Blame September (One Direction)

Blame September Trailer:

Carter’s face remained serious. “You’d be surprise what makes different guys want to hurt a girl.” He said. “Just remember what I said.” Carter threatened once more before pushing past Harry and driving away.

Harry stood for a moment stunned at Carter’s threat. He wondered what Lili’s last boyfriend did to her. If it’s as bad as Carter says, he might even want to find the guy himself and do a little damage. He then walked up the stone porch and rang the doorbell. It was Lili’s mother who answered the door...
Lili, & her two best friends are ready for summer. But what happens when their no-drama summer, collides with the hectic world of 1D and love sparks between Lili & one of the boys? OR when a secret relationship springs up between another two. What about when a secret to protect the ones they love could possibly be the end of


4. Chapter Four: Bowling Anyone?


The buzzing of her phone woke Lili up in the morning:

Way to forget about me you fucker. -_-

The message was from Carter, and she shook her head at his sarcastic text, but she knew he was joking and texted him back saying sorry for not telling him all day yesterday that they weren’t able to chill with him and completely blowing him off. She decided she would make it up by going to the movies with him today.

            It was cloudy outside Lili’s window and the sun had only peeked through a few times. An afternoon spent indoors at a movie theater wouldn’t be the worst idea today, she figured. Lili thought about last night. The way he grabbed her, caressed her; the warmth of his lips and the softness of his hair. Harry was imprinted on Lili’s mind; he was all she was thinking about. She wanted to text him, right now, send him a flirty good morning text, but she decided not to seem too eager.

            When she looked at the time on her phone it was about 10:00 am. She noticed she had other unread text messages.

Omfg bro…we neeeeeeeeeeed to chill tomorrow. I’ve got stuff to tell you!(;

            Charlotte always had stuff to tell Lili, so she just rolled her eyes at the text and didn’t respond. Lili was still kind of mad that Char and Louis had left them to walk home, but on the other hand she does have to thank Charlotte for giving her the opportunity to be alone with Harry. Besides, she doesn’t want to invite Charlotte to the movies with Carter and herself because then she’d be talking all through it.

            Lili walked over to her bathroom and took a quick ten minute shower. She got dressed in some denim jeans and a red knitted sweater. She hates being cold in the movie theater. While fixing her hair in the mirror, her phone rang, and Charlotte’s name appeared on the screen.


“HEY! Broskie, you never answered my text message. Way to ignore me.” Charlotte sounded annoyed.

“Whoa man, calm yourself.” Lili answered. ‘I just woke up…”

“Yeah but I texted that last night.”

“Well I fell asleep before I got it.”

“Okay, whatever. Anyway, I got to tell you what happened last night when we left you guys!” Charlotte sounded very excited to tell Lili about her fling with Louis.

“Yeah, thanks a lot by the way for never coming back. I know you guys were trying to get us alone together, but really? Making us walk?”

“We thought it’d be romantic!” Charlotte giggled.

“Well you’re lucky…” Lili started to smile. “Because the walk was definitely worth it.” Lili heard Charlotte squeal on the other end of the line.

“Oooo! I can already tell guys got it in!” Charlotte laughed heavily and Lili’s mouth fell, the corners of her mouth turning up slightly into a smirk.

“Nooooo, we just hooked up, but it was pretty good, I’ll admit.” Lili said.

“Oh, I see, so you really are starting to like him. Anyway, are we hanging out today or what?”

“I can’t, I promised my mom I’d spend the day shopping with her…” Lili lied.

“Ugh, you suck; I guess I’ll just have to tell you my amazing news tonight. Oh by the way, I just invited myself to sleep over.”

Lili laughed, but agreed and hung up the phone. She headed downstairs and found her mother standing at the counter making two cups of her favorite coffee for the two of them.

“Good morning, Lilian.” Her mother smiled at her and handed her a cup of coffee. “I thought you could use a wake-me-up.”

“Thanks mamacita. This is exactly what I need.” Lili laughed. She was tired from her late night and her mind was exhausted from jumbling thoughts about Harry.

