Live While We're Young

I am a orphan, I always have been, my mother and father died when I was eleven. I have been living on the streets since then and I am now 18. I just got a letter from my Aunt Rue in england, she says that she is adopting me. I wasn't happy like I should have been. I didn't want her to adopt me, I wanted Heather to adopt me. Well, Aunt Rue has to adopt me, she is a radio interviewer so I guess she gets to meet celebrities or something. Until she brings home a popular boy band.


12. New Phone

Bella's P.O.V.


Ok, I have to say that I was exaggerating before. I'm not going to run away, I have a great life with Aunt Rue so yaaa, I'm good. I just decided that me and Harry would be better off as friends. I sighed an started eating my food. "Finally! I thought you were never going to eat! Get some meat on those skinny-well skinny everything" Aunt Rue commented.

I rolled my eyes. I never had a proper meal, WHAT THE HECK WAS SHE FREAKIN EXPECTING?! Sorry, anger issues. I just quietly ate. I didn't feel like talking. Then Harry came in. "Sorry Bella, I got stuck in the middle of a big crowd" He said while sitting next to me."This is awkward but where were we?" He asked. He started leaning in again.

Heck to the no, he just kissed another girl and he's expecting me to STILL kiss him?! I don't think so..... "Umm, we were nowhere. I would rather just eat" I said while pushing him away. He gave me a confused look. Niall was smiling why eating. What was his problem? Rhg I don't know. I just ignored Harry and kept eating.


"Well that was a nice lunch, lets go to the mall next!" Aunt Rue said while starting up her car. The mall, I've never really been there but what the heck ya know? "Coolo" I replied. I just now realized, the silver clothing worked!!! YUS! I gave Harry a wink. He smiled at me. I was fine with us being just friends, and I think it would be better for his popularity.

When we got to the mall Aunt Rue jumped in her seat. "Ohhh! I can finally by that new nail polish! Peace! Or whatever you kids say these days," She nearly killed herself getting out of the car. She ran to the entrance tripping the whole way in the 100 feet tall high-heels she was wearing. Wow, and I thought Lady Gaga was crazy.

"Come on Bella! I'll take you to Verison to get you a phone! We can text,.." Harry said smiling. I nodded. He took me by the hand and raced me to the entrance. I was giggling the whole way because he was obviously letting me win. He walked me to the store, holding my hand the whole way. He was wearing sunglasses with a hoodie.

He bought them in a store we passed, just incase. He opened the door for me. I walked in. My eyes hooked to the prices as soon as we walked in. "Woah Harry, I can't aford this stuff. I can barley aford the doller general. Lets go to a different store" I said. I turned to the door to walk out but Harry grabbed my arm.

"I'll buy it for you" He said while smiling. "Harry, these phones are expensive. Besides I don't really need a phone anyway, I've lived my whole life without one so far" "No, because when I leave, I want to be able to text you" I smiled. Harry was SO nice! I've never met a more nice person in my life! Well, exept for when he kissed that one chick.

"Thanks, are you sure though?" I asked. He nodded and started leading me over to a rack. He showed me like every single phone in that store. Telling me what it did and everything. I finally chose an iphone."Nice choice" Harry said while taking it. He payed for it and everything. "Here ya go, and just to let you two know I think you make a great couple!"

The lady said. "Um huh?" I managed to get out. "I mean good luck with the relationship!" I looked at her with a puzzled face. SERIOUSLY?! I'ts like once I say I only want him to be my friend, a million people start saying we'll make a good couple. Yay! What luck.... ( hint the sarcasticness ) I rolled my eyes and walked out.

"You ok?" Harry asked once he caught up to me. "Of corse, I feel fine. That lady just reminded me of.......... LADY GAGA! Ya,, thats what she reminds me of" I lied. This is officaily awkward. Then before anything else awkward could happen, everyone ( Exept for Aunt Rue ) ran over to us. The guys were wearing disguses too.

"Hey guys! Oh my god you got an iphone! I'll put in my digits!" Madison said while taking my iphone. I smiled while the guys started putting in their digits. Even Harry put in his. "Thanks guys, I at least can text or call 6 of you" I said while figuring out how to use my new phone. It was smooth in my hands. With me being an orphan, I never got to see one.

Well I saw them, and held them, even made calls when I got sick to the orphanage. I meant that I never had one that I can call my own. It then went black. "Hey! What the heck? Is it broken?" I started bumping it with my my palm. "Love, you just push the button again" Harry said while pushing a button that made the screen come back on.

"Ohhhh, urm, I knew that" I hesitated out. I felt like a freakin idiot. At least I had backup. But hey haven't you ever gotten a new phone and had no clue what to do with it? Hmmm, I didn't think so. But still!

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