I Should've Kissed You- A Larry Stylinson Love Story

Jaime and Adrianna were just two average girls going to college. They spent many days daydreaming about One Direction until one day, when they win VIP concert tickets, the girls dreams come a reality. The girls soon fall for band members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, but do the boys love them back? How far will these girls go to stay with their dreams guys? And will their love soon end with a tragedy?


4. Meeting The Boys

             (Narrator P.O.V)

The girls stayed in their seats, watching in awe as the boys sang their encore song ‘I Want’. When the song was over, the boys said their final goodbyes and pranced out of view.


                Paul came to their seats and told them to follow him. “The boys wanted me to bring you backstage” he said. He brought them back to a room with a sign on the door that read ONE DIRECTION. They let out their final shrieks, and slowly pushed open the door.


                Inside, the boys were all stretched out across two black leather couches. Niall was half asleep, eating a bag of potato chips, on a blue beanbag chair. The girls stepped through the door as the boys all turned their heads to see who was there.


                “Hello there!” Louis and Harry said, perfectly synchronized. Adrianna and Jaime looked into their eyes and giggled.


                “Well, come on over and have a seat!” Harry offered, patting the open space in between him and Louis.  The girls’ nervously walked over and settled in next to their favorite band members. Harry and Louis reached out and held each other’s hands across the girls’ shoulders.


                “So, did you enjoy the show?” Liam asked.


                “Yes! Oh my gosh that was the most amazing day of our lives!” exclaimed Jaime. Harry and Louis both looked at each other and winked.


                “Girls, is there anything we can do for you while you’re here?” Louis said.


                “We would just like some pictures and an autograph or two is that’s okay!” Adriannas replied. Zayn got up and snapped some pictures of the foursome, snuggled up on the loveseat. He then took some shots of Larry Stylinson kissing them on the cheek. They spent the next hour laughing, joking, and taking more pictures with the rest of the band.


                “What would you like us to sign?” Niall mumbled sleepily, as he fell backwards onto the couch. They handed themtheir bag of merchandise, and shouted “Everything!” in unison.


                The boys took out their Sharpies and began to sign their names and cute messages on everything in the bag. “Ugh, my feet hurt!” Jaime groaned under her breath.


                “Same here!” Adrianna agreed. They both removed their heels and flopped down on the couch opposite Niall.


                “Well we’re done!” Harry said handing Niall a Sharpie and the bag to take his turn. Niall quickly signed a few items, before rolling over and snoring loudly.


                “Where are your shoes?!” Louis asked.  The girls laughed and Jaime explained that their feet had been hurting in their tall pumps.


                “You should wear our shoes then!” Harry decided.

                “Yeah! We’ve got some more in the back!” Louis added. The girls slipped the shoes on and smiled at each other sheepishly. They talked with the boys for a while longer until Paul came in and said it was time to leave, as the boys had to head back to their hotel. The girls gave the band one last hug and walked out the door.

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