Blame September (One Direction)

Blame September Trailer:

Carter’s face remained serious. “You’d be surprise what makes different guys want to hurt a girl.” He said. “Just remember what I said.” Carter threatened once more before pushing past Harry and driving away.

Harry stood for a moment stunned at Carter’s threat. He wondered what Lili’s last boyfriend did to her. If it’s as bad as Carter says, he might even want to find the guy himself and do a little damage. He then walked up the stone porch and rang the doorbell. It was Lili’s mother who answered the door...
Lili, & her two best friends are ready for summer. But what happens when their no-drama summer, collides with the hectic world of 1D and love sparks between Lili & one of the boys? OR when a secret relationship springs up between another two. What about when a secret to protect the ones they love could possibly be the end of


6. Chapter Six: Crazy For You


Found myself today,

Singing out loud your name.

You say I'm crazy, well if I am, I'm

Crazy For You.


A peaceful humming rang throughout the living room. Niall was relaxing on the couch in his tan pants and green zip up hoodie, feet propped up on the glass coffee table, strumming his favorite acoustic guitar. Even on vacation he is thinking up lyrics and melodies for new songs to put on the new album.

Niall’s Outfit:

“You just come up with that now?” Zayn asked, joining Niall in the living room.

“Just something I’ve been working on; haven’t found the right inspiration for the lyrics yet though.”

“Well, I’m sure they’ll come; we’ve still got the rest of the summer.” Zayn said with a wink. “Well, sort of. Two months left at least…can you believe its July first already?!”

“Well, time flies when you’re making great memories. Probably owe Lili and Char for that. You know, I think I really like having American friends.” Niall laughed. “Sure makes it easier to find stuff to do over here.”

“I hear that.” Zayn laughed as well. “Speaking of them, we should probably get on our way!”

            It has been a week since any of the boys, besides Harry, has seen Lili; she’s been sick with the same stomach flu this entire time. Niall was filled with a rush of excitement as he climbed into the passenger seat of Zayn’s black Mercedes. He and Lili have been exchanging fun and friendly texts and he likes having a friend that’s a girl. He has never had a best girl friend and, being around the boys for so long, he likes having a girl to go to if the he ever needs anything that the lads can’t help him with. He can see himself having a long lasting friendship with Lili even after he goes back to his own country.

            All of the boys are really starting to take a liking to having American friends. The states are much different from their homes back in London, and being away for an entire summer, it’s easy for them to get homesick (which they do get, a lot.).  However, finally meeting new people to show them all the sights and fun stuff to do, they grow more and more accustomed every day, and they love spending time with Lili and Char.

            Back at Lili’s house, Char and her were getting ready for a day at the amusement park. Char has been over throughout the week to keep Lili company, even blowing off Louis multiple times to do so, but finally she was capable of going out and they were full of energy. Music blasted on speakers scattered around the house, and as the girls waited for their ride they danced around on tables and chairs, singing at the top of their lungs, and when Zayn honked he horn outside they couldn’t even hear it.

Lili’s Outfit:

Char’s Outfit:

“Shall we go get them?” Niall said slyly. Zayn nodded his head and they walked up to Lili’s front door. They could hear the music from outside and decided they probably wouldn’t even hear them knocking, so they walked inside. The two of them walked through the foyer and into the family room where they saw the girls acting in their ridiculous ways. Niall stood with his hands in his pocket with a grin creeping on his face while Zayn leaned sideways against the wall, with his eyebrows cocked and an open grin crawling on his lips. They waited for one of the girls to notice they were standing there waiting for them.

            Char and Lili were spinning in circles and waving their arms around having not a care in the world; until Lili stopped dead in her tracks and saw Niall and Zayn giggling and watching them with smirks on their faces. Her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment.

“Aw! Why’d you stop?!” Niall pouted; laughing shortly after.

Lili threw a pillow from off the couch at him and replied, “This show isn’t free.” She smirked.

“So exactly how long were you guys standing there?” Char questioned.

“Oh, long enough.” cooed Zayn. Char let out a groan and they’ll laugh it off, heading out the door and piling into Zayn’s car.

“You know, I’d love to know how you guys afford such sick cars!” Char exclaimed. “Oh wait…” Char trailed off remembering 1D. It wasn’t a surprise though that them being in One Direction had slipped her mind. The boys rarely talk about it, mostly because Lili still doesn’t know, but also because they don’t all they see are normal teenage boys who are a little more mature than some of the guys they know but at the same time, complete kids sometimes. Especially when they have their Nerf gun wars. At least they know how to have fun on rainy days; Char always thought to herself.

