Big time girl

Hi I'm rose I did live in Australia but not anymore I now live in palm woods, this is my story about me meeting a boy band and me turning it into a boy and girl band. Btw I'm Kelly's daughter :) I'm also the same age as these 2 boys in the boy band that I like.


5. Friend, help and new band member

Kammys P.O.V
I see rose sitting on a chair with her face in her hands and her hair covering her face. I walk up to her and sit in the chair next to her " hey rose what's wro- " before I could finish 3 of the 4 boys run in front of me.

Kendall's P.O.V
I saw the hurt look on roses face when she ran out, you could tell she did like Logan a bit but you could also tell she likes James. I'm guessing that james will be very happy soon... It's a shame that rose is sad so I decided to go see if she was ok along with Carlos and James. I saw that kammy was interrupted by carlos and James, " rose its gonna be ok " I hear James and Carlos say in unison.

Roses P.O.V
I can't believe that Logan let me fall asleep on him THEN kiss a girl this morning, and I didn't look like he was trying to get her off him either. I see my mum through the gap I made in my fingers " rose what's wrong? " says my mum " I'll tell you later " I say while wiping away my tears and standing up. The boys, kammy, my mum and I all got to the limo, I sit next to kammy and my mum and I whisper what happened to my mum and kammy. They both hug me and tell me it's fine and all I want to do is scowl at Logan, I mean how can he do that??? We get to the studio and I get told to go in a booth and sing my favourite song. I sing starships by nicki manaj and I see the boys staring at me the hole time, when the song is over I get out of the booth and Gustavo yells " that was brilliant!! You are the new member in BTR!! " I squeal and hug kammy and my mum, I also hug James, Kendall and Carlos and I give Logan a quick scowl. YAY I'm in BTR :)
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