Big time girl

Hi I'm rose I did live in Australia but not anymore I now live in palm woods, this is my story about me meeting a boy band and me turning it into a boy and girl band. Btw I'm Kelly's daughter :) I'm also the same age as these 2 boys in the boy band that I like.


2. I have no idea the impact I can make

Roses P.O.V
I grab my pink bags and roll them into my room, it's big and pink I'm guessing my mum decorated for me, I smile at the thought and put the bags on the big bed with one direction sheets on it. I hear a knock half way throught un packing my second bag, I run to the door and open it to find a cute girl " hi I'm Kendall's sister Katie " she says holding a note " and his friend Logan asked me to give you this " she says holding out the note " thanks by the way I'm rose mabey you can come over some time, tell your mum I'll babysit you for free " I smile and so dose she, I take the note and close the door. I open the note and read it aloud " hi rose If your lonely call me or come over to my appartment oh and by the way James likes you..." I couldn't read the rest because it was messy like he had to right it quickly. I smile at the note and decide to go to the appartment. I knock on the door and wait for it to open.

James P.O.V
Rose has no idea the impact she can make on other people, like me anyway I wrote her a note and got Katie to pretend that Logan wrote it, and he saw me doing it and tried to stop me wrighting the note. I hear a knock on the door and I run to it and fix my hair then open the door and see rose. "hey rose" Logan and I say dreamily in unison. "hey do you guys want to come over to my house tonight and we have movie night? You guys have to bring a movie each and 2 popcorn thingys or just make the popcorn" she says " ok we will tell Kendall and Logan and we will come over. What time?" I say/ask " 5:00 I'll make dinner " she says smiling at Logan and not at me! " ok we will see you at 5:00" says Logan and he winks. That makes rose blush, then she waves bye to me and walks away! Grrrr I'm gonna kill logan he is stealing rose away from me!!
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