Live While We're Young

I am a orphan, I always have been, my mother and father died when I was eleven. I have been living on the streets since then and I am now 18. I just got a letter from my Aunt Rue in england, she says that she is adopting me. I wasn't happy like I should have been. I didn't want her to adopt me, I wanted Heather to adopt me. Well, Aunt Rue has to adopt me, she is a radio interviewer so I guess she gets to meet celebrities or something. Until she brings home a popular boy band.


1. About Me

Bella's P.O.V.


I was an orphan, I always have been since I was 11. My parents died in a car crash. I missed them so much. I lived on the streets because I had no one to go to. I didn't have a cellphone, all I had was a toothbrush, clothes, and a pair of shoes. My black hair was straight, and I just had normal blue eyes. To be honest nothing was really,, speical about me.

I was just a normal girl, only I lived on the streets. I was able to go to school but all that did was give me books and a pencil, not much for an orphan. I mean if you were an orphan, who was only getting fed school lunch and had nothing to eat in the summer, you'd want more than just books and a pencil right? I thought so.

My teachers helped me, in middle school some of the teachers even let me stay with them. But then I got to high school and the teachers weren't so nice. I always tried to remember my past, all I could remember were my mom and dad. I wasn't going to commit suicide, I would NEVER do that. ( in real life and the movella )

So I just decided to live on my own, you kinda get use to it really. Some people would give me blankets and ect, but,, it still never felt like anyone was helping me. I only had a few family members, Uncle Joey, but he lives in canada and I live in the streets of Tennesse so what are the chances of that right? Then there was Aunt Rue, now she lives in England.

I had others but my mom and dad used to work so much they never had the time to let me meet them. I didn't think I was any type of culture really, unless American counts. Other then that I'm just any girl you would walk past any day. I didn't have any friends, I wasn't the best at mingling. I normally just did my studies, it never came to me that I really needed one.

Now that,, was a HUGE lie. I would die to have a friend! I tried mingling but in the end, she was covered in cheese. Ya,, let's just say that mixing middle schoolers with a cheese fountain, is a BIG MISTAKE. So after that the poor girl was always asked this question, " hey you got any cheese? " Whenever anyone said that everyone in the room would burst out laughing.

I always felt so bad for her, so whenever I would pass her she would give me a glare saying, you better keep an eye open tonight. So that always freaked me out. I was really skinny, since I only had school lunch. I mean I was 18 and I only weighed 110 pounds! I bet any 18 year old would at least be 124 or 136, depending if it was a boy or girl.

Also wich dropped my spirits is you never hear a guy saying " hey I want a really skinny girlfriend who lives on the streets! " I mean have you ever heard a guy say that? I didn't think so. What I'm trying to say is that NO ONE EVER ASKED ME OUT! Not even to prom! They always went for the cheerleaders, someone who had a litle bit of meat, or someone who weighed a normal weight

So I'm stuck being single why everyone has a boyfriend and a house. I have to say I think I was at least 23% of pretty. But also 99% of skinny. I wasn't so skinny to where you could see bone, that would be disgusting! I was just skinny you know? I wasn't a fan of any celebrities, they always seemed that they would never be, nice.

I mean a lot of celebrities get divorced, go on drugs, cheat, ect. So I wasn't a big fan of them. To me they were just people who only cared about money. They are also bad romodels if they do all the things I just listed. I don't think there is anything else about me really, I think I listed everything. So since you know me know, pay attention.

Because reader, I am telling you of how that all changed.


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