Blame September (One Direction)

Blame September Trailer:

Carter’s face remained serious. “You’d be surprise what makes different guys want to hurt a girl.” He said. “Just remember what I said.” Carter threatened once more before pushing past Harry and driving away.

Harry stood for a moment stunned at Carter’s threat. He wondered what Lili’s last boyfriend did to her. If it’s as bad as Carter says, he might even want to find the guy himself and do a little damage. He then walked up the stone porch and rang the doorbell. It was Lili’s mother who answered the door...
Lili, & her two best friends are ready for summer. But what happens when their no-drama summer, collides with the hectic world of 1D and love sparks between Lili & one of the boys? OR when a secret relationship springs up between another two. What about when a secret to protect the ones they love could possibly be the end of


5. Chapter Five: Cherish Every Moment


The smell of greasy bacon and buttered pancakes lingered under Niall’s nose, causing him to awake with a smile. The intensifying aroma lured him straight into the boys’ kitchen where he saw Char in one of Louis’ shirts standing over the griddle.

“Good morning!” Char exclaimed cheerfully. “Or should I say, ‘Top of the morning to yee!’” she said, poking fun at Niall’s Irish heritage. Niall laughed and shook his head.

“Good morning is fine. I didn’t know you stayed the night? Weren’t you supposed to be spending the night with Lili?” Niall asked.

“Oh! Well I was, but last night she told me she didn’t feel well. I texted her this morning to see how she was feeling and she said she must have had some bad fries or something at the bowling alley because she is terribly sick.” Char explained before adding, “Ugh, I hate vomiting!”

“Okay then! Not exactly what I wanted to hear right before eating break feast.” Niall joked. “Which I hope you made enough by the way because you know me!”

“Yes of course.” Char said with a sly smile, shaking her head. “But can you tell me where the spoons are because I could really use something other than a fork to mix the batter with.” She giggled.

“Oh” Niall chuckled. “Yeah, they’re in that drawer next to the refrigerator. We have to keep them separate from everything because Liam’s afraid of them.”

“Kind of a strange fear don’t you think?” Char smirked.

“Yeah, I worry about that boy sometimes.”

“Well at least I know not to get him a spoon for his birthday or something!” Char said. “Anyway, I figured if I cooked a meal for me in front of five boys there would end up being some fighting if I didn’t make some for you guys as well.”

“Exactly!” Niall agreed. “So tell me, why did you stay over?” Niall questioned again, beginning to get suspicious of Char wearing Louis’ shirt… “I mean I don’t mind, don’t get me wrong! I love having a chef in the morning! Especially when you prance around in Louis’ short shirt…I live with five guys you know.” He laughed. “But I just wasn’t expecting it...”

“Oh, well since Lili didn’t feel well Louis invited me for some ice cream after bowling, and then we came back here around one in the morning and he invited me to just stay the night since it was already real late.”

“Well that would explain his shirt I guess. Jeans aren’t comfortable enough to sleep in I suppose.” Niall laughed.

            Char bit her lip and let out a small laugh. Then her mind fell into a flashback of last night. Stumbling through the door way; her lips locked with Louis’. The faint giggles both of them let out in between kisses rang in her ears. She remembered Louis pressing his finger to her lips, reminding her that the other boys were asleep and they could not risk getting caught. To play it safe he gently lifted her off her feet and carried her to his room. 

He laid her down on his massive bed and threw off his blue jeans and striped red shirt and crawled next to Char in his boxers only. He handed her his rather large t shirt and she slipped it over her shoulders and removed her pants. They lifted the covers over themselves and laid in each other’s arms, listening to one another’s heart skip a beat. Char loved how much of a gentleman Louis was.

He was perfect for her in personality. He was more than a kid than her ten year old brother, but when it got down to it, he was rather mature and treated her like the princess he thought she was. She loved that she could act like a crazy teenager and he didn’t think less of her, because in his mind he was never growing up.

It wasn’t long after they laid down that Char’s eyes fell heavy. However, the best part of her entire night happened right as she was about to fall asleep.

Char remembered Louis telling her a story about a time when he was completely over tired and he had finally got some rest, but when we awoke the next morning the boys told him he ended up sleep waking that night. They told him how apparently he went into Niall’s room and tried to sleep in his bed with him, but Niall kicked him off. After rolling on the floor he began singing the theme to the Jungle Book. The boys couldn’t help themselves but poke fun at Louis for “sleep singing” for weeks after it happened.

Louis’ so called sleep singing must have been a regular thing though because as Char was beginning to drift off she heard Louis’ amazing, gentle voice begin to sing the words to one of their songs.

You know I’ll be your life, your voice, your reason to be. My love, my heart is breathing for this. Moment in time I’ll find the words to say. Before you leave me today…

Even half asleep, Louis’ voice sounded like angels to Char and she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

            That same smile crept across Char’s face once more after remembering last night and Niall gave her a confused stare.

