I Should've Kissed You- A Larry Stylinson Love Story

Jaime and Adrianna were just two average girls going to college. They spent many days daydreaming about One Direction until one day, when they win VIP concert tickets, the girls dreams come a reality. The girls soon fall for band members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, but do the boys love them back? How far will these girls go to stay with their dreams guys? And will their love soon end with a tragedy?


2. Love At First Call

(Adrianna's P.O.V)

I woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon. Obviously Jaime was awake. I hopped out of bed, my hands gently grazing along the Harry Styles posters and I walked out of my bedroom. He’s so gorgeous! I would give ANYTHING to meet him.

      I walked into the kitchen to see Jaime in her favorite stripey pajamas that read ‘Mrs. Louis Tomlinson’ across the chest.

     “Morning sleepyhead!” she said, handing me a full plate, a knife, a fork then placing the syrup in front of me.

     “Hey, what have you been up to?” I asked, stuffing my mouth with pancakes.

     “I woke up, got dressed, went for a run, then made us some breakfast.” Jaime said pouring herself a mug of coffee.

     “Ughh! How can you stand to wake up so early?” I asked.

     She laughed, “you know, you’re just like Harry! Always wanting to sleep.”

     I winked at her, but kept eating, shoveling pancakes in my mouth like Niall would. I took my last bite and headed off to take a shower. Today was going to be a good day; I absolutely love to shop.

     When I finally finished getting ready, Jaime was already all dressed up and waiting for me at the front door. Of course, she would be wearing stripes. We took the elevator downstairs and hopped into our lime green punch buggy. Jaime took the driver’s seat since I was still waking up.

     Jaime turned on the radio, to our favorite radio station ’41.5 BOP Radio’ to hear none other than our 5 favorite boys; Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn!

     Zayn’s voice boomed over the speakers, announcing a brand new contest. “Vas’ Happenin’ Vancouver! As you may know the boys’ and I are coming to you on our Up All Night tour. Now be the fifth caller and you’ll win two VIP tickets in the front row of our performance”

     “Just wait until hear our song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and you could win!” added Niall.

     Jaime and i screamed and looked at each other. I whipped out my phone and dialled the stations number when  I heard the first few beats of the song. I waited anxiously as the phone rang. Suddenly, a voice picked up the phone. It was the show host, Frankie Garcia.

      “Congratulations! You’re the fifth caller! What is your name?”

     My heart skipped a beat, “Ahh! Ohmigod my name is Adrianna Mahone and I’m here with my best friend, Jaime Hemsworth!”

     “Well ladies, you have just won tickets to see ONE DIRECTION! Stay on the line for more details.” Frankie exclaimed. We waited on the line for a few minutes until he picked up again and told us that we were going to receive our tickets tomorrow at 6:30pm and then be escorted to the concert via limo. We gave him our address just as we arrived at the mall parking lot.

     “Dayum looks like we’ve got some extra shopping to do!” Jaime laughed. We looked at each other and screamed.

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