Big time girl

Hi I'm rose I did live in Australia but not anymore I now live in palm woods, this is my story about me meeting a boy band and me turning it into a boy and girl band. Btw I'm Kelly's daughter :) I'm also the same age as these 2 boys in the boy band that I like.


4. Boy trouble...

Roses P.O.V
I wake up and relise that I'm in my bed, I'm guessing Logan put me here last night. Im deciding what boy I like soon but not now... I guess that if I pick now I'm stuffed. I look at the clock and see that it's 6:30, I get up have a shower then get dressed in a pair of hot pink shorty shorts, a black tee that says I love the hunger games and a pair of black flats. I go to the boys appartment and knock on the door.

James P.O.V
I run to the door and open it, I see rose their looking at me with wide eyes. I look down and see that I'm only in my boxers, " hi " she says blushing " hey come in and I'll be back in one sec " I say and run into my room. I get dressed in jeans, a shirt that says BTR and sneakers, I walk out and see rose sitting at the kitchen table eating coco pops and talking to mrs. Knight and Carlos. " look who's awake " say mrs. Knight " he was awake a little bit ago, he answered the door in his boxers" says rose blushing. That's when Logan and Kendall walk out of their rooms, " hey rose " they say in unison, rose waves and eats. I grab my breakfast and sit next to rose, that makes her blush for some odd reason... I'm happy she blushes every time I see her.

Roses P.O.V
After I saw James in his boxers I like him more... I also kinda like Logan. Honestly I hate the thought of hurting someone... Then that's when I see a girl walk in and kiss Logan, now I'm ok with the thought of leaving and slamming the door behind me was a good Idea. " I'm going down to the lobby if you need me " I say and walk out of the room trying to hold back tears. I run to the lobby crying...
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