“So why are you so tired? Hmm? You never told me anything that happened with that new boy missy” Lili’s mother tried to get out details from Lili. Lili and her mother normally talked about everything from both their lives. Socially, her mother couldn’t be any more of a teenager then her own teenage daughter.

“Well, he’s very charming. I know this is corny, but there’s something unique about him. Different; I just can’t place my finger on it. Anyway, he has gorgeous eyes and the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I couldn’t get a more perfect guy of my type if I handpicked his qualities myself. And did I mention he’s British?! Mom, seriously, our date last night was so incredible and it’s like I need to see him! Bu I would never let him know that I felt this way about him, in such a short amount of time. I’m still playing a little hard to get.” Lili said to her mother winking.

“Wow.”Lili’s mother stared in awe. “You’ve really got a thing for this British hottie.” Her mom laughed. “Just be careful darling, I don’t want you to get hurt.” Lili’s mom said, her motherly instincts kicking in.

“I know, I know. Don’t worry; I’m not going to take things fast with this guy at all. I don’t know him too well, and he did say he trusted me, but I don’t know if I could trust him yet…” Lili’s voice softened. “It’s hard for me to trust people easily anymore…you know…” She glanced at her mother’s gentle face. Her mother’s eyes stressed for her to stop talking because she knew Lili got upset every time they brought up her ex.

            Lili’s mother knew how he cheated on her, and won her back; but then Lili walked in on him cheating again with two other girls at the same time. Lili’s been hard at giving away her trust and love so easily since that day. It took her way too many moths to finally move past the incident, and her strong feelings for him. When Lili falls, she falls hard.

“Uh…” Lili coughed and cleared throat. “Anyway, I’m going to the movies with Carter today, just thought I’d let you know.”

“Good! I thought once you started with another boy you might’ve forgotten your best guy friend in the whole world…” Lili’s mother laughed.

“Please,” Lili rolled her eyes. “I could never forget him, we’re too close, and I know he’d never forgive me!” She laughed.

“Yeah, yeah. Oh, I got you some shoes when I went shopping yesterday. They’re in the car, mind running out and getting them?”

“I guess I could help out my lazy mother.” Lili teased. She took her mother’s car keys and headed towards the front door. As she swung open the door and stepped outside she bumped into a familiar stranger.

“Easy there.” Harry laughed. “Why is it when we greet each other it’s always you tripping or getting hurt?”

“Well I’m sorry. I wasn’t expecting someone to be waiting outside my front door.” Lili smirked. “But I’ll admit, it’s a pretty pleasant surprise.” She bit her lip.

“What can I say, it was 11:30 and a certain someone hadn’t called me yet like she said she would, and I couldn’t resist the urge.” Harry whispered, stroking Lili’s cheeks. He moved in kissing her lips softly, then pulled away and smiled.

“You know just how to make girls fall for you don’t you” Lili said quietly, letting out a small giggle.

“No, but I know when I fancy someone I’ll do anything to get them to feel the same way.” Harry cocked his head towards her. It took Lili a moment to realize he had just said he really likes her, and grin crept across her face.

“Well Mr. Styles, I can tell you the things you do definitely work.”

“That’s a relief to hear. So love, how about a more fun date tonight, say…bowling?”

“I really wish I could, but you remember my good friend Carter right? Well he already invited me to the movies and I told him I would.”

“Aw c’mon,” Harry said, tugging at the sleeves of her sweater playfully, “you know bowling is a much better waste of time rather a stuffy movie theater.” He teased. Lili sighed. She didn’t like blowing off Carter so much, but she couldn’t resist Harry’s offer. She really wanted things with him to go somewhere.

“Fine. I guess I’ll go to the movies another time when you don’t decide to creep outside my house all morning.” Lili said.

“There is always fun in surprises!” Harry winked. “Besides, if I wasn’t here to persuade you, then who’s to say you would’ve said yes?! You probably would’ve said no and kept your plans to go to the movies with that tosser of yours!”

“Uhm, tosser?” Lili asked confused.

“Sorry” Harry laughed. “I guess in America you’d say loser, is that right?”

Lili dropped her jaw. “Carter is like a brother to me! He’s one of my best friends and he’s gone through so much with me! He is the farthest thing from a loser!” Lili flustered.

