Blame September (One Direction)

Blame September Trailer:

Carter’s face remained serious. “You’d be surprise what makes different guys want to hurt a girl.” He said. “Just remember what I said.” Carter threatened once more before pushing past Harry and driving away.

Harry stood for a moment stunned at Carter’s threat. He wondered what Lili’s last boyfriend did to her. If it’s as bad as Carter says, he might even want to find the guy himself and do a little damage. He then walked up the stone porch and rang the doorbell. It was Lili’s mother who answered the door...
Lili, & her two best friends are ready for summer. But what happens when their no-drama summer, collides with the hectic world of 1D and love sparks between Lili & one of the boys? OR when a secret relationship springs up between another two. What about when a secret to protect the ones they love could possibly be the end of


8. Chapter 8: I am a Mess

A note to the readers:

Hello directioners! I am so terribly sorry for the wait I bestowed on you for this chapter to be released. Wow, two years!? Time has reaally flown by. Anyway, through many hours of blank stares at my computer screen and almost ready to say goodbye to this story forever, I finally found the start to chapter 8 i have been looking for! No, currently this chapter is not finished, but to shed some hope for all my loyal followers, I present you with the beginning of chapter 8. There is plenty of sh*t that happens in this chapter so keep your eyes peeled for the full release, and finally, i cant thank you enough for inspiring me everyday, and keeping my story alive. With that being said, I hope you enjoy, Chapter 8

"See the flames inside my eyes
It burns so bright I wanna feel your love, no
Easy baby maybe I'm a liar
But for tonight I wanna fall in love"

“Hello?! Is anyone home?” Char shouted as she stood in Lili’s foyer. There was no answer so Char turned to leave until she heard soft notes being punched out on the piano. She walked through the house until she got to the Anderson’s piano room. Char stood at the doorway and watched as Lili sat on the piano bench and penciled in some notes on blank sheet music. Then, Lili began playing what she had written down so far. It was a sweet melody filled with emotion; and Char knew why. “Is that new?” Char interrupted. Lili jumped and spun around as Char entered the room.

“How about warning me next time you decide to show up.” Lili snapped.

“But I never do!” Char protested.

“True. Sorry I’m just cranky because I’ve been up all night.”

“Yeah…Harry told me about Carter…”

“It just came out of nowhere; like this entire time he says nothing and now, right when I was getting more comfortable with Harry and I could finally say I was legitimately happy, he decides to tell me. I don’t understand; why now? And why does he hate harry so much?!”

“Look, I don’t know why some things happen but you’re going to drive yourself crazy if you sit here day and night thinking about it. The reality of the situation is you are only 16 and...”

“Um, I’ll be 17 in a month.” Lili interrupted.

“Sorry” Char rolled her eyes. “No matter what you decide you have a lifetime to change your mind…and remember nothing is permanent.”

“Yeah…I guess you’re right…I mean I did choose Harry last night but I don’t know how to face Carter. And I really don’t want to lose him as a friend when I do…”

“Carter has been through so much with you, and he’s always stuck by you. If he really cared he wouldn’t let this be the end of you guys.”

“Yeah, well I think I’m going to just keep writing songs until I figure out how to tell him…”

“Well from what I heard this new one is a new single!” Char enthused.

“Stop.” Lili said sternly.

“C’mon Lil’. You’ve got so much talent I don’t understand why you don’ share it! You’re just being selfish.”

“Because; music is my outlet and the stuff I write about is personal. Besides, what I write is nowhere near good enough to be played on radio or sold on Itunes.”

“Ew, you’re so modest.” Char said.

“Well when modesty becomes a crime lock me up, but I play and sing for myself. You being the rare exception.” Lili said simply.

“You could make so many people happy with your music though! And I bet Harry would really like it.” Char added.

“If I had the balls to put my music out there I would, but I don’t so I can’t. And no, like I said you are the only other person besides my mom and myself that get to hear it, and I’d like it to stay that way. Now we’re done talking about this, kay? Thanks.” Lili argued.

“Okay, okay…so temperamental…I was just trying to help.”

“Well if this is all you are here to do you can just find the door because I’m not really feeling up to anything today…” Lili trailed off.

“Oh no!” Char exclaimed. “You can’t just sulk for the rest of the summer. I’m here to get you out of the house. Just girls; no boys, no drama, no worries.”

“I don’t know…”

“C’mon, go shower and get dressed.”

“But where are we going?”

“I booked us a hotel in San Francisco. We’ll check in tonight and stay there until July 5th.”

“So we’re staying there for four days?” Lili asked unsurely.

“Yup! Well if you count today and Friday since we won’t be there fully on those days. Actually since we’ll only be there half a day today and half a day Friday its really only like three days.”

“Um, I don’t know if my mom will go for that.”

“Sure she will. We just have to explain the situation and I’m sure she’ll be cool with it.”

“Okay, well then you can ask her.” Lili said sarcastically.

“Okay!” Char smiled.

“Well, you have her number why don’t you call her?” Lili questioned.

“Don’t have to.”

“Why not?”

“I already did!” Char said slyly. “She already said yes. How do you think I booked the room? You’re mom got it for us.”

“I can’t believe you got her to do that!”

“Well it was pretty simple. Once I explained she offered the hotel, so I said yes!”