Zayn sent Char a wink through the rearview mirror and Lili looked back and forth between the both of them. “Wait, am I missing something?” She questioned.

“No, of course not!” Niall said sarcastically. The three laughed and Lili just rolled her eyes; she refused to let whatever they were keeping from her bother her and give them satisfaction so she stopped asking and just stared out the window for the rest of the ride. The others sighed in disappointment.


            Walking into Six Flags California, screams roared from the flying roller coasters and the smell of sweat mixed with hot pretzels lingered its way up to the teenagers’ noses. Adventurous music blared form hidden speakers in the grass as the four of them bought their passes and rushed inside with excitement.

“So what do you guys want to ride first?!” Niall urged.

“Whoa, easy there lad.” Zayn chuckled. “First, I would like to know how Char over here can ride anything with a dress on.”

“Um, first off, mister fashion sense, it’s a romper.” Char cracked. “And second, I don’t do rides; I just come to walk around. You guys should know this from the carnival.” Char shook her head sarcastically.

“Oh well excuse me! Didn’t mean to offend you, love.” Zayn pretended to be sympathetic. Char slapped him on his shoulder and Zayn just let out a laugh.

“Oh, don’t try to be tough Zayn we all know you’re scared of roller coasters too!” Niall teased.

“Not true! I ride some of the smaller ones…” Zayn trailed off.

“Wow, so we just brought to wimps with us to a theme park. Way to go us.” Lili laughed, shaking her head in disappointment.

“Oh well, they could always just hold our stuff while we ride!” Niall said.

“Alright, alright fine, what do you two want to go ride then?” Char questioned.

“I’ve got the perfect one! Let’s ride Tatsu!” Lili jumped with joy. “It’s one of the fastest in the park, great starter coaster.” Lili winked.

“Alright les do it!” Niall agreed.

            The group headed towards Tatsu and when they reached it, stood before them was an enormous coaster, soaring stories above the ground and racing at speeds unimaginably safe for anybody.

“LET’S GO!” Niall and Lili screamed to each other before racing ahead into the queue line.

Zayn and Char stood by each other as they watched their friends run and disappear into the crowd.

“And then there were two.” Zayn laughed. “So tell me Char, how is it that someone as gorgeous as you, doesn’t have a boyfriend?” Zayn asked.

“Mr. Malik, are you trying to pull something?” Char questioned with a sly look, letting out a giggle.

“No! Of course not, I’m just curious! If we’re all going to be friends may as well get to know each other more!” He laughed.

“Well, see...”Char stuggled for words. “There is a guy, things are just complicated right now.”

“AND WHY HAVEN’T WE MET HIM!” he shot back in protest.

“Hey, hey c’mon now.”Char smiled. “No need to get protective, I promise you guys will definitely like him. What about you? A sexy British man with great hair and can sing doesn’t have a girlfriend? Now that’s whack.”

“Whack?” Zayn said confused.

“Strange.” Char laughed at how he didn’t understand American slang.

“Oh, right.” Zayn nodded his head. “Well I don’t know, I guess I haven’t really been interested in anyone.”

“I think you’re scared.”

“I am not! What makes you say that?”

“Well, you don’t seem to be the type to open up to people, and it took forever to get a few words out of you once we became friends, so I assume you are shy. I also think you’re afraid to trust people, so that is why you don’t have a girlfriend. I mean it’s obviously not like girls don’t want you so it has to be something else.” Char simply stated.

“Wow, you’ve got a knack for seeing right through people, you know that?” He smiled.

“So I’m right?” Char wriggled her eyebrows.

“Well, a little.”

“Well don’t be afraid. Look, you see that chick over there?” Char asked, pointing to short brunette with an athletic build wearing jean shorts and a polka dot blouse. “Go up to her and strike a conversation.”

“I can’t do that!” Zayn protested.

“Why?” Char questioned.

“Well…Because...You know…”Zayn stuttered.

“Twenty bucks says you’re a chicken.”

“Fine! I’ll do it!” Zayn said as he walked away with a smirk on his face. Char watched as he approached the teenager. She laughed as the girl squealed when she realized who he was. Finally, once the girl calmed down, Char’s face grew an expression of satisfaction when she saw Zayn talking it up with this stranger and looking like he was having a good time talking to her.