“So aside from your creepy smile right now…” Niall said.

“HEY! It’s not creepy!” Char laughed.

“Yeaaah, sure.” Niall said sarcastically. “Anyway, so you and Lou are spending a lot of time together lately, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, he’s so much fun to be around! I don’t know how you boys don’t want to spend more time with him!” Char answered frantically.

“Oh believe me; we get enough of that crazy lad.”

“Well, I think a super crazy friend is what’s going to make this summer unforgettable.”

“So that’s all it is?” Niall questioned Char.

“All what is?”

“You guys are just friends, right?”

“Oh, um…yeah. Of course...” Char trailed off.

“Char, if there’s something between you guys I hope you wouldn’t think you would have to hide it from us. We wouldn’t really care, I mean other people and the record company might, but not us.”

“No, no. Um…look…Louis is a great guy to be around, he’s so funny and adventurous, but we are truly just friends, and that’s how it’s going to stay.” Char was lying straight to Niall’s face, and it tore her up inside.

“Well that may be now, but I think you two will be together, I’ve never heard Lou talk about a girl so much in my life, not even his own mum!” Niall burst out laughing.

“Well that’s flattering to hear.” Char’s smiled returned to her face. “But Louis and I already talked about it in all honesty, and we’ve decided we only like each other as friends.”

“Okay love, whatever you say.” Niall said, unconvinced. In surprise to Char he actually seemed legitimate about understanding if Louis and her were to start dating. This calmed her nerves that she constantly has of the moment when everyone finds out. She shot Niall and a playful look as he stole a piece of bacon and walked out of the kitchen and down the hall towards the bathroom. “I’m going to hop in the shower! Let me know if any of the other lads wake up. I don’t want them stealing my break feast!” He called from the hall.

Char grinned and shook her head answering him, “Okaaay! Will do!”

            Char began humming Moments in her head as the memories from the night before continue to flow in her mind. She quickly lost in her own world and didn’t even realize when Liam and Zayn walked into the kitchen.

“Well what do we have here?” Zayn said to Liam, pointing to the massive pile of bacon and pancakes stacked high. He rubbed the sleepys out of his eyes to make sure he wasn’t still dreaming.

“Well GOOD MORNING Char!” Liam shouted; raising his hands above his head and bringing Char back to reality.

“Oh! Hello boys, I didn’t see you there!” Char giggled. “Do you boys prep yourself in the morning or do roll out of bed looking that good?” Char scanned Liam and Zayn head to toe, they were both stunning. Even with bed head the two were extremely attractive in her eyes. It reminded Char of Carter and she realized she hadn’t seen him in a while; she should probably hit him up for plans soon before he gets mad at her as well.

“Oh you know you can’t create something this beautiful, it’s just natural.” Zayn joked, winking at Char. The three laughed and Liam and Zayn sat down at the counter.

“So did you stay the night or did you come over early this morning?” Liam asked.

“Liam don’t be stupid, she’s wearing Louis’ shirt! Clearly she stayed the night, very comfortably in Louis’ bed I assume.” Zayn slapped Liam’s arm playfully.

“Well you never know!” Liam said in his own defense.

“No you guys it’s not like that! Yes I stayed the night, but nothing happened between me and Louis. I know that’s what you were getting at because Niall already tried getting at the same thing.” Char reassured them that there wasn’t anything between her and Louis, which was clearly false.

“Well I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with you because I know Louis is as good a secret keeper as he is romantic. So I won’t fight with you, but you don’t have me convinced there Charlotte!” Liam said, wagging his finger at Char.

“Fine, don’t believe me, but I’m telling the truth, we are friends and that’s all!”

“Aw! But I thought we could be so much more baby!” Harry shouted dramatically while joining them in the kitchen. The only thing that clothed him was his boxer briefs and silver cross necklace.

“Oh but you know our love is forbidden! Lilian has already stolen your heart!” Char returned the joke and pretended to faint. The four of them laughed so hard that they woke up Louis and Niall rushed from his room dressed in his tan pants and red polo shirt, to make sure his food was still waiting for him.

“You were supposed to get me when the other boys woke up so I could get enough food!” Niall yelled to Char.

“Trust me Niall; no one will eat as much as you. I’m sure it’s us who have to worry about getting some of this delicious looking food, not you.” Louis smirked as he joined the rest of them in their beach front kitchen. “Good morning love, did you sleep well?”

“Of course! I wouldn’t be this cheery if I didn’t, believe me.” Char said.

“Did I miss something?” Harry asked, sounding confused.

“NO THEY’RE JUST FRIENDS!” Niall, Liam, and Zayn said loudly and simultaneously. Char laughed and shook her head.