“Of course you did.”

“Hey! You know you love me so much right now, don’t even act like you’re mad.” Char shot back.

“Yeah yeah, let me go get dressed I guess.” Lili groaned. She closed and locked her piano then headed up stairs to shower and get dress.


About a half hour later, Lili was finished getting ready and packing her bags.

Lili’s Outfit:

She walked down the stairs to find Charlotte and Niall talking in the foyer. Her face grew confused and she got a couple of knots in her stomach. She swallowed and said, “Oh, hey Niall. What brings you by?”

“Well it looks like I’m your guys’ chauffeur for the day, as well as Friday when you need to come home.”

“Oh, I see” Lili flashed a shy smile. Seeing Niall just reminded her of all the boys and it made her feel uneasy.

“Look Lili, I’m not sure what happened last night but I want you to know I’m always here so I’m happy to drive you guys.” Niall reassured her. Lili’s knots loosened in her stomach when she realized he didn’t know what happened; less to be awkward about now.

“Aw, well thank you Niall.” Lili smiled. “Well I’m ready to go. What hotel are we staying at?”

“It’s called Palace Hotel.”

“Sounds fancy.” Lili smirked.

“Oh it is.” Char’s eyes lit up. “Just wait until you get there!”

“Well you’re getting me excited so let’s go! How long will it take?”

“About thirty minutes.” Niall said.

“That’s it? There’s no way! San Francisco is in comparison, like three states away!” Lili questioned.

“Oh, I’m not driving you to SF! I’m only driving you to the airport. Driving to San Francisco would take almost seven hours from here.” Niall laughed.

“Oh, I was going to say…”Lili giggled.

“Well enough chitchat! Let’s get this show on the road!” Char clapped her hands and gestured towards the door. Lili left her mom a note on the counter and locked the door behind her. They loaded up Niall’s car and left for the airport. They arrived at the airport and said their goodbyes to Niall, boarded the plane, and were off for their girls’ getaway. Lili couldn’t ask for a better best friend and mother who planned the whole thing.

Meanwhile, the rest of the boys were called in by their USA management for a meeting. Considering that Lili and Char had just left for out of town, it couldn’t have been better timing.

“Good morning boys.” Their manager said, sitting down across from them at the table in the conference room at Sony Records.

The boys all exchanged their good mornings and hellos, leaving Louis to ask afterwards, “No Simon today?”

“Simon is out helping his parents plan their 50th wedding anniversary. Which he told me to tell you boys that you’re are invited to the party, it’s this Saturday evening.”

“We’ll be there!” Liam exclaimed.

“Um, where is Niall?”

The boys all looked at each other in confusion. “I’m not sure…let me call him.” Zayn said. A short minute later he hung up the phone and said, “Niall was taking Lili and Char to LAX for a girl’s getaway...he should be here in about 20 minutes.”

“Who’s Lili and Char?”

“Oh they’re our new friends. We meet them our second day here, at a carnival. Well actually Harry met Lili first at the beach then the rest of us met at the carnival.” Louis chimed in.

“Oh, well I see then. Anyway, now onto business; I take it you boys are enjoying your vacation?”

“Very much!” They all said in unison.

“I think a summer in the states was a great idea.” Harry added.

“Well, I’m glad you’ve had a good time, but you boys have been here for two weeks and it’s time we start to discuss when you plan on going back to London.” Their manager said, sounding disappointed.

“But two weeks isn’t really that long if you think about it!” Louis said.

“Yeah, do we have to go back this soon?” Zayn moaned.

“We’ve been on tour for 4 months; two weeks is nothing compared to that!” Liam said.

“Whoa, calm down boys. You can’t stay here forever; eventually we have to get you guys back in the studio.”

“Well, we’re only one week into July. Maybe just a little longer?” Harry begged.

“Why is it so important for you to stay in America? You boys know your home is in London, right?” their manager seemed confused.

“We’ve just been having so much fun, and being off from work has been so nice!” Liam answered.

“What if we recorded here? I mean, mix work and vacation…maybe every Tuesday and Thursday we could have studio sessions until we go back to London? Then you could put us back full time.” Zayn tried to compromise.

“I don’t know, how long do you want to stay here for?”

“At least let us finish our summer here?” Liam asked.

“Alright, I guess we could do that. You boys just don’t give up.” Their manager said uneasy.

“But that’s why you love us!” Louis smiled while everyone let out a laugh.

“But just until summer is over, no longer. Last week of August you boys are going home. Clear?”

“Got it boss!” They replied.

“And I hope having to stay here has nothing to do with your new found American friends, because that’s looking for trouble. If you boys have something to tell us you better do it now.”

“Well, okay…I have a confession, I’m actually seeing Lili…but that’s it the other boys just like it here we swear!”

“Is that all? Anyone else?”

They all shook their heads and Louis turned his head. This could have been the perfect opportunity to tell everyone, even the boys, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it; not yet.

“Well Harry I hope this is just a summer fling for your sake. Long distance relationships are very hard; especially when you’re countries away and most of the time you’re on tour. Just remember that.”

“I know sir.” Harry said.

“Okay well you boys are free to go. Tell Niall that he missed the meeting and fill him in on what we discussed.”

“Will do!” the boys waved goodbye and went back home to their flat on the beach.



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