I Should've Kissed You- A Larry Stylinson Love Story

Jaime and Adrianna were just two average girls going to college. They spent many days daydreaming about One Direction until one day, when they win VIP concert tickets, the girls dreams come a reality. The girls soon fall for band members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, but do the boys love them back? How far will these girls go to stay with their dreams guys? And will their love soon end with a tragedy?



(Jaime's P.O.V)

I rolled over in my bed, slowly opening my eyes. I looked up at all the Louis Tomlinson posters covering my walls and I realized that that today was the day I finally got to see One Direction. And front row, too!

     I ran into Adrianna’s room and dove on top of her. She gasped and opened her eyes, taking a while to realize what was going on. As soon as we made eye contact, we both screamed at the top of our lungs. “This is the day we have been waiting for!!” screeched Adrianna.

     We both leaped off of her bed and ran straight to the bathroom. When we saw our reflections in the mirror, we knew we needed to start getting ready A.S.A.P. We took turns showering, then brought out all the makeup and hair supplies. We spent about 3 hours making sure everything was perfect, getting distracted every so often and singing along to the One Direction music we were playing. Once we had finished our hair and makeup, we went to put on the phenomeniall outfits we bought yesterday. Adrianna’s dress was a short strapless, white lace dress, which she paired with black velvet pumps. Mine was a strapless red, silky, bunched dress with a blue bow in the middle. I put on some navy studded pumps to go with it. We both slipped into our outfits easily and went to look in the mirror. All we could think about was making sure we looked perfect for Louis and Harry.

     Adrianna’s long auburn curls fell elegantly down her back, while my dark straight hair framed smoothly around my face. We had some time left, so we sang more One Direction songs to get in the mood for the concert.

     “I wanna save your heart tonight” sang Zayn’s voice through the speakers. When suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door. We both took a deep breath then went to answer it. When Adrianna opened the door, we both immediately recognized the boys’ tall, muscular bodyguard Paul standing in front of us. “Hello girls! You must be Adrianna and Jaime.”

      "Yes! And we know you Paul. You must be escorting us this evening!” I said. We stood on either side of him, linking arms, as he brought us downstairs, through the lobby and outside to our limo. We stepped inside and set off on our way to the concert. Paul let us play music on the drive there, laughing at our horrible singing voices.

     When we arrived there, the place was packed with screaming fangirls. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of jealousy, watching all the other pretty girls step inside the stadium. Paul drove us to the back of the building then rushed us inside. He led us through a series of  hallways, until we had finally reached our front row seats.

     We sat down. “Enjoy the concert girls!” Paul said as he walked away. We both turned to look what each other, still not believing this was truly happening. Suddenly, the lights went out, and the introduction video started to play on the big screen. We held onto each others’ hands as we stood up and began to scream, shaking with excitement.

    The countdown began, there were 5 seconds left until the boys would run out on stage. We took one last look into each others’ eyes as we heard the screams of the crowd grow louder. “3...2...AHHHH!” we shrieked. The song ‘Na Na Na’ began and the boys came out on stage.

     I looked up and was lost in Louis’ gorgeous face; hardly able to take my eyes off of him as he sang the chorus. I glanced over at Adrianna, who looked just as star struck, her eyes locked on Harry.

     The rest of the concert was amazing! At one point, Louis and Harry even reached out and touched our hands! When the boys’ announced their last song, Harry stood right at the front of the stage and said “We would like to invite two of our contest winners up on stage!”

     “Adrianna Mahone and Jaime Hemsworth, where are you?!” cried Louis. Immediately, we jumped up in the air waving our hands above our heads. Two bodyguards came down and lifted us up on sage, into the waiting arms of One Direction.

     You could hear the cries of the girls left out in the audience wishing they were up here instead of us right now. Liam spoke into the microphone so that the whole crowd could hear, “so girls, who’s who?” We told them our names with shaky voices. He smiled, “who are your favorite band members?” Adrianna and I looked at each other.

     Adrianna spoke up first. “Harry Styles!” she stated, enthusiastically. Harry skipped happily over to her, put his arms around her, and gave her a long kiss on the cheek. The screams of ‘Harry’ fans filled the arena. Now it was my turn. The crowd went silent as everyone turned to me, awaiting a response.

     “Louis!” I smiled, cheekily. Louis smiled, too, as he sauntered over to me, cupped my face in his hands and pulled me close, kissing my cheek.

     The song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ started to play and the boys danced off as Liam started to sing, “You’re insecure, don’t know what for.....”

     We screamed and grabbed onto on another, jumping up and down. Louis and Harry came over, taking our hands and pulling us out to the center of the stage, singing the chorus to us. We were too stunned to even sing along at that point. Was this really happening? Louis Tomlinson was holding my hand and singing to me! I was caught in the moment, forgetting the fact that we were on stage in front of thousands of people. I stole a look towards where Adrianna was, at the front of the stage, just in time to see Harry start his solo.

     “Baby you light up my world like nobody else.....” Harry put his hand on Adrianna’s back and guided her toward him, gingerly leaning his forehead against hers, microphone in hand singing like an angel. Louis wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me close. I smiled up at him and a grin spread across his face. We both looked up and enjoyed the moment as Harry finished his solo, “you don’t know oh-oh....”

     All the boys suddenly jumped up, including Louis and Harry, and they danced around, ending the song. Louis pulling his sexual final dance move, punching out and thrusting forward as they sang “BEAU-TI-FUL!”. Niall jumped into the air, doing his signature kick, then the lights faded and the boys ran off stage. The two bodyguards from before directed us off of the stage  and back to our seats where we collapsed, trying to catch our breath.



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