“Yep, you guys got it!” Louis said and sent a wink towards Char.

            Niall, Louis, and Harry sat next to Liam and Zayn at the counter and Char placed pancakes and bacon on each of their plates. The morning sun danced on the ocean and set a happy mood for all six of them to enjoy their break feast.

“Hey Char, speaking of Lili.” Harry began to say before being cut off by Louis.

“No one was speaking of Lili Haz.”

“Well we were before Lou!” Harry defended.

“Sure, you just want an excuse to bring her up.” Louis winked.

“Oh you got me Lou! Anyway! Char, how is she feeling?”

“Oh she’s pretty sick, vomiting and everything!” Niall interrupted.

“I believe that question was meant for me.” Char chimed in.

“Sorry, I just thought I’d pitch in what I know.” Niall smiled.

“How do you even know that Niall?” Harry asked.

“Oh well Char told me, but I texted Lili myself and she told me also.”

“I didn’t know you had her number?”

“We all do Harry! Don’t get so worried.” Zayn said. “I think we can agree that these girls are the most interesting and amazing thing to happen to us since our vacation has begun.”

“I second that!” Liam said.

“Aw you guys are so sweet!” Char blushed. “But Harry I think you should stop by Lili’s. She’d probably enjoy a surprise visit from you.”

“I was thinking about it, you sure she won’t mind?” Harry asked.

“No! I’d bring her chocolate though, just in case!” Char giggled. “Oh, by the way, she only eats dark chocolate.”

“Got it!” Harry exclaimed. He grabbed his plate, put in the dishwasher, and headed towards the shower. The thought of seeing Lili again gave him butterflies, and a grin came across his face. He hoped into the hot water and planned his visit with Lili.


            The beautiful summer air blew through Harry’s luscious curls. Viva La Vida blasted throughout the black Lamborghini and a bouquet of twelve pink roses sat on the passenger seat, along with a box of dark chocolates. As Harry pulled up to Lili’s house he noticed Carter’s car in the driveway. Harry was hesitant to get out of the car but when he saw Carter step out of the house he decided it would look bad if he didn’t get out and greet him. He grabbed the roses and chocolate, stepped out, slammed the door behind him and began walking up the pathway to the front door. Carter stopped directly in front of Harry.

“Hello Harry.” Carter said calmly.

“Good morning Carter, how are you?” Harry said politely.

“Look Harry, let’s get one thing straight.” Carter said sternly. His eyes were looking threateningly into Harry’s. “I know you think you can just show up in Lili’s life and charm her into liking you, but I see past it. I’m letting you know now I’ve spent that past two and a half years helping her get over the last asshole she dated. I like her way too much to let another one steal her away and break her heart again. I see past your innocent, ‘I would never do anything to hurt her’ look.” He pointed his finger and pressed into Harry’s chest. “If you hurt her, I will hurt you. I guarantee it.”

“Carter, I know you two are close and you probably think this is bullshit or something, but I really would never want to hurt her. She doesn’t deserve some tosser who takes advantage of her. I don’t know what her last lad did to her, but I assure you that if it took that long for her to recover, I couldn’t even dream up of a single reason why I would want to ever hurt her. A broken heart is never truly fixed, and I wouldn’t want to be the one to cause hers any more damage. Especially since I know your there to stand up for her.” Harry tried lightening the mood.

Carter’s face remained serious. “You’d be surprise what makes different guys want to hurt a girl.” He said. “Just remember what I said.” Carter threatened once more before pushing past Harry and driving away.

            Harry stood for a moment stunned at Carter’s threat. He wondered what Lili’s last boyfriend did to her. If it’s as bad as Carter says, he might even want to find the guy himself and do a little damage. He then walked up the stone porch and rang the doorbell. It was Lili’s mother who answered the door.

“Hi can I help you?” Her mother asked him.

“Erm, yeah. Actually, I don’t believe we’ve met. I assume your Lilian’s mother?” Harry asked in a polite matter.

“That would be me!” She exclaimed cheerfully. “And I assume since you have an English accent that you must be Harry.” She said with a smile.


“Well Harry I’ve heard plenty about you. I must say, you won my daughter’s heart pretty quickly.” She laughed. “Why don’t you come on in?” She gestured inside.

“I’d love to, thanks.” Harry smiled and walked inside. He stood in the foyer and looked around him. Lili’s home was big; not something he was used to since he lives in an apartment that he shares with Louis back in London. Their vacation home was only a bit smaller here in the states, but it was just a vacation home.

“Those are beautiful roses Harry. If you want to take them to Lili, I figured that’s why you’re here; her door is the first on the right when you walk upstairs. Otherwise, make yourself at home!” Lili’s mother said. Harry liked how sweet she was and it made him miss his own mum. Before he got to homesick he quickly made his way up the wooden staircase and to Lili’s door. He heard a couple of coughs from inside and decided to knock on the door.

