A little thing called Love

Millie was just your ordinary 18 year old girl until she moves to London with her best friend Georgie and meets Nial Horan and Zayn Malik. It was love at first sight for both of them, will there be a wedding and/or pregnancy? Read to find out!

This is my first fanfic so it would be nice to hear what you think!! Thanx every1!!����������������������❕❕❕❕✨


1. Surprise!

Millie's POV "Millie, get up! You will be late for your last day of school!" my mother yelled from downstairs. "Coming!" i yelled back as i threw the duna off me and slowly got out of bed. I checked my clock "shit! 7:40", i had a quick shower, and when i hopped out i wrapped a towel around me and combed my hair. I got dressed in my purple high waisted skinny jeans, a blue t-shirt and my blue,red, white and black seniors jumper with my name written on the back. Once i had finished doing my makeup i walked downstairs and found my mum cooking pancakes. "goodmorning Millie" my mum said, "morning Mum." By the time we had finished asking how we both slept our pancakes were ready. I scoffed down two and then was on my way to meet Georgie at her house so we could walk to school together.~Georgie is my best friend, we have been best friends since kindergarten and were lucky enough to say best friends all through highschool~. I got to Georgie's house in a matter of minutes and found her out the front waiting, "Hey Mill, your late" "Yeah sorrry, i slept in" "all good, now lets get to school or we will miss our class" "ok, lets get going" and with that we were on our way to school. When we finally got to school the bell had already rang, so we quickly raced to our first class-English. After English and a few more classes the bell rang for lunch. Everyone piled out of the classrooms into the hallway, i walked casually down the crowded hallway to the cafeteria to meet Georgie. I met georgie at our special table tucked away behind the divider wall in the left corner away from everyone else. Georgie's POV Millie and I got our lunch and sat down at our table, we were talking about how we wished we could move to London together and hopefully meet One Direction when my phone rang. It was my mum "hello Georgie" "hi mum" " can you tell Millie to come to our house after school please?" ~so i told Millie what mum said~ " she said of course, ok mum i've gotta go bye" "bye Georgie". Millie and i kept talking and eating until the bell rang. For the rest of the day we did some activities and things because this was mine and Millie's class' last day of highschool. It finally came to hometime when we were farewelled and dismissed to go home. Millie and i were walking home together wondering why my mum sounded so excited. We got to my house and Millie's parents were there, now this was really confusing. We all sat down around the pool and were talking when mine and Millie's parents stood up, "we would like to make an anouncement" my dad said. "Georgie, Millie you are moving to London together!!"

Millie's POV
"Millie, Georgie you are moving to london together!!"
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