Meanwhile on Tatsu, Niall and Lili waited for front row.

“I’m so excited!” Niall shouted.

“You’re not scared?”

“No way! You?”

“Nah, I love the adrenaline rush it gives me.” Lili said with a wink. Niall laughed. “So how come Harry didn’t come?” Lili asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry; I didn’t realize I wasn’t good enough!” Niall pursed out his bottom lip and pouted.

“No Nialler! You know I love you too! No one else was able to make me laugh just through texting while I was sick!”

“That’s true. I am funnier than the rest of the boys.” He smirked, cocking an eyebrow. “And since you cheered me up, I guess I’ll tell you where Harry is; even though I don’t understand why you can’t just text him yourself. Lazy ass.” Niall mumbled, rolling his eyes.

“Hey! I heard that!” Lili screamed, nudging Niall in his arm.

Niall chuckled. “Alright, alright. He and Louis decided to have a bro’s day and that’s all they said before rushing out the door this morning.” Niall stated. “I just hope they stay out of trouble! You know those two, when they’re together, all hell breaks loose!”








“Wait what? No, you’re supposed to say polo!” Louis yelled in the store.

“I got confused for a second!” Harry yelled back from his hiding spot in the store. “Besides, I’m pretty sure this isn’t even how we play hide n’ go freeze tag.”

“What? No you daft! We’re playing Marco-Polo!” Louis screamed, running around aimlessly to find Harry.

Harry stood up from underneath a clothes rack and said, “Well this is too confusing, I give up, and I win!”

“I found you!” Louis shouted.

“No, I gave myself up.”

“So then why do you win? I should win by default.”

“Because, I dressed better today.” Harry smirked, earning himself a slap in the back of his head.

Harry’s Outfit:

Louis’ Outfit:

“Oh well, we should go get some lunch now anyway.” Louis said.

“In and Out Burger?” Harry’s eyes lit up in question.

“Sure, fine.” Louis agreed.

“Yay!” Harry jumped in excitement.

            The two ran out of Hollister Men and into the mall’s food court. They sat down inside the In and Out Burger, a famous food chain restaurant on the West Coast of the States, and a waitress took their orders.

“So Louis, I think it’s time you owned up here.”

“What are you talking about?” Louis eyes narrowed.

“C’mon, do you honestly think you can hide your attraction for Char, from me?” Harry smirked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Louis had a smog expression and his voice went high-pitched.

“Sureeeee!” Harry laughed sarcastically.

“There really isn’t anything between us!”

“Louis, I don’t care, you can just tell me!”

“Harold Edward Styles, you say it again I’ll throw carrots at you!”

“Fine, but even if there isn’t, then I think there should be because you guys definitely have some kind of spark.” He winked.

“Harry, I promise I’d tell you.” Louis said before turning away, not being able to look harry in the eye when saying this.

“Okay, fine I believe you.” Harry said with a smile.

“So, how’s Lili?” asked Louis.

“Well, when I saw her yesterday, she seemed to be doing a lot better. I think she’d be up to hanging out with all of us again tomorrow most likely.”

“So you haven’t talked to her today?”

“No, I was just going to wait for her to text me because I figured she be catching up on sleep today for her last day being sick.”

“But she’s not home today.” Louis said uncertainly. “She, Niall, Zayn, and Char went to Six Flags...”

“What?” Harry asked confused.

“Yeah, Char just texted me saying she scored Zayn a date for tomorrow night. I thought you knew?”

“No. I wonder why she didn’t tell me…” Harry drifted off.

“Look it’s probably nothing; she probably just didn’t want to bother you since you’ve had to take care of her all week.”

“Yeah that’s probably it.” Harry sounded relieved.

“Yeah, nothing to worry about lad, unless Niall tries moving in on her or something that is!” Niall joked, but only seemed to worry Harry. “Relax Haz, Niall said they’d be bringing the girls back to the flat tonight, you can talk to her then. In the mean time here’s our food!” Louis exclaimed. Harry just nodded as he got lost in his thoughts.


            Niall, Zayn, Char, and Lili walked up the stairs to the boys’ flat. Their laughter hummed through the air as they reminisced about their day and struggled to find each step in the darkness. When they finally reached the door, the stepped inside to find Liam stretched across the couch groaning in pain.

“Would you look at this lazy bum! Is this how you spent your entire day, Liam?” Zayn questioned, pretending to sound disappointed.

