I Should've Kissed You- A Larry Stylinson Love Story

Jaime and Adrianna were just two average girls going to college. They spent many days daydreaming about One Direction until one day, when they win VIP concert tickets, the girls dreams come a reality. The girls soon fall for band members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, but do the boys love them back? How far will these girls go to stay with their dreams guys? And will their love soon end with a tragedy?


8. Important Decisions

(Louis' P.O.V)

It was 6 o’clock in the morning. We were in the hotel bathroom, doing out hair, and getting ready for the signing. The rest of the boys were making breakfast, while me and Harry took our time to be pretty.

            “I can’t believe we only get to see them one more time...” Harry grumbled. He didn’t have to say any names, I knew he was talking about Adrianna and Jaime.

            “This time we have to make it special!” I said.

            “But how are we going to do that Boo Bear?”

            “I don’t know. I like Jaime so much!”

            “I haven’t felt this way about a girl in ages!” Harry exclaimed.

            “Yo Lover-boys! You have to eat something before we go. So hurry up those pretty little faces!” Zayn interrupted. We rushed to the kitchen, and ate as fast as we could. Barely tasting the food as it was going down. Liam practically dragged us out to the car, because we were running late. Harry and I taking the middle row, Liam behind me, Zayn behind Harry, and Niall squished between them.

            “So how’s the love life going for you?” Zayn asked. He must have overheard our conversation in the bathroom.

            “We’re trying to figure out how to share our feelings with Adrianna and Jaime!” Harry answered.

            “I think you should be honest with them, and tell them how much they mean to you.” Liam suggested.

            “Yeah, I think they might feel the same way. Maybe we should just tell them...” I turned to Harry, “What do you think Harold?”

            “Seems like a great idea! So how should we bring it up then?” Harry said.

            “Well that would be good advice Liam, except we’re leaving in 2 days. Why would you want them to get attached?” Niall protested.

            “No! Jimmy protested!” I shouted. The boys all burst out laughing.

            “Come on Louis, let’s get serious! This is important. What are we going to do?” Harry wondered.

            “I guess we should just keep these feelings a secret. We don’t want to hurt them.” I decided.

            “Okay, I agree. But we still have to make our last moments together special.” Harry stated assuredly.


Sorry the last few chapters have been so short. They are just filling in space for whats going to happen ;) Hope you enjoy! Keep reading to find out <3



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