“Whoa, easy there love. I didn’t mean it like that; it’s just a natural thing for everyone to talk a little smack about their competition.” Harry tried to make it better.

“Competition?” Lili asked.

“Well yeah.” Harry stuttered. “It seems he has already won your trust and care, it’s clear there’s something going on. Even if neither of you know it.”

“It’s not like that, Harry. He just helped me out of a really bad time and Carter, Char, and I all get along really well. That’s all it is. I promise.” Lili said. “I didn’t realize you get so jealous. Not something I expected from a hot-shot like you” Lili teased.

“Well now you know my weakness.” Harry laughed. “Anyway, I promised Lou I’d be back in time for lunch so mind if I come and get you by five?”

“I guess that can work” Lili said and returned inside her house. She leaned her back against the door and looked out the window next to her. She saw Harry waving goodbye. She shook her head smiling, and turned to see her mother standing in front of Lili, her arms crossed in front of her chest and a grin on her face.

“Did you happen to get the shoes from my car in the midst of all that flirting?” her mother cracked before turning and heading back into the kitchen. Lili blushed from embarrassment.

            Lili quickly realized that she had to cancel with Carter and took out her phone. It was within seconds he texted her back:

Really? Blowing me off again Lilian? I didn’t realize dating some new stranger means more than our friendship, but oh well.

            Lili sighed. She knew that Carter was getting really upset with her but at this point she could only think about tonight, so she sent a quick “sorry” text and put her phone away.


            Carter got Lili’s apology text message and shook his head. He glanced around his kitchen and felt the emptiness. He wanted to be mad. He wanted there to be anger raging up inside him from being neglected by his ‘so-called’ best friends, but he couldn’t. He hates fighting with them, especially Lili. Besides, now that she’s starting something with this new ‘boy toy’ of hers (as Carter likes to refer to him as) he wants her in his life more than ever. He won’t let her get hurt again, he cares way too much about her, and he’s going to fight for her…that is when he gets the nerve to tell her how he really feels.

            Carter sighed and walked up the stairs to his bedroom. He closed the door behind him, kicked off his grey Supras, and fell back onto his king sized bed. He sighed and stared at the ceiling, a million thoughts racing through his head.

            I wonder if she knows. I want to tell her that I have feelings for her, but what if she rejects me?! What if it ruins our friendship…I would want to stay friends with her more than anything. Gah! But I can’t keep thinking what if. Lili just means so much to me. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO! She’s already falling for someone else. I’m running out of time. I need to tell her soon. I just need the perfect time…

            Carter’s mind was all over the place. He was indecisive, but he knew it was time to tell Lili. Before his mind began to think again and try to change his decision, Carter fell into a comfortable sleep; a well-needed nap.


            A car horn honked outside and Lili shot up off the couch like a bottle rocket. It was already 6:00 pm and Harry was waiting for her in the driveway.

“Mom! Harry is here, I’m leaving now!” Lili called to her mom.

“Alright honey, have fun!” Lili’s mother answered but Lili was already closing her front door behind her.

            Lili caught a wave from Harry and smiled. Her expression quickly changed to confusion when she saw Harry get out of the car. She walked towards him and he led her to the passenger side, opening the door for her before walking back to the driver’s side. The little things Harry does proving to Lili that he is a gentleman makes her fall even harder for him.

“Hey, babe. Long time no see.” Harry smiled, before leaning over and placing a warm kiss upon Lili’s cheek.

“Hi Lili!” Niall shouted from the back seat. Lili hadn’t even noticed he was in the car and felt embarrassed for not recognizing him sooner.

“Oh, hello Niall! I’m sorry I didn’t even see you back there.” Lili let out a giggle.

“I hope you don’t mind, I told Niall he could join us for our date.”

“Of course not!” Lili reassured Harry. “How’ve you been Niall, I haven’t seen you since the carnival!”

“Well you know, I’ve been good. I’m kind of hungry at the moment but other than that I’m good!” Niall joked.

“Oh Niall, always wanting food. I think we need to do an intervention.” Harry cracked, looking in the rearview mirror to watch Niall’s expression.

