I Should've Kissed You- A Larry Stylinson Love Story

Jaime and Adrianna were just two average girls going to college. They spent many days daydreaming about One Direction until one day, when they win VIP concert tickets, the girls dreams come a reality. The girls soon fall for band members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, but do the boys love them back? How far will these girls go to stay with their dreams guys? And will their love soon end with a tragedy?


1. Adrianna & Jaime



“Up, up all night, like this, all night. Hey! Up all night like this all night. Hey! UP ALL NIGHT!” the iPod blasted from the dock. 18 year old Adrianna and 20 year old Jaime danced and sang around the coffee table. They were completely in love with the British boy band, One Direction. Jaime had long wavy black hair, green eyes, and was fairly short. Adrianna had long straight auburn hair, big blue eyes, and was just a few inches taller than Jaime. They both went to college at the Emily Carr school of art in Vancouver. They lived in a small apartment together 20 minutes away from the school. The walls of their bedrooms were lined with One Direction posters; the faces of Louis and Harry seemed to show up the most.

     The girls finished dancing and collapsed onto the couch, laughing. They decided they needed to go to bed as it was getting late. It was nearing 1am and they needed to save their energy for the shopping they planned to do the next day.

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