“No!” Liam argued. “I told you lads I was going to the gym and when I got there, they asked me if I wanted to try a personal trainer. I said yes, and let me tell you, she worked me in ways I will never understand. I think I’m scarred for life!”

“Ooooh, so it’s a “she” is it?” Lili teased. “I see why you agreed now.” They all laughed.

“Hey! What can I say; my muscles have a way of attracting the opposite sex!” He winked.

“Did I say you can a party without me?!” Louis busted through the door yelling.

“Sorry I didn’t realize we had to ask permission.” Char joked.

“Well you do! So now you must come with me so I can punish you!” Louis yelled, grabbing char’s hand and leading her away. As he walked down the hall to his bedroom he screamed back to the others, “I hope you all learned a lesson about talking back to me!” The rest of the group fell on the floor laughing.

            At this point Louis had thrown Char over his shoulder and swung his door open. He put Char down on the edge of his bed and got up to close his door. When he turned around Char was standing right there and she immediately attached her lips to his. After a few seconds of their passionate kiss Louis pulled back and whispered, “you were gone too long when you were taking care of Lili; I’ve missed you.” He smiled, not once breaking his stare on Char’s lips. Char just lifted her finger to his lips before once more meeting her lips with his. Their lips moved in sync with each other; Char traced her fingers along Louis’ torso as he slid his hands under her bum, picking her up in an instant, moving over to the bed where he sat down and placed her one his lap. His hands caressed her back and moved along her curves as she ran her fingers through his soft hair. Their tongues were fighting for dominance but no one was winning.

Several minutes had passed by before Char pulled away. “We better go back out there before they start asking us questions again.” She whispered, letting a smile exit her lips.

“I suppose you’re right.” Louis smiled back, kissing her once more on her neck and on her cheek before letting her leave the room. He watched as her hips swayed from side to side and she ruffled her fingers through her hair; his face lit up in happiness and he finally exited the room and joined the others in the sitting room.

“That was a very short punishment.” Liam wriggled his eyebrows.

“I can be very persuasive.” Char winked.

“Oh I’m sure you can.” Zayn said.

“ZAYN!” Louis yelled. “I totally forgot to ask you, but a little birdie told me that you picked up a lady friend today?”Louis nudged Zayn in the arm.

“A birdie huh?”Zayn smirked. “Does this bird’s name happen to be Char?”

“NO! DON’T YOU REMEMBER KEVIN?” Louis screamed. “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU FORGOT!” He pretended to sob.

“OF COURSE I DIN’T FORGET! We will always remember him. And to clarify what “Kevin” told you, yes, I got s girl’s number today, and she’s coming to dinner tomorrow.” A smile crept across Zayn’s face as red flushed through his cheeks.

“I don’t even want to know about this Kevin thing…” Lili said sarcastically.

“Psh, you wouldn’t get it anyway! Mmmhm.” Niall said in a snobby tone, flicking his wrist and snapping his fingers at the same time, earning a laugh out of everyone in the room.

            Harry finally made his way up stairs and snuck in while everyone was laughing in hysterics. He put a brown bag down on the counter and walked over to Lili, spinning her around to face him and planting a kiss right on her cherry lips.

“Oh well look who decided to join us.” Lili smiled, glancing back and forth from Harry’s eyes to his lips.

“Well maybe I could’ve been here earlier if you texted me and told me you were going to be here.” Harry stated plainly.

“Excuse me?” Lili questioned. “I didn’t text you because I knew you were with Louis and I didn’t want to bother you. All you’ve done is take care of me for a week; I wanted you to have a break.”

“Babe, I don’t ever need a break from you.” He smiled.


“Uhm, couple.” Lili corrected.

“Wait, WHAT?!” the four boys and Char exclaimed in unison.

“Yup, I forgot to mention, I asked Lili to be girlfriend a week ago…” Harry bit his lip, waiting to be yelled at by the boys for not telling them.

“Okay then…”Niall said, “let’s try this again. AWWW AREN’T YOU TWO JUST THE CUTEST COUPLE!” he yelled, as the rest fell on the floor with laughter.

“Oh mates! I almost forgot! I scored some of the good stuff!” Harry jumped up in excitement. He ran over to the counter where he placed the brown bag and pulled out two cases of beer.

“So that’s where you went you sneak!” Louis said. “Sweet!”

“You girls don’t mind do you?” Zayn asked.

