Blame September (One Direction)

Blame September Trailer:

Carter’s face remained serious. “You’d be surprise what makes different guys want to hurt a girl.” He said. “Just remember what I said.” Carter threatened once more before pushing past Harry and driving away.

Harry stood for a moment stunned at Carter’s threat. He wondered what Lili’s last boyfriend did to her. If it’s as bad as Carter says, he might even want to find the guy himself and do a little damage. He then walked up the stone porch and rang the doorbell. It was Lili’s mother who answered the door...
Lili, & her two best friends are ready for summer. But what happens when their no-drama summer, collides with the hectic world of 1D and love sparks between Lili & one of the boys? OR when a secret relationship springs up between another two. What about when a secret to protect the ones they love could possibly be the end of


1. Chapter One: Summer Begins

Palm trees sway in the comfortable summer breeze. School had just let out and the former juniors of Presley High, Las Angeles, were enjoying a friendly game of volleyball on the warm sands of Malibu Beach. Lili, and her close friends, Carter Samuels and Charlotte Knight, were laughing and soaking up the bright sun while tossing a volley ball back and forth from one side of the net to the other. Soon to be seniors in their last year of high school, they decided to have nothing but fun and smiles fill their summer days.

“I bet Charlotte and I could whip your butt in just four rounds!” Lili said playfully to Carter.

Carter replied, “You’re on! What does the winner get?”

“The winner gets to decide what we do tonight.” Lili answered him.

“Well, if I win we go to the amusement park tonight.”

“And if we win, you take us shopping tonight!” Charlotte chimed in.

“Deal” All three agreed.

So the game had begun; Lili and Char (Charlotte’s nickname) on one team, against Carter, on the other team. A round flew by and Carter was winning by 3 points, and the next round, by 5. Luckily, the girls began coming back, and by the third round were only down by 2, and finished the final round winning against Carter with a final score of 19-18. The girls jumped up in excitement, they could not wait to go to the mall. Just as they all were about to shake hands and grant each other,

“Good game!” a soccer ball falls practically out of the sky and hits Lili directly on the head. Soon after, a handsome, young boy came jogging in search of his lost ball.

“Ouch!?” Lili said loudly. She seemed annoyed and prepared to yell at the carelessness of another person who lost control of his game.

“I am terribly sorry about that love. The boys and I were about to start leaving right after someone scored a final goal. I guess I was a little too excited and overshot it. Please forgive me?” Lili slowly turned to see who, with such an amazing British accent, was talking to her. She seemed to forget her anger as she twirled her golden blonde hair between her fingers and stared into the deep green eyes of the tall gentlemen.

“Well, you should be sorry.” Lili finally said, “There’s much nicer ways to get a girl’s attention you know. Although, I’m sure just you talking makes them fall for you, doesn’t it?” She told him sarcastically, but also showing her flirty side unintentionally.

“Pardon? It really was an accident, believe me I am sorry. And you’re right; there are better ways to get a girl’s attention. But for some reason, talking to you just now makes me think you wouldn’t fall for any pick-up lines or a cheesy accent like mine.”

“And you’re absolutely right. I’d much rather a guy who shows off his confidence just by simply asking me out.” Lili said, with a slight smirk on her face.

“So hypothetically, if I were to ask you to the carnival I’m attending tonight, without having some excuse to come over here and talk to you first, let’s say a bad kick of a soccer ball, you would say yes?” The boy said, giving a slight wink that sent butterflies through Lili. Lili liked the way this guy could joke around with her.

“Well, hypothetically speaking, of course I would say no, because I don’t date strangers unless they are willing to tell me their name at least.”

“Well then, I’m Harry. Harry Styles. And you?”

“Lili, Lili Anderson. Pleasure meeting you.”

“So now that we are on a first name basis, would you, Lili, like to attend the carnival tonight with my friends and I?” Harry asked through a raspy voice that gave him an even more of an edge, which Lili seemed most interested in.

“Oh Harry,” Lili giggled, “How about I just meet you there.”

“Fine then, but you better come, I’ll be glad to see you.”

“We’ll see.” Lili said teasingly, leaving Harry to feel unsure, but undeniably attracted to someone playing hard to get.

Lili returned to her friends, Charlotte and Carter, and told them mischievously, “Well you guys, it looks like we are going to the Carnival tonight after all.” She smiled. Carter was overjoyed, but Charlotte knew there was some special reason for changing plans. Something that had to do with the gorgeous guy Lili couldn’t help but flirt with a couple of seconds ago.
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