Live While We're Young

I am a orphan, I always have been, my mother and father died when I was eleven. I have been living on the streets since then and I am now 18. I just got a letter from my Aunt Rue in england, she says that she is adopting me. I wasn't happy like I should have been. I didn't want her to adopt me, I wanted Heather to adopt me. Well, Aunt Rue has to adopt me, she is a radio interviewer so I guess she gets to meet celebrities or something. Until she brings home a popular boy band.


3. The Airport

Bella's P.O.V.


Today is the day I go to England. I'm going to miss Heather bad like I missed my parents. She was someone who I could trust, I know Aunt Rue is my aunt and all but. RRRRRRHHHHHGGGG! Why can't I just stay with Heather?! For the past two days I have been crying in her shoulder. Now I dought I will ever smell cotton again.

" Now dear, be brave, I'm going to miss you so much. But your Aunt Rue will be able to take care of you! I'm just a lady who isn't very wealthy right now " Heather said while buttning my top. She treats me like a five year old but I still loved her. She bought me a new outfit just for this occasion. She had bought something that looks like what a five year old would accualy wear.

She bought me a navy blue dress, and a yellow cloak that went down to right below my belly-button, black heels, and a little pink bow. " Heather I'm going to miss you too but, I look like a five year old " I said while spinning to show her my outft. " Oh hush child! I don't care and if anyone says anything then- " I cut her off. " Heather! " I said.

I knew what word she was about to say. " Sorry dear, you just look really cute and cutness gets to me sometimes " I laughed. " So you cuss when you see your all time crush Jacob from twilight then? " I asked sarcasticly. She nudged me and we both laughed. " Flight 103 to England bording " The speaker said. A tear escaped from my eye.

Heather hugged me tight. " Now go dear, your flight is leaving. I put my number in your bag so call me ASAP once you get to your Aunt Rue's house ok? " I nodded. " Flight 103 leaving in two minutes, I repeat two minutes " The speaker said. " Stupid speaker " I mumbled. Heather laughed. I guess she heard what I mumbled. " Now, now dear, go get that flight "

She said. She kissed the top of my forehead and nudged me to get going. I started walking towards the flight. I turned around and waved goodbye. She smiled and waved back. I felt tears falling from my eyes. I know she only took me into her life a few days ago but she was the closest to family that I had.

I mean the teachers let me stay with them but they made me do work and all. Besides that was only for like a day with each teacher. I got to the woman who was infrnt of the flight. I gave her my ticket. " Your lucky, this flight was about to leave " She said taking my ticket. Crap! I should have walked slower or stop to get something. I smiled a fake smile.

" Good thing that didn't happen! " I told her sarcasticly. Then I walked to the entrance. I sat down, no one sat by me so I was all alone the whole flight. I sighed and closed my eyes. I just planned to try to sleep the whole time. Trying to hold back the tears and suck it up. Well my plan didn't work out so good.

When I woke up I realized that it had only slept about 30 minutes. Great. Other people sleep the whole time, what luck. I had no phone, so I can't check any texts because well, I DIDN'T GET ANY FREAKIN TEXTS! Sorry I'm just really mad and sad at the same time. Guess the anger got to my head. I sighed.

I guess I'm kinda weird because right now I'm talking to myself. I shook it out of my head and asked for a bag of peanuts. Well, the lady never got me any peanuts. Gee what great service. I just sighed and looked out my window. I saw clouds and then automaticly closed it and grabbed my seat. Did I mention that I have a fear of heights? Well I do.

I tried going to sleep, I closed my eyes and counted sheep. Did you ever think that counting sheep was just a trick to get people to do math? I just now thought of that. I stopped counting sheep and just tried to go to sleep.

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