“Mind? Noooo, as long as you hand us each one before we take them and run!” Lili placed a hand on her hip and her and Char both held out their hands. Harry smiled and gave them each one.

“Harry, how did you get this?” Liam questioned.

“It wasn’t easy, believe me. You know, that’s the one thing I don’t like about the states we aren’t legal yet! Anyway, I hope you don’t mind Liam?”

“No it’s okay, you lads have your fun.” He laughed.

“Don’t drink Liam?” asked Lili.

“No I can’t, got to keep an eye on my health you know.”

“Well I respect you. Above the influence!” Lili said and they both let out a laugh before she took a swig of her beer.

            It wasn’t long before music was blasting and the group was stumbling around the apartment. The clock read 2:00 am, and two of the boys, Char, and Lili were sitting around the counter in the kitchen. Liam had gone to bed since he wasn’t drinking and wanted to get some rest, Zayn was passed out on the couch, and Niall was asleep on the kitchen floor hugging his guitar. Harry was the first to take a picture and insta-gram it. Louis, Char, Lili, and Harry were talking about pets and it seemed to be Harry and Lili against Louis and Char.

“Absolutely not! There is no way we are getting a cat!” Louis exclaimed.

“But cats are the greatest! C’mon Louis, admit you like the pussy best.” Harry winked.

“Erm, depends on the pussy.” Louis said winking at Char and Lili.

“I don’t believe we’re talking about dogs and cats anymore are we?” Lili laughed.

“Sure we are.” Harry smirked. “But since these two are being stubborn they don’t get to play in the game I just thought of.”

“FINE! We’ll go play our own game and you don’t even get to know what it is!” Louis yelled.

“Well I haven’t told you mine either, so FINE!” Harry argued back.

Louis grabbed Char’s hand and led her away so that Harry and Lili were finally alone.

“So you want to know my game?” Harry said to Lili, pulling her closer to him.

“Yeah, why not?!” Lili answered excitedly, looking into Harry’s eyes as their noses touch.

“I’m a dog, and you’re a cat. Let’s play.” He whispered.

“Meow.” Lili taunted as she seductively pulled away and ran down to Harry’s bedroom.

Harry watched her and his desire for her grew. He replied with a, “Roof” and followed her into his room. He shut the door behind him, turned off the lights and turned to see Lili laid across his bed. He moved toward her slowly and she rose to her knees. He bent down to meet her halfway and their lips attached immediately. He traced her lips with his tongue and she granted him access. He laid her back slowly and her head softly greeted his pillow. She rubbed his back under his shirt and he slipped his fingers under hers. Lili made her way to the edge of his black t-shirt and began pulling it off him, Harry rolled over and Lili moved with him, their lips never breaking apart. She lay on top of him as he slid off her blouse. She began kissing his neck, moving down his torso and finding her way to his pants. Harry let out a slight moan. Lili unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and slid them off. She pressed her body against his and he moved his hands up her torso, under her bra, and began groping her breasts. As Harry did this, Lili had one hand grooming through Harry’s luscious curls and the other sliding down his boxers. She snuck in her fingers and lightly grasped his dick. She slowly traced her hand along, caressing it as she moved her hand up and down, varying her speeds.

“Uhhh.” Harry moaned. “Oh Lili…” He whispered.

“Shh” She smiled. “It’s my turn now.” She bit her lip as he rolled her over, so that she was on her back now.

            Reattaching his lips to hers, he maneuvered his tongue back into her mouth and their lips became in sync once more. They way Harry gently glided his fingers down her stomach made Lili’s heart skip a beat. As Harry reached her shorts, he removed them with ease. He cupped her face in his hands and continued kissing her hard. His heart was racing inside his chest; not a single girl before Lili made him feel this way. Not one person had ever seemed more perfect to him. He has never felt more sparks flying with anyone before. He slipped his hands under her thong, and slid his fingers inside her. Lili groaned as he sucked on her neck. She never felt more comfortable with anyone I her life. As Harry used another finger she groaned deeper. He pulled back and brought his lips back to hers. He gave one last passionate kiss before pulling away and, just like their first kiss; their breath was hot against each other’s cheeks. Lili smiled, and Harry smiled back. Nothing in the world had ever felt so right to either of them than that moment. He rolled over and lay next to Lili. Lili turned to her side, as did Harry, and he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her into his curves. Lili pulled the blankets over them, and they fell asleep, with smiles on their faces and trust in their hearts.

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