Doesn't it suck?

This is a fiction story (No related to me :P ) about a girl who really likes this guy. Shes in 8th grade, and isn't the best student. She isn't the best with guys.. Unless you think accidentally spilling chemicals on a guy in science is good social skills.


1. Can I get any more creepier?


               I quickly look away as he turns to me. Oh gosh.. did he see me looking at him? I just can't help it with those big blue eyes.. his bright orange basketball shirt.. sandy brown hair.. SNAP! My head focused on the teacher again as I caught myself taking another peek. I really hope he doesn't think I'm a creep...

              I'm in 8th grade. The time where us girls start to think of guys as... less icky. Boyfriend worthy. That's how I think of Gabe. Boyfriend worthy. But.. pfft. I doubt he ever thinks of me that way. I doubt he knows I'm in his classes... I doubt he even knows I go to this school! Wait.. I take that back. He probably know I'm here and thinks I'm a big freak. A freak who keeps staring at him- Not on purpose, of course! It just kinda... happens, ya know? Sigh. Why can't I just talk to boys as friends? Like, guy pals. buddies. friends. Like how I talk to girls. That kind of friend! But of course if I talked to a guy like I did to a girl, I would have to leave out the parts about who's butt looks best in gym shorts. And the part about who's the cutest in my Social Studies class. And the part- well, you get it.

              My friends can talk to guys just fine. Why can't I? They have this.. flow when they talk to boys. Why can't I get this? Is it a skill to learn? Or is it a gift you get when your born? I really hope it's a skill, so I can learn it. Even though I stink at learning things. I'm not that good in school.. I get about a C on average. I get a B+ or C- on occasion. Almost NEVER an A. Unless if it's something easy in Language Arts. That's my best subject. I wish Gabe was in that class. He's in 4 period, which is Science, which is my worst subject. Ever. I almost always answer the questions wrong when I'm called on. And when that one time where I got Gabe as my lab partner, I blew it. That one special time. I just HAD to accidentally spill the chemical on his shirt. I also tripped him on accident, didn't know any of the questions on the worksheet, and he caught me looking at him when he was reading the experiment. Watching his jaw go up and down... his perfect jaw.. DANG IT! I'm doing it again. Jeez, I'm so sorry..

              Doesn't it suck when you mess up the one and only chance you have with your crush?


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