“Mom I told you I’m fine! I don’t need any more soup!” Lili called from inside her room.

Harry cracked open the door and poked his head in. “Last time I checked I wasn’t anyone’s mother.” He smirked.

“Oh it’s you.” Lili said before realizing how surprised she was to see Harry.  “OH IT’S YOU! What are you doing here! I didn’t know you were stopping by, I would’ve tried to clean up or something!”

“Stop, you’re sick, you don’t need to do anything. Besides, what do I always say?”

“The fun is all in the surprise.” She smiled.

Harry sat down next to her on her bed. “Here, I bought you some flowers. They had red, but you seem more of a pink person.” He laughed. “And Char said you only eat dark chocolate, so here you go! Probably not the best thing for a stomach virus, but oh well.”

“You’re right, I love pink. They’re gorgeous and the chocolate I cannot wait to eat! Thank you, but you really didn’t have to do all this…” She trailed off.

“I know, but I wanted to.” He smiled. “Just because you’re sick doesn’t mean I don’t want to be around you.” Harry grabbed Lili’s hand and held it between his.

“Aw, I bet you say that to all your sick girlfriends.” She joked.

“Well I didn’t even know I had one girlfriend, but now that you say it, it has a nice ring.”

“Oh! I didn’t mean…I mean, I was just saying….” Lili stuttered. She hadn’t realized she just referred to herself as Harry’s girlfriend for the first time.

“Hey, stop.” Harry interrupted. “It’s fine. I have to be honest actually I’m glad you said it first.” He laughed. “Harry and Lili. I like how that sounds.”

Lili sighed in relief. “Well that could’ve been really embarrassing.” She giggled. “I like how it sounds too. I’d kiss you right now but I’ve been throwing up all morning…”

“Yeah, I get what you’re saying. A hug is fine.” Harry said as he wrapped his arms around Lili. He then pulled away when what Carter said to him started to really bother him. “So I ran into Carter outside…”

“Oh yeah, he stopped by to see how I was doing. Don’t worry he’s just being a good friend!” Lili said jokingly.

“I know. It’s just...” Harry didn’t want to rat on Carter threatening him, but he wanted to know what happened between Lili and her last boyfriend. “He just happened to mention to me that if I hurt you like you last boyfriend did he’s going to hurt me.”

“He said that to you?!?” Lili shouted angrily. “I cannot believe him.”

“No it’s fine, he’s just being protective. I’d do the same thing if I were in his position. But he said it took you two years to move on?”

“He told you that huh?” Lili’s voice got quiet. She looked away from Harry and was rubbing the rose pedals between her fingers.

Harry lifted Lili’s chin and stared into her eyes. “Hey, if you don’t want to talk about it, it’s fine. I just want to make sure you’re okay.” He spoke sincerely. “Nothing anyone ever does is worth making someone hurt for two years. If I was Carter I’d have that guy hospitalized for doing something like that to you. That’s why I understand him wanting to threaten me.”

“It was just a huge mess, I should have never been with that jerk in the first place, but I couldn’t help it.” Lili said faintly. “He was the perfect guy at first but then lie after lie, everything fell apart.” Lili drifted off. She was silent for a few seconds and then sat up in her bead and said, “Anyway that’s all you need to know, it’s nothing you should worry about because I’m over it. I promise.”

“Well if you ever need to talk about it, you know I’m here.”

“Thanks. And I am sorry Carter came at you like that. I’ll have to yell at him for it later, but I know he’s just looking out for me. If it wasn’t for him coming along when he did I’d probably be in a mental hospital right now” She laughed. “I owe him a lot and that’s why we’re so close.”

“That’s really cool of him. I’m glad someone was here to make things better. Otherwise I doubt you would’ve given me the time of day!” Harry said.

“Well if I had any idea how amazing you’d turn out to be there would be no reason for me to say no.” She smiled. Lili then moved over to one side of her queen bed and patted the space next to her for Harry to come and lie down.

            Harry slid off his white converse and crawled next to her. He sat up with his back against the headboard and Lili placed her head on his chest and wrapped her arm around his waist. He could feel how sick she was by how warm she was and how fast her heart was beating. Being there for her made his own heart race and he couldn’t help but smile and look at her. Even though she was sick, she was beautiful to him, and he knew she was definitely different from any other girl he’s ever dated. The two of them laid there with each other for hours. They talked and listened to music, and decided they couldn’t have had a better waste of a perfect summer day. Before he knew it, she had fallen peacefully asleep on his chest, and Harry couldn’t have felt more satisfied. He decided spending time with her was becoming his favorite thing to do. No matter the circumstances, by now he considered them a couple, as did Lili, and he was perfectly okay with it.

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