Live While We're Young

I am a orphan, I always have been, my mother and father died when I was eleven. I have been living on the streets since then and I am now 18. I just got a letter from my Aunt Rue in england, she says that she is adopting me. I wasn't happy like I should have been. I didn't want her to adopt me, I wanted Heather to adopt me. Well, Aunt Rue has to adopt me, she is a radio interviewer so I guess she gets to meet celebrities or something. Until she brings home a popular boy band.


13. Being Crazy At The Mall

Bella's P.O.V.


Everyone was still helping me out with my new phone. To be honest, I was kinda embarrrassed. They all looked like they knew exactly how to use it, and I looked like a lost puppy. I was nodding my had at something Madison was telling me when Aunt Rue walked over. She was covered in scratches and her dress was torn into shreads.

I held my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. Madison nudged me. I guess I didn't hide my laugh to good? Aunt Rue shot me a dirty look. I didn't know what to do at this point, so I did what Uncle Joey would have done. I stood straight and shot her a salute. Uncle Joey is in the army, and from what my dad told me, he always saluted everyone.

Aunt Rue now looked confused. So did Harry and everyone else. They were all staring at me like I was nuts. I put down my salute and turned around, hoping they were looking at somebody else.But nope, they were looking at me. I guess Canada is different from England. I turned back around and smiled cheeky. "Wow, Aunt Rue! New style?"

I asked. Everyone mumbled a laugh or tried their best to keep from laughing. Aunt Rue placed her hands on her hips. "Bella, this is no time for your sarcasticness. I just went to my car-" Oh no. This didn't explan the scratches, but it did explain the car part. I'm dead. (Bury me with roses if your reading this and happen to make it to my funeral!)

Aunt Rue snapped her fingers in my face. I got out of my trance and looked at her. I literally had to look straight up, I was only 5'4 and in those heels Aunt Rue was like 6'3. "Bella! Pay attention! I said that I went to the car to make sure I locked it and then a cat attacked me!" I sighed a sigh of relief. But only in my head.

At least she didn't see the scratch. Fhew. Talk about CLOSE. "Jeez, how huge was the cat because you look awful-I mean great!" I shot her a thumbs up. She rolled her eyes. "It was a kitten, about 1 or 2" I laughed out loud. I couldn't help myself. I laughed. "Hahahahaha! A kitten! Ahahahaha! Your joking right?" I pretty much yelled.

It was hilarious. A kitten? Just wow. I was expecting like a 100 pound street cat or something, but a kitten?! I couldn't stop cracking up. Madison nudged and nudged me. I quickly straightened up and put on a serious face. Aunt Rue sighed. "Yes, a kitten. Now come on, my dress is ruined" She started walking towards the exit.

I followed behind, with Harry walking next to me. GRRRRRR!!! Harry is so nice and so cute! But he had to make me get all mad at him. I told my mind to shut up, in my head of corse. Harry is just a friend, not anything else. I kept my cool as I saw Harry reaching for my hand. He grabbed it and started swinging it back and forth like a kid.

I smiled, he was such a kid at heart. He then rapped me in a hug. I smiled a huge grin. He was playing with my hair, messing it up and sending it in all different directions. I laughed. "Hey! Don't tough the doo! This takes me two hours in the morning!" I said sarcasticly. He laughed and looked towards Zayn. "Zayn! Your record had finaly been beat!"

Zayn laughed. "Bella beat me? It is on!" Zayn ran up to me, picked me up, and started running. "Ahhhh! Helpppp!" I screamed playfully. Harry and the boys started chasing me and Zayn. "You'll never catch me coppers!" He yelled. "Your under arrest! Put the girl down or we'll put 'er down for you!" Louis said while making fake gun noises.

"Ahhhgg! I'm being shot at! TAKE COVER!!!" Zayn tucked, and rolled into a hiding position. I was still in his arms, so he pretty much squished me when he rolled. "He found us! Find hiding positions!" Niall screamed while rolling behind a ad for shampoo. People that walked by looked at us if we were crazy or messed up.

I laughed. "Helppp mee! Niall! Pretend I'm Nando's!" Niall leaped from behind the ad. "ZAYN TOOK NANDO'S!!" He leapt for us. I luckly ducked, so Niall pounced on Zayn.Liam and Harry pulled me to safety. "Yer under arrest, put yer hands behind yer back" Louis told Zayn, pretending to hold a gun at him. Zayn put his hands up.

"I surrender! But take Niall instead!" Louis then laughed. "Yer a messed up thing, but Niall, for pouncing on him, yer under arrest too!" Niall and Zayn looked at each other. Then they started to pretend cry. Then they started saying crazy things like, "I'm too young!" "I did it only for Nando's!" "Without air-conditioning, my hair will be a fuzz-ball!"

They were mumbling over each other. Then, Aunt Rue came over, to spoil the fun. "Come on!This isn't battle field!" "I know, but we thought it was more like battle ship" Louis commented. I smiled. Aunt Rue rolled her eyes and walked off. "Jeez, I'm hungry. Who wants Nando's?" Niall asked rubbing his stomach. I laughed.

"Sure Nial.....Sure"

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