Live While We're Young

I am a orphan, I always have been, my mother and father died when I was eleven. I have been living on the streets since then and I am now 18. I just got a letter from my Aunt Rue in england, she says that she is adopting me. I wasn't happy like I should have been. I didn't want her to adopt me, I wanted Heather to adopt me. Well, Aunt Rue has to adopt me, she is a radio interviewer so I guess she gets to meet celebrities or something. Until she brings home a popular boy band.


8. Where I Came From?

Bella's P.O.V.


Louis had finally gotten free. " HARRY WOULDN'T STOP T- " He was cut off again by Harry tackling him. I laughed even more. " Guys, you look ridiculous! Harry, if Louis was going to say that you couldn't stop talking about me then thats fine " Harry looked up and smiled. " Really? " He asked while standing up.

I nodded my head. He smiled, I smiled back. We just stared at each other for like, 7 hours until Niall said. " Well, where are you from Bella? " I stopped looking at Harry and looked at Niall. " Oh,,, where I came from? " I asked. I didn't want them knowing I was homeless, they would think I'm odd, and I already had a crush on Harry.

What would he think? Niall nodded his head. " I came,,,, from,, nowhere really " I replied. They had confused looks on their faces. " Sorry, it's nothing " I walked back upstairs. I heard all the boys yelling " Wait! " or " Don't leave! Whats wrong? " I ignored them and went in my room. I saw Madison sitting on my bed.

" Soooo, how did it go? " She said while nudging me. " Not good, Niall asked where I came from. I don't want them knowing I'm an orphan! What would Harry think of me? " Madison looked at me. " Bella, I'm sure Harry wouldn't give a care in the world where you came from! If he does then tough! " I laughed. She smiled and hugged me.

Then there was knocking at my door. I got up and opened it to see all the guys standing infront of me. I let them come in and we all sat on the bed. " Sorry about that guys, I just didn't think you would like my answer " I said shrugging. " Bella, you can tell us anything you want love " Harry said. I smiled, he always cheered me up.

" Well,,, to be honest I use to live in a house. Then my mother and father died in a car accident, I had no one to go to so I spent my life living on the streets of Tennese " I started tearing up.


Harry's P.O.V.


I can't belive that she was tecnicly an orphan! Why would no one offer her a home besides Heather? Bella was pretty, and sweet, and I think she liked me back. She was crying by the time she finished the story. I went to her and whiped her tears with my thumb. She looked up at me smiling. I wanted to kiss her, but I still wasn't sure if she liked me.

So instead I kissed both her cheeks. " Thanks Harry " She said while smiling still. I could tell that made her feel a lot better. I was going to just go for it. I started leaning in to give her a kiss, I noticed that she was about to kiss me back until Louis said. " WOAH! It's already 11:00! HORROR MOVIE TIME! "


Bella's P.O.V.


I saw Harry leaning in to kiss me, so I started leaning in to kiss him back until Louis yelled. " WOAH! It's already 11:00! HORROR MOVIE TIME! " We quickly spread apart. I hope no one was just staring at us. Harry and I looked at each other and blushed. We all agreed to the horror movie idea and decided to watch Alien.

I wasn't a big fan of horror movies but maybe me and Harry could snuggle up. So we started making our way downstairs.



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