Take Me Home

What would you do if you found out that your were adopted? And then later on finding out that you were the twin sister of a member of the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. This happened to Autumn Jenkins. After living under the order of the strictest parents you'll ever meet for 18 years, she finally begins to understand who she is. Will she ever get to meet her parents and other brothers? She long hopes to meet them one day and maybe finding that one special guy along the way.


22. Hi mom, I'm your daughter.

Autumn's P.O.V

I looked at my mom who has been taking caring of me all these years and then over to Niall. He nodded his head and smiled. I looked at Zayn who kissed my cheek. Then I looked back to Niall's mom. She looked like she could bust out in tears at any moment. 

"What is it?" She asked me. 

I was hesitant for a moment but I wasn't going to back down this time. I could feel the tears already forming in the back of my eyes. I wiped them away and tried to smile. 

"Hi mom...I'm your daughter." I tried my best to put on a smile. Luckily I could. 

The room was silent but only for a short moment. She smiled at me and let out a few tears but still kept her smile. 

She walked over to my bed side and grabbed my hand. "I know." She laughed a little. "I mean, you do look like Niall! It's kinda hard not to tell that your my daughter." 

Everyone in the room laughed. "Yes! I finally have a sister!" Niall shouted while doing a happy dance. I watched him and laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe. Especially since he tripped over the end of the bed and fell flat on his face. I swear that boy could make anyone laugh. 

"Sooo, Autumn, Ryan and I have been talking, and since you're 19 now, you can stay here for a while. In Ireland, we owe you that much for lying to you." Chelsea, my adoptive mom, said. 

"Are you serious?!" I shouted almost jumping out of my bed but my head hurt really bad. 

"Yeah." Ryan, my adoptive dad, said. "We're sorry for lying to you." 

"You're welcome to stay with us, Autumn." My mom said. 

I smiled at her. "Thanks. Hey guys, could you give me and my mom a minute." I said to the others. They all agreed and left the room. 

We weren't sitting there for more than a minute before I ask, "Why'd you give me up?" Her face went from happy to sad in the matter of seconds. 

"I really didn't want to, but I didn't have a choice." She started. 

"Why?" I asked. 

"It's not that I didn't want you, I did. But at the time, I couldn't afford to have two babies. I found a couple that wanted to adopt. I didn't have the heart to choose weather to give up you or Niall, so I let them pick and they wanted a girl." She said while having some tears fall down her cheeks. "I'm sorry." 

I sat up and scooted next to her. I gave her a hug and she hugged back. "It's okay, I understand why you did it now. Thanks for letting me stay with you." 

She pulled away and smiled at me. 

"Hey Autumn! Look who's here!" Niall said opening the door. 

"AUTUMN!!" I heard Louis shout. He ran through my room door and let out a sigh of relief. "I'm so glad you're okay!" He said while laying on top of me and giving me a hug. I laughed. 

"Lou, you're crushing me!" I said in between laughs. 

"Shhhh, I'm cherishing this moment." He said and snuggled up close to me. 

"Hey watch it, Tomlinson. That's my girl." I heard Zayn say and I looked towards the door. Harry and Liam were here too. Awesome, the whole gangs here.

"A little help!" I shouted acting distressed. Niall just stood there laughing. Harry and Liam came over and pulled Lou off of me.

"But But But!" He kept shouting as they sat him in a chair.  

"Thanks" I sighed, sitting back up on the bed. "What are you guys doing here?"  I directed toward Liam. He'll probably have reasonable answer. 

"I called them after the crash. You were out for longer than you think. It's been a whole day." Zayn said. 

"Really.?" I looked at my phone and sure enough he was right. 

"Yeah, and while you were out the doctor said you'd be able to leave a couple hours after you wake up. You only have a minor concussion." Niall said shoving a hand full of crisps in his mouth. 

"Hey! Where'd you get those!?" I said. 

"Vending machine." He said.

"SHARE!" I yelled. 

"NO!" He yelled back. 

I got up out of the bed despite my headache and walked over to him. He hugged the bad close and shook his head and stuck out his tongue. He is such a child. I fought with him over a bad of chips until I finally got the bag. 

"Hey!" He said.

I gave a smile. "That's what you get for not sharing."

"If you weren't just in a wreck I would fight you for those crisps." He said. 

"Now you'll have plenty of years of torture to make up later." Mom laughed. 

"But she took my crisps!" He whined. 

"We have more at home. Let her have those." Mom said. And I laughed and rubbed it in Niall's face. He gave me a pouty face and I pinched his cheek before skipping back to bed. 

Zayn sat next to me and wrapped his arm around me.I snuggled up close to him. It felt so right to be in his arms. 

We were all sitting and talking until a nurse came in. "Oh!" She said a little surprised. Probably by the amount of people we have in here. "Uhm, Autumn, the doctor gave you a clear to leave." 

"Yes!" We all cheered. She prescribed me some meds for my concussion and left me to get dressed. I was about to start my new life here in Ireland. I couldn't be anymore happy. 


A/N: Yay! I finally updated! Thanks for reading this chapter. Sorry if it sucked. I really didn't know what to write! The bad news is, this book is ending! The next chapter will be the last! But Good news, is that there will be a sequel! YAY! Now, after the story is over I will be having a contest and you could get a chance to be in my next story. But you must read the next chapter after I post it for details. Thank you all! Love youu...! Xx (:

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