Big time girl

Hi I'm rose I did live in Australia but not anymore I now live in palm woods, this is my story about me meeting a boy band and me turning it into a boy and girl band. Btw I'm Kelly's daughter :) I'm also the same age as these 2 boys in the boy band that I like.


7. A boyfriend and a sleepover

I heard a knock, I ran to the door and opened it, it was james and my new friends and the other boys. " what are you guys doing here? " I ask totally confused " well since your new we thought you would need a few people to make the house feel like home so... " says James " we are having a sleepover!! " they all say in unison. " ok then... Come in to my pink wonderland! " I say and smile, everyone laughs and comes in my house " let's play truth, dare, double dare, kiss, hug or torcher!" says kammy everyone agrees and we start with kammy " ok... Rose! " I think for a moment and then pick... " dare! " I smile and kammy smiles evilly " ok you have to kiss the guy you like for 10 seconds then you have to sit in his lap for the whole night! " she says in an evil tone. I get up and look at all the boys, I know how to chose and I'm gonna make it... Interesting hehe. I walk over to Logan then run over to James and sit on his lap and kiss him for 10 seconds, everyone counts and I smile, after the kiss it's my turn to pick someone. " Logan what do you pick?" I say " truth " he says and I frown, I want to say tell me the truth about that girl you kissed but I settle for " if you could get rid of one of the people in this room who would it be?" I ask " probably James " he say with disgust, I look at him and think that that is cruel then I look away and put my head it james chest. We play until i am hungry, everyone but James and Kate go's to get dinner "rose I kinda like Kendall" she says when James is in the toilet " tell him, I can tell he likes you too" I say with a smile, she smiles and hugs me then James comes back. " rose can I talk to you?" James says and takes my hand, we go to the bedroom and that's when he says it, the 6 words I want to hear " rose will you be my girlfriend?" he says, I reply with a long kiss. Then the dinner comes and we walk out hand in hand. We eat dinner and watch the avengers then we all fall asleep on the couches. I have a boyfriend and i got a sleepover :) haha I'm one lucky girl!
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