“No no,I believe I’m alright. I can stop whenever I want!” Niall said, being sarcastic.

“First sign of having a problem is denial!” Harry said, and the three began laughing.

“You guys are soooo nice to each other.” Lili said sarcastically.

“OH c’mon, everyone makes fun of their best friends! You Char probably call each other the worst names in the book, don’t you?” Harry cocked one eyebrow, flashing his stunning grin.

“Yeaaaaah, that is true.” Lili laughed, trying to make it less obvious that Harry was completely right. Lili and Char busted each other’s chops constantly, but that as their favorite part of their friendship.

“Speaking of Char, Louis just texted me saying he wanted to meet us at the bowling alley, so I guess it went from just us to a group of five.” Harry laughed.

“Wait…five?” Lili asked, confused. She was okay that Harry wanted to have some fun with his friends, but who is Louis with?

“Yeah, Louis and Char? They were hanging out today so I’m just figuring they’re still together.”

“Louis and Char? Since when did they become good friends?” Lili smirked. “Am I missing something going on between them?”

“OH! NO!” Harry began laughing. “No, no, no. I guess they just really hit it off the other night when they left us, but not like that. Louis always said he doesn’t like to date younger than 18. Poor Char, just misses it.” Harry teased.

“Oh, alright. I was about to say, I’m pretty sure Char would’ve told me. I’d be pretty pissed if she didn’t trust me enough to tell me that.” She giggled then turned to look out the window. Turns out time flies when you’re gossiping and Lili let out a small giggle to herself; they were already at the bowling alley.


            Lights flashed around the bowling alley; keeping a steady beat with the music. Skrillex blasted and Harry was yelling to the short, stocky guy behind the counter to get a lane and their shoes. As they carried their things to their lane they were greeted by Char and Louis.

“Well, look who it is.” Char raised her eyebrows towards Lili. “I thought you were supposed to be with your mom today?” She questioned.

“Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, about that…” Lili scratched her head and laughed. “I was actually going to the movies with Carter, but I didn’t want you telling me whatever it was that was so important that you had to tell me during the movie, so I lied. But then Harry showed up and convinced me that bowling would be better, and then I was told you two were coming with us sooooooooo yeah, sorry about that.”

“I guess I can accept that excuse, considering I still want to sleep over tonight so I can tell you some very interesting news.” Charlotte told Lili. She smiled, sending a wink towards Louis. Louis’ face grew confused as the black lights that lit up his white and blue striped shirt lit up his worried face. He swiftly turned his head to face Harry.

“Hazza! Finally, you guys made it.” He was quick to change the subject. He ran into Harry, nearly knocking him over, and gave a great, big, bear hug. Harry returned the hug and they both let out a laugh.

“C’mon Lou, it’s only been a few hours since I saw you.” Harry laughed.

“I know, but I had to make sure it was you since you’re practically invisible with your black V-neck on. If you gave me a hug back then I knew it was you!” Louis smiled.

“Well…who else would it be…” Harry stated sarcastically and laughed.

“You know, every other guy in the world who wishes they were you so they can get a million girls fawning over them.” Louis cracked. Harry shot him a stern look warning him to stop with the Boy Band references.

“Millions of girls?” Lili questioned Harry. “Is that like, an inside joke or do you just get with a lot of girls?” Lili asked. Harry could sense a hint of hurt in her tone.

“No! That’s not it at all. Louis just likes to joke about my looks. He thinks that I look good. Then again, everyone else says it’s just my curls.” Harry joked, trying to lighten the mood and erase Lili’s suspicions.

“IT’S TRUE!” Louis yelled. “Let me reassure you, Lil’ster. Like that? I just came up with it.” Louis smirked. “Harry’s curls are a girl magnet, but he doesn’t get with all of them. Believe me; I’ve even tried, but it looks like I lost to you.” He said shaking his head in disappointment. Everyone chimed in with a laugh and the mood became cheery once again. “NIALL! Hey lad, I didn’t recognize you without a bag of chips in your hands.” Louis said. “Why are you being so quiet?”

