me. She had a daughter who looked about four following her. I was bawling and couldn’t speak. She knew I did. So did Zayn. She pulled out her phone. “I’m going to call 911, ok?” I nodded.

                “Don’t be sad,” the little girl said to me. I wanted to say that I couldn’t be happy; that my life might as well be over if Zayn’s not in it. He was everything to me. And I needed him and I loved him with all my heart. But I didn’t. She was so little that she wouldn’t understand. And I couldn’t even talk through the tears. I can’t believe that I went up there in that tree. If I didn’t, maybe he would’ve come down and he’d be ok.

                I heard the sirens a few minutes before the ambulance got there. They came and loaded Zayn into the back of it, saying a bunch of weird things. They asked me a few questions. Then a man came up and told me that Zayn would be fine. He just had to have a couple surgeries. I hoped he would be okay.

                I got in the ambulance and we left, speeding towards the hospital.


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