Take Me Home

What would you do if you found out that your were adopted? And then later on finding out that you were the twin sister of a member of the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. This happened to Autumn Jenkins. After living under the order of the strictest parents you'll ever meet for 18 years, she finally begins to understand who she is. Will she ever get to meet her parents and other brothers? She long hopes to meet them one day and maybe finding that one special guy along the way.


9. Locked Away

Autumn's P.O.V

Zayn fell asleep. How cute. I chuckled and moved his head off of me and onto Liam who was sitting next to him. My phone started to ring scaring me a little. I hurried off outside so I wouldn't wake up Zayn.

"Hello?" I asked into the phone.

"You better come home right now!" It was my dad. He kinda scared me a bit.

"Oh, uh- yeah, I will." I said kinda fast. I was not really ready for whatever punishment I had waiting for me. He hung up the phone and I walked slowly back inside.

"Who was that?" Niall asked munching on a bag of chips. I took the chips away and started munching on them.

"My dad. I have to go and face whatever punishment I will get for running out of the house." I told him. He took the bag away from me and started eating them again. Harry stood up and walked over to me. 

"If they hurt you, call us. We'll come get you, okay?" I smiled and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks" I said and gave the rest of the boys hugs and kisses on the cheek. I walked over to the sleeping Zayn and kissed him on his head. I didn't want to wake him.

I walked home and slowly walked through the door. My mum and dad were both in the living room looking very angry at me. "You are in so much trouble!!" My dad yelled. "You do not disrespect us like that by running out."

"You weren't even here!" I shouted back quickly regretting it because I got another slap in the face. On the same cheek my mother hit me on. I felt tears run down my face.

"And who is this!?" He shouted at me showing me a picture of Zayn and I from when we were at the park last week. The heading said "Zayn Malik seen with mystery girl. Could he have finally found someone?" Those dang paps are everywhere.

"You don't need to be hanging around with boys you little bi-"

"RYAN!" My mother cut him off. Ryan was my dads name by the way. I had tears streaming down my face by then and I just wanted to run but I was frozen.

"What?!" He shouted at her.

"Go to your room Autumn and don't come down. You are still in a lot of trouble. And give me your phone." She told me as she turned to face dad. I gave her the phone and hurried up the stairs. I slammed my door and fell on top of my bed. I cried into my pillow as I heard them fight downstairs. Luckily I  had a bathroom connecting into my room so I went to go wash my face. I put a cold, damp rag on my cheek to help the swelling. I heard a loud slam come from the front door and moments later my mum appeared in my room. I walked over to the bed and she entered.

"You're grounded and you aren't aloud to leave this room under any circumstances." She let a tear fall as she closed my door shut and lock it. I don't know why there was a lock on the outside of my door. I guess for this particular reason, huh? I cried harder into my pillow. I didn't like the idea of being locked away from the only friends I had and being stuck here with two parents who currently hate me at the moment. I cried myself to sleep that night not wanting to wake up in the morning.

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