“Please Louis. I am never quiet. I am simply preoccupied. Some of us want to bowl while we make small talk, so one of us has to set up our names on the screen.” Niall squinted at Louis, gesturing towards the bowing screen. “But now that you mention it…I am hungry. We should go get some food from the bar!”

“Yeah, I could eat as well. C’mon Niall, you, Lili, and I will go get the food. Knowing you we’re going to need three set of hands to carry it all back.” Harry said.

“Hey! What can I say; I’m the amazing human vacuum! Eating is my special talent.” Niall let out a massive grin.

“I’m pretty sure we all know that by now, Niall.” Harry said. “Now let’s go get the food. Char, you’re up first so you might as well start.”

“Okie dokie!” Charlotte called back to them. She stood up and was starting towards the bowling balls when she was pulled back down into her seat. “Whoa there.”She glared at Louis.

“Sorry for yanking you. But when you winked at me before what were you getting at?”

“Oh! You know.” Charlotte laughed, playfully hitting Louis’ shoulder. “I have something important to tell Lili…I winked at you…” Her eyes and grin grew wide as she dropped clues.

“Char.” Louis’ voice was stern and he looked eyes with Charlotte. “I know what we’ve got is exciting and all and I love it, but like I said, the only way it’ll work right now is if it’s a secret. That includes not even telling Lili.”

“You want me to lie to my best friend? Louis, I understand the circumstances of our relationship, but Lili’s cool, she won’t tell anyone. I would be the only person she ever told anything to and in this case the news is about me so I’m pretty sure we’re safe.”

“It’s not lying; more like hiding. If you never say anything and she doesn’t ask then you aren’t lying about anything are you.” He cocked an eyebrow.

“If she found out I kept this from her she would freak out.” Charlotte looked down and began shaking her head. She started to get worried about her friendship with Lili and her words began to pick up speed. “I’d be breaking our trust with each other. She would be devastated. What if she hates me for this?” Charlotte shot her eyes up at Louis. “C’mon Lou you can’t really expect me to hide this. It’s like you hiding this from Harry, who’s just like your brother.”

            Just then Louis cupped Charlotte’s face in his hands and forcefully pulled her into his lips. He kissed her passionately for a brief moment before pulling away so they didn’t get caught. His breath was heavy. Louis grabbed Charlotte’s hands and held them tight.

“You worry too much, you know that?” He tilted his head letting out a small giggle. “I haven’t even told Harry. Harry and I have a friendship like none other, but I still don’t think what we have is anywhere near the point where we need to let anybody know. I promise with some time we can tell our best friends. It can be only them who know and they can’t know yet, but eventually we will tell them. But if we want this to work Char, we need to keep quiet and careful. Besides, we decided that a secret, forbidden relationship can be lots of fun, remember?” Louis smiled.

Charlotte hesitated before answering. “Yeah, I remember that. Right after we had our first kiss. I guess I can keep this one little thing from Lili. What’s the worst can happen if no one knows?” Charlotte said with a sly grin on her face. She then kissed Louis’ cheek and stood up to take her turn on the lane.

Meanwhile at the bar, Niall, Harry, and Lili were sitting on some bar stools waiting for the chicken wings, hot dogs, and sodas that they ordered.

“This is taking a lot longer than I expected.” Lili sighed.

“Yeah, and actually I have to go to the bathroom so I’m going to run and do that while we wait. I bet I’m back before the food even gets here.” Harry said before walking off to the men’s room.

“So Lili, how’ve you been?” Niall moved over a seat to sit next to Lili.

“Well pretty good actually.” Lili grinned. “I mean it’s the beginning of summer and I’ve already made five new friends,” she gestured towards Niall, “I’ve let pretty loose and already have memories that’ll last me forever.”

“That’s awesome. And I hope you don’t take this the wrong way or anything,” Niall Laughed, “but I’m glad Harry kicked that football at your head, or soccer ball as you would call it, because you and Char seem to fit in pretty well with us.”

“Well thanks. I didn’t realize we we’re being analyzed to be accepted into you’re little group you’ve got going on.” Lili laughed.

