Big time girl

Hi I'm rose I did live in Australia but not anymore I now live in palm woods, this is my story about me meeting a boy band and me turning it into a boy and girl band. Btw I'm Kelly's daughter :) I'm also the same age as these 2 boys in the boy band that I like.


6. Another friend and a music video

Roses P.O.V
I'm walking around the building when I see a girl that has dropped her stuff. " hey I'm rose " I say as I help her pick up the stuff " hey I'm Kate, nice to meet you rose " she says as she picks up the last of her stuff. " I think I've seen you at palm wood, I live there " she says " well then mabey you would like to come over my place for a drink sometime do we can get to know each other better? " I say. She nods and says " sure you live across the hall from me so I'll knock when I'm bored " she smiles and then looks at her watch " sorry I really have to go but I'll take up that offer sometime " she says then runs off. I smile and say to myself " looks like I'm good at making friends " I run back to Gustavo's office and I see that the boys are there. " we are making a music video and I didn't even call you how did you know I wanted you?" says Gustavo impressed " I don't know I'm just awesome that way " I say and smile, the boys and my mum smile as well. " we are doing it to the song you make me feel, do you know it? " the boys and I all nod and smile " good, go to dance training then and we will start today!" he smiles and we walk to the dance studio. I had to pick a boy that was gonna be the main with me, I picked James because I sort of have a crush on him and I would feel comfortable doing the dance with him. We master the dance and we record in the booth then we do the music video. The next thing I know my phone is buzzing, I grab it a find it's my old enemy I awsner it and hear her annoying voice on the phone " hey it's you BFF cathy! What are you doing girl??" she says like I'm actually her BFF " Cathy I'm not you friend!! Leave me alone!" I say annoyed that she would ring me, the boys look at me and I look at the ground " why are you talking about? We have been BFF's since kindy and I'm calling you because I miss your... Presences" she says clearly sounding like she wants to throw up " bye Cathy!! " I say and hang up, I go outside and my mum puts her hands in front of my eyes " I got you a gift... A hot pink jeep!" she says and takes her hands away. In front of me is a hot pink jeep! The exact colour I wanted and everything! " mum your the best!! " I say and hug her. I jump in the car and turn the key, I drive back to palm woods with kammy we both go back to our rooms that's when...
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