“Well I’ll let you know you passed the test!” Niall went along with her joke. They both smiled letting out small giggles.

“I want to ask you something though Niall, and I hope I’m not asking too much, but can you tell me what Louis really meant when he said Harry has millions of girls fawning over him?”

“Look Lili, since I want us to become and stay good friends, I’m going to be honest with you…”Niall hesitated a minute, biting his lip. “Harry…well he is known for, um, you know…. ‘getting around’.” Niall warned Lili. Even though what Louis really meant was that they are in a worldwide sensation boy band and millions of girls want to be with all of them, Niall felt Lili deserved to know to be careful with Harry. “But I have to admit. He does seem to treat you a lot differently than any other girl I’ve seen him with. To tell you the truth, he hasn’t stopped talking about you.” Niall smiled.

“Thanks for telling me this Niall. I promise I won’t tell anyone that you told me this.” Lili returned the smile.

“Anytime.” He said.

“Anytime what? Are we already making plans for another day?” Harry interrupted, flashing his pearly whites.

“Oh, um, yeah that’s what we were doing.” Lili said, covering up what they were really talking about. “Niall you better put your number in my phone so I can text you about our plans for next time, unlike this one who forgot to give me his number so we could hang out again.” She said, pointing her thumbs up at Harry who was standing between their stools with his hands on the back of their chairs. Lili slid her phone to Niall who added himself to her contacts and sent himself a text so he could put her number in his phone.

“Hey Niall, you better not be trying to steal my girl from me now.” Harry wagged his finger at Niall jokingly. Lili liked the way “my girl” rolled off Harry’s tongue. She like that he called her, his.

“Nah lad, just friends for us, I’ll leave snogging this one to you, Harry.” Niall winked and they all laughed. Lili blushed, feeling a bit embarrassed. Then, right at that moment, Harry’s worst fear came true. A little girl around the age of ten was rushing towards them. She had a camera in one hand, and a pen and paper in the other.

“Oh my gosh! You guys are-” the little girl started to blurt out.

“The best bowlers to ever come to this alley! Yes, that is us!” Harry quickly cut her off. Lili’s eyes were squinted.

“No! Are you crazy?! You guys are from-” Again Harry cut the little girl off.

“Yes! I am crazy, now I assume you want a picture and an autograph from the best bowlers ever so here.” Harry grabbed the little girl and rested her on his hip. He pulled Niall in for the picture and he snapped it with the girl’s camera. He then took the pen from her and they both wrote a personalized message to the little girl and signed their names.

“Oh my…you picked me up…I got a picture…I have your autograph…” the girl began to freak out.

“Yes I know bowling is exciting now run along! Wouldn’t want your mum worrying where you are, would you?” Harry turned the little girl around and nudged her towards the opposite direction.

“What was that all about?” Lili questioned, her toned sounded confused and annoyed. “Call me crazy, but something tells me you aren’t the best bowlers to come through here…”

“Well maybe she saw us off Youtube. Harry and I made a couple covers you know.” Niall said trying to create a more believable story. Harry’s eyes grew wide worry that if she searched for them their secret would be out. Niall shook his head back at him stressing he had no other choice. At least he didn’t flat out say they’re on Youtube because of One Direction. Lili looked back and forth from Niall to Harry.

“You guys definitely are hiding something.”

“No, Niall’s explanation probably is why she wanted a picture. We um sing and stuff…” Harry stuttered. “We’ll have to sing for you sometime to prove it.”

“Oh, you’re definitely going to sing for me one of these days.” Lili smirked. In the midst of all that happened their food had been brought out to them and they didn’t even realize it. “Would you look at that, time flies when you’re being suspicious. Our foods here, so everyone grab something and let’s go bowl shall we. Louis and Char are probably furious at how long we’ve been.” Lili laughed and began walking ahead of Niall and Harry back to their lane. Harry and Niall glanced at each other, both letting out sighs of relief. Harry’s mind began racing. How long could he keep this going? How hurt will Lili be when she finds out? All he can hope for is that she stays clueless as long as possible, and when the time is right, Harry is the one who tells her. Until then, everyone who has secrets is just praying that they don’t end up catching up with them.

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